Traveling back to 1576

We went to a Renaissance Faire last weekend. It was so cool! Well… “cool” as in “a neat experience”… not as in the weather. It was hoooot out. Especially without shade when we watched the joust. They stamped our hands so we could come and go all day so we left midday to go hang out in the air conditioning of a nearby Starbucks. Because we’re wimps. And clearly would not have survived the olden days. 😉

ren faire

But back to the Faire! You guys, it was so interesting! If you’ve ever been to a Medieval Times sort of thing, it’s very similar. Except that it’s all day long and you get to walk around and see all the different things. Story tellers, a court jester, musicians, a guy in the stocks who you could throw tomatoes at (he was so sassy and kept insulting the people throwing tomatoes at him – it was pretty hilarious), archery, sword fighting, dancing, lots of craftsman shops, etc. It was really neat to walk through! And the people watching was fabulous.

queen and knights

They had several people who were playing specific characters who walked about all during the day. Like Queen Elizabeth I and her guards. But there were also just lots of people attending the faire who came in costume. Some of the costumes were really impressive! There were faeries, pirates, and lots of people in Elizabethan era clothing. We didn’t dress up, but Christopher did say at one point that if he had gone to this as a teenager, he totally would’ve dressed up in a costume that he had (from a Medieval themed wedding he was in as a teen). And I’m pretty sure that if I went as a teenager I would’ve gone in at least a flower crown. Now we’re old and no fun. 😉 Who knows, maybe we’ll go again next year and dress up as pirates! I’m pretty sure we still have pirate costumes from some college party we attended. 🙂

the joust

The joust was our favorite part of the day. It was so cool to see! We’d been to Medieval Times before (we went in Orlando on our anniversary) so we’ve seen a joust, but it’s still so cool! Those horses are so well trained. And those poor knights in all those layers of clothes. Yikes! I was hot so I can’t imagine how hot they were! But you’d never know it from their performance. It was excellent! 🙂


And of course we came home and watched A Knight’s Tale. Christopher suggested it on the way home and it was the perfect end to the day! I loved that movie when I was in high school and I had forgotten just how funny it was. I’d also forgotten that I can quote the whole movie. Christopher kept laughing at me when I started quoting entire scenes without realizing it, but he absolutely lost it when I pulled out my bass voice and said “Yuuuuuah!” to quote along side Roland after one of Chaucer’s speeches. Apparently my “man voice” is hysterical.

(for reference in case you’re curious about which part I’m referring to)

Have you been to a Renaissance Faire before? 

Do you find yourself quoting along with favorite movies? I really do contain myself when anyone other than Christopher or family are around because I know it really annoys some people. Thankfully my family and Christopher don’t mind it because they are often quoting along to their favorite parts, too. 🙂
Love Rach

25 responses to “Traveling back to 1576

  1. So fun! It looks hot – I can’t imagine wearing those costumes and performing at the event.

    Oh and I want to see pictures from the Medieval themed wedding that Christopher was in as a teenager!! So unique.

    My sister and I are always quoting movies. And Kevin and I quote them a bit. But not like Lisa and I. We can pretty much dialogue only in movie quotes sometimes.

    • Oh goodness, I know there’s no way Christopher would let me put those photos on the blog. It was right at the peak of his awkward years, haha!

      Ah! I love that you and your sister quote movies! My little sister and I do that so much too!

  2. That sounds so fun!! Although I bet the folks in costumes were about to melt haha. It’s been so hot and humid here, it’s rough! I’ve never been to a fair like that though and it sounds fun!

  3. Watching “A Knight’s Tale” is definitely a perfect way to end a day like that! I’ve never been to one, but I think it would be a lot of fun. I’d definitely love looking at all of the costumes! Now I want to watch “A Knight’s Tale,” it’s been ages since I’ve seen it! 🙂

  4. I would love to go to one of these. When I was in Switzerland the other week, they were setting up for one and it looked so much fun. The costumes, music and food would be awesome.

  5. How fun! I love the Knight’s Tale references…I totally quote movies when I watch them, too! I grew up going to renaissance fairs, and I went to the huge one here in Texas when I was in college. There is one every year in south Dallas, but it’s during some of our busy months. We do hope to go there some year, though!

  6. This looks like such a fun day! I can’t imagine being all dressed up in that heat. I think I would have escaped mid day for AC too. It is just starting to cool off a little here and I am loving the mornings and nights that feel a little more like fall.

  7. Nate went to a Medieval fair for the first time last year, because he was the best man in a wedding… and that’s where they had the bachelor party! 🙂 The guys had a blast testing their strength doing some of the olden day challenges (and testing their appetites eating large turkey legs). 😉 It sounds like a LOT of fun!!
    Sooooo I’m not that good at quoting movies, but I occasionally quote a scene from Lord of the Rings when Sam is trying to make them dinner. And Sméagol is like, “Taters. What’s Taters?” And Sam says, “Potatoes! Boil them… mash them… stick them in a stew!” I have absolutely NO idea why this stuck in my head, unless I just really love my taters. 😉 LOL!!!! But when Nate asks what I’m making for dinner, and the answer is something with ‘potatoes’, I’ll start quoting it… and he just rolls his eyes. HA, HA!

    • YES! I know the exact scene you’re talking about! I have a friend that quotes that same part too! I kind of want video footage of you quoting this bit!

      And how neat that Nate got to go to a bachelor party at a Faire like that. I bet that was such fun! What a classic “guys’ time”!

  8. What a fun day! I’ve actually never been to a Renaissance Fair before, but I would love to! And I don’t blame you for hiding in Starbucks – it looks hot just in the pictures, can’t imagine how it was out there! Those poor people in costumes!

  9. Renaissance Fairs are so much fun! It’s like being in a totally different world for a few hours! I’m actually going to one this weekend with Jimmy, Hannah, and our friend. It’s going to be Hannah (and the friend’s) first time, so they are in for a treat/surprise haha!

  10. Sooo fun! I have always wanted to go to the renaissance festival and eat a turkey leg the size of my face and get a wax hand or something cool. You should totally go as pirates next year!! haha and speak like pirates and fight “queen Elizabeth” 😉

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  11. Ahh did my last comment post?! it probably did and I’m just blind haha

  12. This is amazing! Sounds so fascinating, I would love to see one!

  13. This looks SO exciting! I’ve always wanted to go to a Renaissance Fair (especially after watching Liz and T.J.’s wedding on the Gilmore Girls, lol). They had one in Pittsburgh, but it the cost was something like $30 per person to get in, so I never went. I’ll have to check and see if they have one here in Knoxville! I also LOVE A Knight’s Tale and could probably quote most of the movie, too. I used to use it to introduce courtly love and the medieval time period when I taught ninth graders. 🙂

    • That’s crazy expensive! I hope Knoxville has one! It would be so fun for you to go and relive Liz & TJ’s wedding! I always think of that episode when I hear of Renaissance weddings. Christopher actually was part of one when he was a teenager! His brother was a knight and he was a monk. No joke!

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