So many wonderful things in one quick post!

So very much happened this weekend! It would take me a week to blog about it all so instead we’re going to hit the highlights. Ready and go!

christina and robby

Christopher and I got to spend Thursday evening with Christina from Christina Does It All and her husband, Robby. We ate some delicious Mexican food at our favorite spot (I just realized I’ve never blogged this place #bloggerfail… that post will be coming soon!). The evening also included a trip to a grocery store, a donut shop, and big hugs in a random parking lot. It was a good kind of night. Christina is exactly as she appears on her blog. Vivacious, funny, and friendly. I love when I meet a blogger and it feels more like hanging out with a friend than meeting a new person. She and I have been following each other’s blogs for over 3 years now so it was so great to finally get to meet her in person!

rach and heather

Friday and Saturday of this weekend I was in full wedding mode. Remember that one time I was a wedding coordinator way forever ago? Yeah, that happened again. It can be exhausting work, but there is nothing quite like the magic of watching it all come together so beautifully. I wore a pedometer on the wedding day to see how far I walked… it was 7 miles… in heels… yeah, the blisters are pretty intense. But it was all worth it to get to take the stress off the bride and allow her to enjoy her day. Next time I just need better shoes, ha!

rach photographer

Sunday afternoon was packed full with three back-to-back photo sessions. But that is nothing compared to the seven coming at me this weekend. I currently have 21 sessions booked for this month (not counting the 4-5 people who I will try to squeeze in when they call last minute for Christmas card photos like last year, ha!). Which is awesome. Because yay people like my work! But it definitely keeps me super busy. Thankfully I love what I do so while yes, it is busy, it’s an awesome sort of busy. 🙂

Have you ever worn the wrong shoes for a day when you’d be walking a lot?

Been to any weddings or met any other bloggers lately? 

If you are having professional photos taken this fall, have you scheduled your session yet?

Love Rach


29 responses to “So many wonderful things in one quick post!

  1. oh my gosh yes to the wrong shoes. it’s the worst! once i wore the wrong shoes walking all over NYC, I ended up buying some new sneakers just to relieve the pain lol

    • Ha! You aren’t the only one to mention wearing the wrong shoes walking around NYC in these comments. My husband did that too. He had the worst blisters! I felt so badly for him. Comfortable shoes are important! I just need to remember this the next time I’m going to be on my feet this much! 😉

  2. So fun you coordinated a wedding! I’ve definitely worn the wrong shoes before-We walked 10 miles all over Chicago (I wasn’t expecting to walk much that day), and my blisters were so bad I had to walk on my tip toes for two weeks!

  3. Aw, sounds like a great fun-filled weekend 🙂 I would totally be one of those peeps calling you at the last minute for a Christmas photo. Will and I just ordered a tripod to take one on our own because we don’t have anyone to take it for us! lol! But I will say I was inspired by your post on how to take successful tripod pictures with pets 🙂

    When you started getting into photography on your own, how did you make it happen?? I loveeee taking pictures, but don’t even know where to start when it comes to learning how to edit professionally. I have Lightroom and a Canon Rebel. Do I need a better camera first? Any pointers?

    • Yay! I’m so glad that the post helped you! I look forward to seeing the family pictures you guys take!

      The photography thing just kind of happened. People saw the photos I was taking at birthday parties and for my family and started offering to pay me to take photos for them. I was pretty blown away by it, but I did that for about a year and then finally got the courage to call myself a business and made a Facebook page. That was 2013. Since then my business has grown by word-of-mouth and by tagging people in photos that I put up on my photography page (so all their friends & family see the photos and choose me for their photos as well 😉 ).

      As for editing… I use Photoshop, but I’ve heard great things about Lightroom. Mostly I have learned by Googling stuff, haha!

      I think you can definitely start with the camera you have! And I just saw in your comment on the other post that you bought a 2.0 fixed lens! That’s awesome! You’ll love it! 🙂

  4. 21 sessions booked this month?!?!? HOLY MOLY!!!! I have two sessions and I feel swamped!! haha… wonder woman!! ❤ –

  5. Wrong shoes to walk too far? YES! 🙂 When I visited NYC with my sister, she had forgotten her sneakers, so I felt bad for her and opted to wear my flip flops too. We talked 12 miles in flip flops that day!! My feet hurt SO badly that I ‘forced’ her to buy a pair of inexpensive sneakers before our second day of walking. Ha, ha! Let’s just say that our feet were much happier for the next day of walking. 🙂
    I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t had an excuse to dress up in awhile. Someone out here needs to get married! Ha, ha.
    And my sister is going to help me, Nate, and Brady with our Christmas card photo’s this year. 🙂

    • You’re not the only one to comment on this blog post saying that you wore the wrong shoes to walk around NYC! Apparently that’s somewhat common. Christopher did it too! Poor guy had serious blisters on that trip. Sneakers for the win! You are such a good sister to wear your flipflops in solidarity!

