My favorite planner!

It’s the first week of November so you know what that means!

If you guessed that I decorated for Christmas then that’s a solid guess knowing me, but so far it’s back in the 70s here so I’m waiting on that. But I’m thinking soon! Anyway, the first week of November means that Sugar Paper finally released their planners for 2016!

{I feel like I’m saying this a lot lately, but this is not a sponsored post. I just really like sharing stuff with you guys that I love! However, if Sugar Paper wants to send me adorable freebies, I’ll totally take them. 😉 }

If you use planners and shop at Target then you’ve probably actually seen the ones that Sugar Paper designs because they tend to feature them on the end caps. They are the super cute ones. 😉 Anyway, Christopher and I juggle so many different things that there is no way we’d manage to remember everything without some sort of organization. And for some reason I am like an 80-year-old woman stuck in my ways about needing to write everything down. 😉

So any planner that I purchase for the year needs to meet a couple of criteria:

sugar paper monthly spread


(1) There needs to be a very clear month calendar at the beginning of each month. I’ve noticed a lot of planners don’t have this. Probably because normal people don’t like having to write things down twice (both on the month and on the week). But I love it. I like to be able to see my whole month at a time to be able to take note of how much we’re traveling, how much house work we’re getting done, which friends we haven’t seen in a while, etc etc.

sugar paper weekly spread{source}

(2) There also needs to be a two page spread that covers each week. With lots of space to write and no pre-printed times on the side of the page or days broken into morning/afternoon/night. Sometimes I need to use three lines to describe something that is happening at 3pm, but then I also need to put something in the 5pm slot and then my hourly planner is messed up. Or I have a ton going on all morning, but nothing happening in the afternoon so my “morning” box fills up and overflows into the afternoon one. And Sugar Paper meets all my nit picking.

gold dot planner


(3) It is a huge perk if I can find one I love that is affordable. Sugar Paper’s monthly and weekly designs actually look a lot like Erin Condren’s LifePlanner (the horizontal version). I’d say it’s the “cheap version” because Sugar Paper’s planners are so inexpensive (currently between $7.99 and $12.99 at Target depending on which one you purchase), but nothing about the Sugar Paper planners look cheap. The paper is good quality, they are super durable (I have well tested this theory out, ha!), and they are crazy adorable.

sugar paper planner

(4) Continuing off the last point… it needs to be cute. If I’m going to be using it every single day multiple times a day for a year then I need to love the way it looks. The Sugar Paper planner I’ve been using for 2015 is blue & white striped with gold accents and I have loved it! For 2016 I’m trying to decide between a black & white striped OR gold dot planner. True story, when I went to Target on Monday I couldn’t decide between them so I bought both thinking I’d make a decision once I got home and return the other. But here I am two days later and I’m still unsure which one I want to keep, ha!

sugar paper planner2The two I’m trying to decide between hanging out on my coffee table. I love both designs so mostly I’m trying to decide which size I want. Opinions?

I shared a picture of my 2015 Sugar Paper planner on Instagram back in January and since then I’ve had interest in more details about what planner I use. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I could write a whole blog post about my favorite planner, but apparently I had more to say about it than I thought, ha! So thanks for sticking with me through this! And if you like paper planners and aren’t super loyal to a specific brand – check out the Sugar Paper ones! I love them! 🙂

Do you use a pen & paper planner? If so, do you have a favorite brand?

Love Rach


35 responses to “My favorite planner!

  1. ooooh cute! i love all of these. i bought a plum paper one, otherwise i would be all over these. totally agree about the hourly thing, i’m the same way. i also love to write things down twice so i feel that. i vote the smaller one, because it would fit easier in a handbag, maybe? plus i like stripes. but you had stripes last year so i don’t know?!

  2. I use MayDesigns because I like my planner personalized (and I usually get them for $14 when they are having a 50% off deal), but I love the look and price of the Sugar Plum planner! I might have to get that one too. You can never have too many planners, right? 😉

  3. SO cute–and super affordable! I was always into smaller moleskin planners, which I love but they are a bit pricey. Last year I got one but with all the baby madness I just got overwhelmed and gave up on it. This year I want to get one, but I don’t want to spend a good amount of money on it if I’m not going to commit to using it. I definitely will be looking for one of these when we go to Target next. 🙂

  4. I can definitely see you and Christopher needing a really, really good planner with everything you guys do!

    I am 100% with you on the must-haves in a planner, too. I have seen the Sugar Paper planners at Target, but haven’t bought one (YET!). Last year (and the year before… and on and on) I stood in the planner aisle of Target and Office Max for at least 20 minutes. It’s so vital that a planner fits you, you know?! Anywaysss! I am going to check Sugar Paper out next time I’m at Target 🙂

    • Haha! Oh my gracious, yes! I don’t know how I would remember anything without my planner. 😉

      Oh my goodness, I’ve totally been there. Standing in the planner aisle for half an hour trying to make decisions. That’s me every year. Except for this year when I bought both, ha! Which I thought would be better because I could decide at home and return the other, but now I’m just trying to come up with excuses to use two! 😉

