Iconic NYC

We saw SO many iconic things while we were in NYC. If I blogged about each and every one then I would be blogging for several more weeks, haha! In an effort to really consolidate things, I’m going to share only my favorites today!

Central Park

central park

central park bridge2

central park bridge

Oh my gracious, you guys, Central Park is SUCH an iconic site! I loved seeing the fountain and bridge in person. This place has been featured in so many movies and TV shows. Being there in person was so neat! I mean Enchanted, Avengers, Bride Wars, Night at the Museum, Hitch, and Elf are just a few of my favorites that feature Central Park! Parts of Central Park were teaming with runners, bikers, and speed walkers. But other parts of the park are quiet and peaceful. The perfect spot for a romantic stroll. And like I mentioned last week – Christopher loved it just simply because it gave him some space to breathe. 🙂

Grand Central Station

grand central station3

grand central station2

grand central station

Another iconic spot featured in so many TV shows and movies! We kept expecting a flash mob to start at any minute because we’ve seen so many on Youtube that were set in Grand Central Station. 😉 I knew there was the one huge beautiful space that is always shown, but I had no idea that the whole station was huge and every wing of it was beautiful. We loved walking around and exploring here!

Times Square

times square

Speaking of places that are in tons of movies and TV shows… this is yet another one. And to be honest, my least favorite on this list by far. I am not a huge fan of Times Square. I wasn’t a fan when we were there in college and nothing had changed this time around. In general, I don’t mind crowded streets, but I don’t like being in packed crowds where I’m pressed together with strangers or herded along the sidewalks with the masses. But I kept thinking it couldn’t be as bad as I remembered so we checked it out again. It was, in fact, just as crowded as I remembered, haha! At one point we found a spot to sit down and just take it all in – that was my favorite part of Times Square. Great people watching for sure.

Macy’s on 34th Street 




My favorite on this list! I grew up watching Miracle on 34th Street on Christmas Eve every year so Macy’s has always had a special place in my heart. When I came to NYC in college a couple of my girlfriends and I took a photo outside Macy’s, but we didn’t have time to go inside. So I was super giddy to have time to shop! I bought an adorable clutch that was 70% off aaaand a Christmas ornament! Walking around that store made my heart so happy! Clearly from the photos I’ve got crazy face and pointing fingers. Sure signs that I’m overly happy. 😉 Ah, so fun!

And of course this list isn’t including seeing the Statue of Liberty, eating at Shake Shack, walking down Wall Street, seeing the WTC Memorial, and attending evensong at St. John the Divine! So many amazing things we got to see and do!

Coming up on Monday will be my final NYC recap post all about my very most favorite thing we did! {hint: it has everything to do with seeing Les Miserables on Broadway!}

Love Rach


21 responses to “Iconic NYC

  1. You guys really maximized your time in the City!! I love how excited you are in the Macy’s pictures – and how cool that you have a Christmas ornament from the store! Now you can watch the movie while decorating the tree and hang up that ornament.

  2. I felt the same way about my Yellowstone trip.. I simply COULD NOT blog about every little thing I saw!! But you did a great job in recapping! ❤ – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  3. Keep blogging about NYC so I can keep being jealous of your adventure!! I want to go to times square SO bad! it is just like the movies and super busy at all times?! ps your pictures look so good!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. I’m glad you guys had such a good time!! I love your photos!

  5. Central Park is so romantic, and beautiful, and full of nostalgia (thanks to the countless movies it has appeared in). It was definitely the highlight of my trip to NYC, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it too! It really is a wonderful escape from the crazy hustle and bustle of the city.
    I totally felt the same way about Time Square. We walked through it really quick to take pictures, but I’m pretty sure that I held my breath the entire time. 😉 It was just too busy and loud for me to breathe. It’s a must-see… but at the same time, it’s a place where I can’t spend much time.
    Macy’s, on the other hand? It is such a magical place! I love that you found a clutch on sale… AND that you purchased a Christmas ornament. What a fun keepsake idea!

    • You telling me about Central Park is actually what had me so excited to see it! I was already looking forward to it, but hearing your description made me even *more *excited about it!

      And I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from with Times Square. So stressful! And yes! Macy’s! So awesome! I loved that store. Every time I pull out my clutch now, I think fondly of Macy’s and NYC! 🙂

  6. i love your highlgihts! i would have pickedthe same!!!

  7. I too loved central park, and wasn’t a fan of times square. I am thinking the next NYC trip I should make it to macy’s since we seem to have the same taste in NYC fun spots, and I have never been in. I love how excited to you look in the pictures outside of macy’s too! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness, yes!! We practically went on the same trip, haha. I have the exact same feelings about Times Square. It’s worth seeing because it’s so iconic, but I probably wouldn’t bother going back again. It’s so busy and commercial. I absolutely love your pictures…you guys are so cute!

  9. The thing I remember most about the first trip I took to NYC (when I was in eighth grade) was how surreal it all felt, walking around and seeing places in person that I had seen over and over again in movies and on TV! That’s probably the neatest thing about the city…everything looks familiar, even if you’ve never been there before. I was just noticing that your hair looks beautiful in all of these photos! And in every picture of you from your college days you’ve got the double braids with a hoodie. Was it only in your post-college days that you started wearing your hair down/straightening it?

    • I love that you think my hair looks good in all those photos! It’s definitely in one big long french braid in a couple of those shots. Which I consider my lazy-day hair do. Well, that and a bun. Easy to do straight from the shower. AKA what I have most of the time (today it’s a bun). 🙂 Honestly, I “fix” my hair (straighten it, curl it, put effort of some sort into it) on weekends, date nights, and when we travel (though not always when we travel – you’ll notice a lot of our travel photos just have my hair in a braid). But most of the photos taken of me as an adult are taken during those times. Not when I’m in yoga pants and a giant oversized teeshirt with my wet hair up in a bun. 😉

      When I was in college I straightened my hair on the weekends and wore it down then. But the rest of the time it was either in a ponytail or braids. When it got long, I switched from two braids to one long braid. If I ever get brave enough to cut my hair again I’ll honestly probably rock the two braids again even as an adult. If I wear two braids with long hair then I look like Pippy Longstocking, ha! In college, though, I didn’t bother as much with my hair when we traveled. I still would make it look cute maybe once a week, but didn’t put much more effort into it. So I *did* have cute hair and clothes sometimes in college, but there aren’t as many photos of it because the pictures I have from back then are just from whatever random weekday someone decided to pull out their camera and take actual photos (no a lot of camera phones back then).

      So in general, I look much classier and more put together in my photos as an adult than I did back then. But I probably spend about the same amount of time on my hair then and now. There’s just more photographic proof that I can look cute now. 😉

      And this sums up the longest comment ever about my hair, haha!

  10. looks like a wonderful trip. I love NYC! My husband and I went once and can’t wait to go back again…so cool you could see Les Mes. Totally the top one on my list if we can ever get in a Broadway!

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