Watching Favorite Movies

One of my favorite movies is Pride & Prejudice. I love both BBC’s mini series version that I grew up on as well as the Kiera Knightley version that came out while I was in college. Christopher has seen the latter with me, but never the full six hours of BBC’s version. We finally had enough time over these 30 days to make that happen! {Oh, and I should add, I also love the Lizzie Bennett Diaries on Youtube. So good!}

pride and prejudice{source}

He wanted to see it because it’s something I love. And because he feels like it will help bring a little culture into his life. However, he didn’t expect to really enjoy it. But, you guys, he did enjoy it. I couldn’t believe it. He loved the wit and dialogue and it just filled me up with so much happiness to have him like something I enjoy so much. It’s kind of like the first time we saw Les Miserables live and he enjoyed it. Ah, sweet joy. 🙂

les mis{source}

Since he enjoyed it, we decided to broaden his horizons even further by seeing Gone With the Wind together at the Orpheum. At nearly 4 hours long I was a little apprehensive to see how he’d enjoy it (we watched P&P, two hours a day over three days so it was broken up into “normal movie length”). But again, he surprised me (and himself) by really enjoying it.

gone with the wind collage

So now we’re working on a list of movies I loved growing up that he really needs to see. A lot of them he’s seen already (like Singing in the Rain, Calamity Jane, and Miracle on 34th Street). But there are so many others that he still hasn’t seen just because I didn’t think he’d enjoy them very much (or because they are long and/or musicals).

my fair lady{source}

Next up on the list is Little Women and then My Fair Lady, but I’m not sure which one to choose after that. I love so many movies featuring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Doris Day, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Grace Kelly, Maureen O’Hara, Fred Astaire, and even a little John Wayne thanks to my dad’s influence. So so many options!

And of course now he’s working on a list for me. I’m curious to see what favorite movies he pulls out from his childhood/teen years. 🙂

What are your favorite classic movies?

Have you shared a favorite movie with someone and been delighted when they enjoyed it?
I know Christopher won’t enjoy all these older movies, but I’m excited to see which ones he does like!

Love Rach


36 responses to “Watching Favorite Movies

  1. i love those old movies and musicals. my dad was a big fan and so i my grandmother, so i guess that’s where i get my love of them from. btw my nanny post got pushed to next week!

  2. I think we just happened to watch almost all of the same movies growing up! If I want to watch them now though, it is usually by myself. My husband has no interest in the old musicals or movies that last hours. I am interested to hear which ones you try out for him and what you think of them. I have never seen any of the star wars films that dan saw as a kid.

  3. I grew up watching John Wayne and we’ve slowly been making our way through my favorites because Kevin hasn’t seen them. I like that he has liked them! We both find Westerns kind of soothing, strangely.

    I think you need to show Christopher Charade with Audrey Hepburn, Rear Window or To Catch a Thief (to represent Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly, with Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant thrown in for good measure), Donavon’s Reef and Chisum and McClintock and Rio Lobo for a little John Wayne….

    I could go on. 🙂

    • We both grew up watching John Wayne movies too! Both our dads were obsessed with old Westerns so that trickled down to us. McClintock was my FAVORITE! Oh my goodness, it is so funny!

      And all your suggestions are on point! I will let you know what he thinks of the movies as we see them! 🙂

  4. Oh I love anything with Audrey Hepburn! I started to go see Gone with the Wind too but we went to the Wizard of Oz a few years back and we must have gotten the most uncomfortable chairs in the Orpheum, lol. So I have been afraid to see any long movies there since then, hah.

    • Oh no! That’s terrible! We were in the middle balcony so the very top of the screen was cut off which was a little annoying sometimes. But for the most part you didn’t even notice it. I can imagine how bad seats would make for a miserable viewing experience!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Pride & Prejudice. All versions! lol. Love the youtube version, the Kiera version, the Colin Firth version.. heck even Bridget Jones 😉 My husband will watch the 2005 version with me maybe once a year and he says he can recognise it’s a good movie, well made etc. There’s no way he would sit through the BBC version with me! I watch that one much less frequently. I had never seen My Fair Lady up until a year or two ago, surprisingly, it’s one of my husband’s favourite movies so he made me watch it lol. Next he wants me to watch The Shining…. no thanks.

    • Um, I would definitely say “no thanks” to the Shining as well. Not a chance. I am so not a scary movie kinda girl! I love that your husband likes “My Fair Lady” – it’s a favorite of mine! 🙂 And I sooo love that you love all versions of Pride & Prejudice. So wonderful! 🙂

  6. I love Pride and Prejudice and every other movie you listed!!! I am looking up the Lizzie Bennet diaries ASAP! And now I really want to watch My Fair Lady. So many good movies! I have been wanting Drew to see Gone with the Wind forever, but we haven’t had time YET. What a great idea to watch each other’s favorite movies!!

    • Oh girl, fair warning… the Lizzie Bennett Diaries were *super *addicting for me, haha! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      And yes! Totally have him watch Gone with the Wind with you! Breaking long movies up into “normal movie length” definitely has helped. So maybe you guys could do that? Watch it as if it’s a mini series or something. 🙂

  7. P.S. I think a Doris Day movie should be next. 😉

  8. I agree with all of Amy’s recommendations–those are so good. I think we must have grown up watching a lot of the same movies! I love “Roman Holiday,” “How to Steal a Million,” and “Arsenic and Old Lace” especially, since I’m partial to comedies.
    When we first got married, Angel hadn’t seen any older classic films. We’ve spent years watching them and he’s loved most of them. I think of the one’s he’s seen with me, “The Ten Commandments,” “Gone with the Wind,” and “Fiddler on the Roof” are his favorites. He also thought he hated musicals before he started watching the ones I talked him into–he was pleasantly surprised!

  9. Ahhh!! This is so fun! I really need to get into the classics! I’m such a weirdo with movies… I only like to watch recent movies, except when it comes to Christmas movies! I love the classics around Christmas 🙂

    • That’s how Christopher grew up too. He wouldn’t watch old movies at all until we started dating. Then he came home with me over the holidays and he got stuck watching old movies with my family. 😉 But he found that he started to like some of them! Some of the classics are just SO good!

  10. Pride and Prejudice and My Fair Lady are the best!!

  11. Classic movies remind me of the holidays for some reason. Probably because that’s when my family and I watch them. I adore the Christmas classics like White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.

  12. I still haven’t seen Little Women. I love the book so much that I can’t watch the movie! I feel like it would ruin everything.

  13. My family totally loved Calamity Jane and can sing all the songs from it, hehe!!! xoxo

  14. We’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately!! 🙂 Classic movies are great though!

  15. I LOVE old classics so much! Hubby won’t watch them with me (says they are boring haha). I love White Christmas, Breakfast at Tiffany’s & Gone With The Wind ❤
    xox Nadia

  16. Justin and I have COMPLETELY opposite tastes in movies, so when he actually likes something that I like (like the Hunger Games!), I jump on it! I can’t imagine him willingly sitting through Pride and Prejudice, though (go Christopher!). ESPECIALLY the BBC version. That is dedication, right there. Occasionally, when he’s wanting to win my heart, Justin will try to quote Darcy’s line (“You have bewitched me…”), but he always messes it up. Sometimes I think he’s messing it up on purpose. 😉

    • ​Oh Justin! Trying to quote Mr. Darcy to soften you up. Precious. Christopher has quoted a couple of things from Pride & Prejudice, but it tends to be more the sarcastic remarks. So either something Lizzie or her Papa said. 😉 ​

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