Weekend Happenings

Good morning, friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Ours was filled with 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine. A year ago this weekend we had lots of snow and two years ago on this same weekend we had the ice apocalypse hit while we were driving home from Dallas so I’m especially grateful for all the warmth. 🙂

harry potter party.jpg{source}

Our weekend kicked off with a Harry Potter themed birthday for a 7-year-old which was all kinds of fun. I snapped some photos on my phone, but I don’t know several of the kids or their parents so I’m going to not post those here. Just imagine a group of kids running around playing quidditch and having potions class. It was adorable.

christopher picking out wood.jpg

Saturday was filled with continuing the kitchen project. We are now on phase two since the cabinets/countertops are in. I want to say that we are close to finishing, but I’ve thought that before and well… here we are 4 months later, ha! But it’s definitely starting to look great! 🙂


Saturday evening we joined 19,000 other Memphians (and people from the tri-State area) to hit max capacity at the FedEx Forum for Winterjam. 10 bands for $10 at the door and it is awesome every time. Every artist who performed was so talented, but my favorites this time included For King & Country (they sang Shoulders which, as you guys know, was like my theme song this time last year), Matthew West, Lauren Daigle, David Crowder Band, Newsong, and Sidewalk Prophets. Such an incredible night!

christopher and ada.jpg

Sunday evening after life group ended, someone handed Christopher a baby. This is actually not terribly uncommon in our group of friends. There are a lot of babies and toddlers and kids who all need attention. And if there is an adult with free hands, babies get passed over pretty quickly. Christopher is great with toddlers and kids, but babies kind of scare him so his face when he was handed the baby was pretty great (not to mention that this was actually the second time in less than a week that someone has handed him a baby to hold). He has yet to drop one, but he is convinced it could happen. However, despite how uncomfortable he is, he is always willing to help out and it makes my heart smile seeing him with the tiny ones. 🙂

Are you comfortable holding babies? What about your significant other? I was definitely not a natural when I first started holding babies as a teenager, but lots of practice has  made me quite as ease with it.

What is the best themed birthday party you’ve been to? This Harry Potter one was pretty awesome!

Love Rach


65 responses to “Weekend Happenings

  1. I want to go to this Harry Potter birthday party – it sounds like so much fun, haha! Also jealous of your 70 degree weather, the best feeling after a long winter! And I’m on Christopher’s page with holding babies, I just haven’t been around them very much so they totally intimidate me. June should be interesting, but I’m thinking it’s different with your own (I hope)!!

  2. Yay for concerts, birthday parties, giving back, and sweet babies! And a super yay for that wonderful whether you had! Hope your week is off to great start

  3. A Harry Potter Birthday party sounds like so much fun! I don’t recall going to many themed birthday parties. Around here, most kids had rolling skating parties or pool parties.

  4. Sounds like it was a fun weekend! I love holding little babies! I miss that stage to a point! LOL!

  5. How was that snow storm already TWO years ago?!?!?! Seriously…That’s crazy!

    What a fun party!!!!

    And I had no idea that winterjam tickets were only $10!!! That’s a deal! 🙂 I’m glad you guys got to go and had such a fun time!!!

    The baby thing is hilarious….I had no idea!!! I’ve never been a baby fiend the way some people are, unless of course I know the baby!!! But, even then, I’m not one to ask to hold the baby unless I think it will be helpful. I cringe at the way people are always grabbing babies and touching them and kissing them….If I had a baby, I just don’t think I’d appreciate that! (Exceptions, of course, but as a general rule, if a baby is out and about it is just bombarded with “LOVE” and all I think about are all the germs!) LOL!!! So, that’s my baby stance. 🙂

    OH and yay for more progress on your kitchen!!!!

  6. A HP themed birthday sounds awesome.. I am still waiting for my son to get a little older so we can start reading Harry Potter together

  7. i’m the oldest of the kids and grandkids, so having a baby on my hip has always been second nature. i loved reading about your weekend!! gotta love that good weather.