      Yay! Sarah did such a good job with Brady’s one year pics! I can’t wait to see the photos she’ll take of you guys as a family. 🙂

  6. whew! what a weekend!! i hear ya about the wrong shoes. i live in sneakers, so when i play blogger at night events, it’s heels and i am hurting about 5 min into it.

  7. That is SO cool you got to hang out with a fellow blogger and her husband. I need to find more AZ bloggers!! haha it would be so cool to actually meet you! 🙂 Holy cow, 7 miles IN HEELS?!! That sounds like torture a little, your poor feet!! I used to buy new heels for school dances and break them in the night of the dance. TERRIBLE idea!! But I always kept doing it haha. But at least you looked cute all day and got to help so much for a wedding 🙂 And congrats on getting busy with photography!! You are super talented so obviously people want to took you!! Yay for being busy doing something you love 🙂
    xo C

    • Well if you are ever in Memphis (or really anywhere near by), let me know! I’d LOVE to meet up with you!

      My feet are finally healing up! I’ve had to skip the gym all week which has been a bummer, but at least I’m not hobbling around anymore. 🙂 Which is good because I’ll spend this weekend on my feet doing photo shoots.

      Girl! You and the new heels for dances cracks me up! Totally sounds like something I would do. Who needs to take care of their feet? Not us, apparently! Haha! I’m learning my lesson!

  8. It’s so awesome to be able to meet other bloggers ‘in real life’ – it’s always like you’ve known each other forever! And I hear you on wedding coordinating, I used to do that for a country club back in Chicago and it was so fun but also so exhausting!!

  9. Awww I love it! It was so so wonderful meeting you in person and definitely felt like we already knew each other. Kindred spirits! Haha. I can’t wait to blog about you too! 😉 🙂
    Ps I love that photo of you taking photos! 😀

  10. Also…7 miles In heels?! Someone give this girl a medal!

  11. YAHOOO FOR YOU AND CHRISTINA. Legit jealous. 😉 Oh man, 7 miles in heels sounds like torture!

    • It was such fun! One of these days I just know you’ll make it south! Or really maybe I need to go to you. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t keep up with you on one of your serious hikes, but maybe you could take me on a baby mountain. 😉 The pictures you post are just amazing. One of these days I want to see some of those views in person! 🙂

  12. Planning a wedding must be so amazing, to be such a huge part of someone’s day.
    I have hardly been to any weddings this year, I think more of my friends need to get married haha

  13. 7 miles in heels! oh my goodness gracious! I used to work at the Hyatt Hotels in the banquet department and let met tell ya – I made the mistake of wearing big awesome heels for a few events and heels from 8am – 10pm is so horrid. I actually gave up heels when I went to Korea and it took my feet almost a year+ to heal from wearing heels so much. ha!

    Yay for meeting blogger friends. I met a blogger in Malaysia last month – Rachel from The Random Writings of Rachel.

    I’m glad your business is busy! That’s intense. May I ask what camera you use?

    • Oh girl! 8am – 10pm in heels is intense! So did you give up heels because they weren’t good for your back/feet/hips? Or because they weren’t practical for the part of Korea you are in? Or for some other reason?

      I saw pics of you and Rachel together and I thought that was so awesome!

      I use a Nikon D750 primarily. I just wrote a whole blog post all about the cameras and lenses I’ve used and recommend if you’re interested. 🙂

  14. I’m so jealous and happy for you that you met Christina! She is just so awesome, and I’m sure that’s even more true in person! And waiiiiit, you were a wedding coordinator?! I need to read that post ASAP! How neat!

    I’m happy to hear how busy your photography business is! Go Rach! It’s easy to see why things are going well… you’re an amazing photographer! Random question… do your eyes ever get sore after taking a lot of pictures? When I first got my “good” camera (a DSLR), I was sitting on the couch after taking pictures all day, and I was like “Why do my eyes hurt?!” haha.

    • Yup! I was a wedding coordinator a couple of years ago and then again this past weekend. It was hard work, but lots of fun both times. 🙂

      HA! My eyes don’t get sore, but they do start to blur on days when I’ve had back-to-back sessions. The first time it happened I was like “why isn’t my camera focusing?!” then I realized it was my *eyes *and not the camera that wouldn’t focus, ha! So now when I notice it happening, I take a minute to blink a few times and let my eyes rest before I go back to taking photos again. 🙂

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