Recent Happenings: List Style

I have several unrelated things to share, so we’re going bullet point list style today.

* Christopher cut 3″ off my hair. It was his first time to cut hair and he did an awesome job!

* I got Snapchat this past week at the urging of the teen girls I’m volunteering with. I’m rach.vendetti if you want to follow. Or be friends. Or whatever it is that you are on Snapchat. #newbie

* Christopher is in busy season at work so on Saturday I went in to the office and helped him out for a bit.

busy beesThat’s a shot I sent via Snapchat on Saturday morning to one of the teen girls who had SnapChatted me at 11:45am to say she’d just woken up. And that’s the face Christopher made when I told him that while we had been at his office, she had been sleeping in. 😉 Ah, teenage life.

* Went to a Super Bowl Party last night. Spent more time chatting with friends and playing with an adorable Westie pup named Grizz than I did actually watching the game. 😉 Bring on March Madness!

* We celebrated our engagement anniversary with a dinner at Carrabba’s. We tend to prefer local restaurants to chain, but we had a free dinner there. And my oh my am I glad we went. Their chicken marsala is delightful as well as their prosciutto wrapped asparagus with fontina. Um, yes please. We will be making this at home.

asparagus and prosciuttoEven in bad lighting it looks delicious!

* Speaking of our engagement anniversary… it has been 8 years since my best friend asked if I would spend “the rest of forever” with him. 6 short months later we were married. And time has flown.

rach topher engagement anniv.jpg

I’m thankful for the way that our love has grown stronger with each passing year. Every routine day, each grand adventure, every heartache we face together, and every big triumph… Love has grown. And I am so thankful. 🙂

Love Rach

29 responses to “Recent Happenings: List Style

  1. So impressive he cut your hair! That’s awesome. I wouldn’t trust Jordan to cut mine 🙂 Happy anniversary! We got married 4.5 months after getting engaged… short engagements are the best!

    • ​My hair is so long that I figured it would be easy enough for him to follow the natural U-shape in the back of it. He’s so good with building things that it seemed natural that he would have a knack for lines and symmetry. Plus, I figured that worst case scenario, I’d just go have it fixed somewhere else. 😉 I just hate to pay for hair cuts when all I need is to have my split ends taken off. ​And it turned out that he did a good job! 🙂

      Yes! Short engagements are awesome! 🙂

  2. I love list style random posts! Good job, Christopher, on the hair cut. I would trust Kevin to cut my hair but there is no way he would ever do it. He cares far more about hair than I do…. I love Carrabas. In general, of course, local places are better, but Carrabas really is awesome. We don’t have one in ABQ which is sadddd. Especially since they are always running commercials for them and the food looks so good.

    • I bet Kevin would do a great job! Do you have a regular place you go for hair cuts? Until just a few years ago my grandfather always cut my hair (like since I was a toddler). He had an arm injury around the time that I started growing out my hair for our vow renewal in Italy (in 2013) so we got out of the habit of hair cuts. Since that time he has “retired” from giving hair cuts. Well he retired from actually being a barber a long time ago, but he still gave hair cuts to family up until 2013. He’ll be 89 this year and while he’s still in excellent health and very physically active, he said he wanted to choose when he “retired” instead of him giving us bad hair cuts because his arm might be shaky with age. Which I totally understand! But that means I’ve been on the look for a person to cut my hair. I’ve liked a couple okay, but I don’t like paying so much $$ just for a basic trim. So Christopher is my “stylist” for now. 😉 Eventually when I decide to cut it short again I’ll have to find someone I really trust to do it. Sooo all of that to say, if you do have a regular place you go – how did you find them?

  3. even if we technically can, we can’t sleep in anymore. we wake up at like 6 most mornings. the other day we slept in until 7 and were both like WOAH. added you on snapchat!

    • RIGHT?! That is so real life! Even on the weekends we wake up early just because our bodies are in that cycle. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I ever slept in until 10am on Saturdays when I was in college. But I did! Granted, I go to bed a lot earlier now than I did while in college so I’m sure that’s part of it.

      And yay for adding me on Snapchat! I loved the “draw me like one of your French girls” pic today. That made me laugh!