  5. I’m old school, I like my planner in hand. My husband uses his google calendar so he just adds me to the invites for things we have going on so I get the best of both worlds, lol. I had an EC planner one year because I had a 50% off code and I LOVED it. I just didn’t “$65 love” it after that. I have used MayDesigns or Maybooks before. Those are cute but I sometimes wrote too big for them. Now I have a super cheap planner I found on The outside isn’t so cute but the inside is super cute. It doesn’t have the month at a glance but it has plenty of room on the weekly pages. Since I have my google calendar to look at monthly, it works. It also comes with stickers! 10 year old me loves that haha

    • Ooh I haven’t seen the Jane ones yet. I’ll have to check those out! It’s good you’ve found one that works well for you! Christopher is the same about using Google Calendar and then letting me know when he has work stuff going on. He always teases me for being old school and needing a paper planner. 😉

  6. I don’t have a favorite brand, but just like you, I have to have a paper planner. I like the month at a glance pages and the nice big sections for each day. Cute is good, but I tend to err on the side of “cheap”–these are definitely a good price, I think. I know I’d never be a $50 planner type of person.

  7. This is a cute planner ♥♥

  8. Cute is always a necessary when purchasing some sort of planner. I mean who wants to wake up to a boring grey front cover. If anything that’d turn me away. Ha!

  9. I love planners. Actually, I love all kinds of stationary, and I have a bit of an obsession. I can’t go shopping without coming back with something new.

  10. i love AFFORDABLE planners. i just can’t justify spending a lot of money. while i am a visual person, when it comes to planners, i need no decorations on the inside. too distracting for me. i love the sugar paper planners!

    • I’m that way with planners too. I don’t like when there are a ton of stickers and stuff because I’m never sure what to look at. A planner for me is a spot to literally plan things out and make sure I’m not overbooking myself. So if there’s a lot else going on in the pages on the inside then I can’t tell what I’m looking at, haha!


  12. I love Target planners!! And Sugar paper ones are my favorite!!!!! I love how inexpensive they are and they have enough room for every little thing I want to put inside of it 🙂 I hope sugar paper sees this and is like “Oh here are 10 free planners for you, Rachel!” haha that would be awesome!

  13. Buying a new planner is definitely the highlight of my year. Ha, ha!! It’s soooo insanely fun!
    And, GIRL, yet another thing we have in common!!! I have the very same criteria for my planners! I need the full month, as well as the daily pages; so that I can see my month at a glance… but also have plenty of room to right details on each day.
    I loved this post so much!!! 🙂

    • YAY! I love how much alike we are – all the way down to our criteria for planners. One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to prepare my planner for the next year. I go ahead and write in everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries and trips we know we’ll be taking already. I love looking at my planner at the beginning of the year before I fill it up with day-to-day busy-ness because it’s so pretty, haha!

      What planner do you usually use?

  14. I love getting my new year’s planner!!!! I always end up getting mine from Target too so I’m glad to know the actual source of their planners! You have me wanting to buy mine NOW! So cute!!

  15. Which one did you settle on?? I love paper planners. There is something very satisfying about writing down plans and then looking back over what happened.

    • I think I’ve settled on the smaller striped one for normal use. But I’m reaaaaally trying to come up with a reason to keep the second one as well. I mean, surely I need to keep track of something else, right?! I just have to figure out what it is, ha! Christopher suggested having one for daily life and one for the photography business, but I kind of need it all written in the same place otherwise I’ll overbook myself. Maybe I need a food journal… or something… I’m thinking I might be able to convince myself to keep both. 😉

  16. You have all the same criteria that I have when I pick out my yearly planner!!! They aren’t as easy to come by as you would think either! My mom usually buys me my planner every year for Christmas, but she won’t pick it out because i’m too picky. 🙂 I’ll have to look at that brand though next time I’m in Target. I like the little ones better so they fit in my purse easier and I can whip it out at any time. The one I got for 2015 is Mint Green brand and I love it!!

  17. Your criteria for a planner is the EXACT same as mine!! Last year, my sister got me a Kate Spade planner for my birthday (which looks almost exactly like the gold dot one you bought), and I loved using it all year, so I bought another one for 2016. Now that I’ve seen that the Sugar Paper ones are almost exactly the same, AND cost significantly less, I’m super bummed that Target left Canada!

    • Boo Target leaving Canada! Though if you ever see anything you just must have, I can always mail it to you!

      I’ve heard great things about the Kate Spade planners! And I love that gold dot design so that’s super awesome! 🙂 Do you have the same gold dot design this year or did you go with a different design?

  18. These planners are always so pretty! I have just about the same planner “criteria” as you do. I hate using my cell phone for writing my everyday stuff down. I always have such a hard time deciding between a large one or small one too since it goes just about everywhere with me. I am of no help to you because I love both of the ones you chose too. 😉

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