A little comic relief for your Tuesday

I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately, but it’s just that time of year again for photography. I was busy with it this summer, but spring and fall are my super busy times. And currently I’m almost entirely booked up from now until Christmas. Which is awesome! And I love it! It just doesn’t leave quite as much time for blogging. But fear not, I’m still around. 🙂 And in fact, today, I have a story for you guys.

This past weekend Christopher went camping with the guys from church so all of us girls were sitting together during service. Just before a prayer began, I accidentally spilt a little bit of coffee on the screen of my phone.


I quickly asked my friends of they had any tissues or napkins, but none of them did… and then the prayer began. And I’m trying to figure out how to get this standing liquid off my phone screen before it tilts one direction or the other and gets somewhere that liquid shouldn’t be. So I start searching through my purse as quietly as I can for anything that I might be able to use to absorb the liquid. Where is Mary Poppin’s magical bag of everything when you need it? {note to self: put a pack of tissues in your purse!}

mary poppins magical bag{source}

And then I came across a couple of tampons and a pad at the bottom of my bag. And I thought to myself, “Well… those are absorbent.” Yup. That’s where this story is going. So I, as quietly as I could, opened the pad and used it to dab the liquid off my phone. You guys, it worked perfectly and instantly. But wouldn’t you know, Julia (my friend sitting next to me), saw the whole thing and could hardly contain her laughter. Which then of course made me start to laugh. But you guys, it was during a prayer! We managed to hold it together until the prayer ended, but oh my gracious, there was a lot of silent laughter.

silent laughter gif{source}

Thankfully there was no one giving us the “are you serious?” side eye. I think we kept our silent laughter pretty silent. In fact my friend sitting on the other side of me missed the whole thing so we filled her in over lunch. And as we talked about it I remembered a scene from one of my favorite movies. She’s the Man, anyone?

In case you haven’t seen the movie before, that’s a girl pretending to be her twin brother so she can play soccer. Also, if you haven’t seen the movie – you should. It’s hilarious. And of course the first 20 seconds of this next clip taken from later in the movie are gold:

So there you have it! Tampons and pads are excellent at absorbing stuff. From nosebleeds to saving my smartphone from a coffee spill. 😉

Any embarrassing stories about times when you had a mini crisis during a time when everyone was supposed to be quiet (during a prayer, in a movie, at a play, etc)?

Love Rach


24 responses to “A little comic relief for your Tuesday

  1. something like this happened to my sister and I! although it wasn’t in the middle of a prayer haha we were driving on back bumpy roads in high school and her milkshake dropped onto the floor and spilled allll over the place. once we ran out of all the napkins/tissues we could find in the glovebox, she found a couple pads and used them. So convenient! She even took it a step further and stuck the pad to her hand as she soaked up the liquid and commented on how convenient it was that it was sticky.

  2. Haha! I can just picture this entire scene going down! Something about having to be quiet makes me get the giggles.. not as bad anymore but when I was a kid in school I swear it was always getting me in trouble!

    • Oh my gracious, yes! When you’re supposed to be quiet, it’s SO easy to get the giggles! I hear you! Like you, it’s easier for me now as an adult than it was when I was a kid, but still! I was glad I could keep it together a little bit. 😉

  3. hahahaha I love this, gotta do what you gotta do!! One time during a prayer in one of my church classes my phone went off and my ringtone was some rap song…. it was reallllly loud. And we kept out backpacks at the back of the room so… walk of shame!! I love she’s the man!! I always quote it!!! 🙂 congrats on being booked to December, too!!

  4. first off, i LOVE she’s the man. such a good movie. second, my nose bleeds alllllll the time and for real, sometimes i don’t want to waste tissues!!! not my fault they are absorbent hahaha. i love that you used it for a little liquid on your phone though. hilarious!

    • HA! I love it! This makes me feel so much better about my use of the pad for coffee! I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a nosebleed (maybe middle school?), but you better believe I wouldn’t be above trying a tampon to see if it worked!

  5. Hahah this is so funny!! You’re so resourceful, too! I love She’s The Man, too. That movie never fails to crack me up, every single time!

  6. Haha this story is the best! I really don’t think I would have been able to keep my laughter silent!

    • It was hard, but I knew I didn’t want more people looking or to disrupt the prayer so I managed, haha! But let me tell you, there has been plenty of laugh-out-loud laughter when I’ve told the story to people in person since then. 😉

  7. Hahaha how funny. Actually, I have used pads to clear stuff up before, but never during a church service.

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! It never would have occurred to me if it weren’t my absolutely only option. Well, I mean, I could’ve used the sleeve of the sweater I was wearing, but it was a light color and I reaaaaally didn’t want to stain it. So a pad it was! 🙂

  8. hehe love that! that is SO something i would do. no shame, girl!

  9. Hilarious!! And oh my goodness, how did I forget Channing was in that movie?!

  10. This is hilarious!! And totally sounds like something I would do 😉 I never have kleenex in my purse when I need it! I also really love the She’s the Man reference…such a great throwback!

  11. LOL, when you started your story I thought of that scene in She’s the Man!! PERFECT! haha.. – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  12. haha…that’s hilarious!!! I love She’s the Man!! I like Gouda! So funny!!!

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