  4. thehipandthrifty

    Aww, happy anniversary! And that Snapchat pic is priceless. 😀

  5. Aww! Your engagement anniversary is so close to Will and my dating anniversary! February is a great month, isn’t it? 😉

    How are you liking Snapchat? A couple of my friends and Will really like it, but I’ve never tried it myself. Per usual, I’m the LAST person to get in with the times lol!

    • Aww happy dating anniversary to you guys!

      I’m still not totally sold on Snapchat. I downloaded it on to my phone a few months ago and in less than an hour I was like “Meh, this isn’t for me” so I deleted it. But then all my girls really wanted me to get it so I told them I’d try it again. So far, I like it okay. But I still prefer Instagram or texting as for sharing photos. But who knows, maybe I’ll grow to love it! We’ll see. If you DO get Snapchat, let me know! I’d love to follow you!

  6. Dogs are DEFINITELY more interesting than football! lol

  7. I have just recently gotten in to snapchat too. Still not sure that I am using it right but whatever, it is kind of fun! My husband and I got engaged 6 years ago Feb 19 🙂 That prosciutto wrapped asparagus is similar to something I made last week and it was amazing and so easy to make!!! You missed nothing not paying attention to the super bowl,it was a snooze fest with bad commercials!

    • Yay! I’m not the only one new to Snapchat! I just saw your post about how many cups you need in a day and it made me laugh because that is so me! 😉

      Aww happy engagement anniversary to you guys too! That’s awesome! February is a good month for getting engaged! 🙂

      Oh my goodness, that prosciutto wrapped asparagus was SO good! I’m glad the recipe you made turned out well for you! Did you share the recipe on your blog? Any tips for me? I need a starting point! 🙂

  8. Our engagement anniversary was yesterday! It’s only been three years for us, and we haven’t been married six months yet! That asparagus looks sooo delicious!

  9. That last photo is perfection!! Also, I’m amazed he successfully cut your hair. Only because I can’t fathom cutting anyone’s hair.

    • My hair is so long that I figured it would be easy enough for him to follow the natural U-shape in the back of it. He’s so good with building things that it seemed natural that he would have a knack for lines and symmetry. Plus, I figured that worst case scenario, I’d just go somewhere to have it fixed if it turned out badly. 😉 I just hate to pay for hair cuts when all I need is to have my split ends taken off. And it turned out that he did a good job! 🙂

      And thanks! I liked the way that pic turned out too!

  10. So much about this post made me smile!

  11. Haha I am so lost on the whole snap chat thing, but it sounds like a great way to connect with the teens. I love that last picture! Time flies when you’re having fun… happy 8 year engagement! 🙂

  12. Happy Engagement Anniversary! You guys make such a cute couple 🙂


  13. Isn’t being able to go to work with your man from time to time just the best?! I mean, I’d usually rather be doing something more fun, but it’s so neat to see them in their element and help out, even if helping out is just being there in my case, LOL. I added you on Snapchat–woo!!! Also, happy engagement anniversary!

  14. Christopher cut your hair?!?!?! That’s awesome!!!! 🙂 Do you have plans to keep your long hair for a long time?

    SNAPCHAT?!??! I’m proud of you!!!! I’m calling the current social media good. I don’t get snapchat or periscope and I’m 100% okay with that. LOL!!! My brother and sister and all their friends use snapchat and they’re ALWAYS talking about it…They love it! You will too!!!

    I love that you get to help at work sometimes! That makes those long days a little easier. 🙂

    I love a good Super Bowl party!!! If I was going to follow a sport on TV it would be college basketball. I LOVE football, but I enjoy it more LIVE than I do on TV.

    Can’t wait to see your restaurant re-creations! That is something to look forward to. 🙂

    Happy Engagement Anniversary!

    • Funny question! So I grew my hair out for our vow renewal in Italy for our fifth wedding anniversary. That was in August of 2013. I had intended to cut it when we got back, but decided to keep it long through the holidays. And then it was winter so it didn’t make sense to give up hair that was keeping me warm. Then it was the next summer and I was attached, ha! I keep thinking that I’m going to cut it short again… and I keep wimping out on it. 😉 So I have no idea how long I’ll keep it long.

      I’m finally figuring out the whole Snapchat thing. It’s definitely not my favorite social media app, BUT I do like that the kids actually use it (unlike Instagram & Facebook). So at least I have an active way to be involved with their lives when we aren’t together.

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