  8. Okay that birthday party looks and sounds amazing!

  9. That Harry Potter party sounds awesome! That’s too funny about holding a baby – my boyfriend is like that as well.

    • Totally understandable! Most people are uncomfortable around babies until they have experience with them and for some reason people start handing babies to girls earlier than they do to boys. I guess they just figure the “mothering” instinct will come out in us. But really I think it’s just practice that helps with both genders getting used to holding babies. Aaanyway, all that is to say, totally makes sense that your boyfriend and my husband are uncomfortable holding babies.

  10. That Harry Potter kids birthday party sounds like so much fun! That concert sounds amazing, especially for that price!

  11. I would say Angel is more “medical” than “natural” when it comes to holding babies. He’s not uncomfortable with it, he took care of infants in his hospital job, since the burn unit took ped. patients. But when he holds a baby, he always seems to be doing stuff like checking the color of their skin, looking for any signs of something wrong, etc. I’m more like a normal person and just cuddle them. I’ve had two cousins born since we got married and we have one nephew, too, so the family still has a good supply of babies. 😛

  12. Oh I’m so awkward holding babies! I have the exact same fear of dropping them–like, a really, nightmarish fear. It’s really pathetic!


  13. So so so terrified of holding babies over here! Ha! Two years ago though, my husband and friend and I were walking through the Seattle Center, and this adorable little guy was crawling around and his parents were sitting in the grass. He came over towards us and the parents were just like, “You can pick him up.” Hahahaha! Talk about some chill (and maybe lazy?) parents! I’d be like, “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BABY! STRANGER DANGER!” (except the not having to get up and having your baby delivered back to you would be nice…) Naturally I took a picture with my phone. Ha!

    • HA! That’s awesome! I definitely would not be that laid back as a parent, but I do have some friends who are really like that. Amazingly none of their kids have been abducted or hit by a car or mauled by a stray cat. There’s something to be said for the laid back parenting style, but unfortunately I’m way too type A for that, ha!

  14. A Harry Potter themed birthday party sounds awesome 🙂

  15. What a fun and original theme for the party!

  16. That sounds like an amazing birthday party, and not just for kids either haha.
    I only held a baby for the first time when my niece was born 3 years ago and it was terrifying.

    • I agree! Definitely fun for adults as well!

      And girl, there is a picture of the first time I held my nephew when I was in college. I literally am holding him out from me like he might implode any minute (which was totally my fear – that he would cry or spit up or poop on me, ha!). It’s been 11 years since then and I’ve had a lot of practice with babies, but I think it’s totally normal to be a little fearful of them before you have experience with them!

  17. You had quite a busy weekend!! Christopher looks good holding a baby! But I totally agree that it’s scary when you’re not used to it. They seem so fragile!!

  18. That concert sounds so fun!!! So many of those artists are on my playlist right now 🙂 haha

  19. Yay for warm spring weather + house projects!


    • Yes, definitely! 🙂 Though now it’s raining here which is not helping with outdoor projects, but that should just inspire us to work inside more. Which it doesn’t. Instead it makes us want to curl up on the couch and catch up on TV shows. 😉

  20. haha! My husband is afraid of holding babies too. Why do men have such a fear of dropping them, haha! I told him he better get over it. He swears he won’t be like that with our baby but I’m sure i’ll catch at least one awkward hold right away, lol.

  21. So jealous of that HP party! HOW DO I MAKE FRIENDS WITH THIS KID?! lolol
    I’m not uncomfortable holding babies at all… I’m so used to it now with my nieces/nephew and friends babies. Pete is a different story… I don’t think he’s uncomfortable with it, but it definitely doesn’t just come naturally.

    • Ha! I know, right?! His party was pretty adorable. 🙂

      It’s so good you are so at ease with babies! I was such a mess the first time my sister handed me my nephew (this was 11 years ago). There’s a picture of me holding him at arms length away from my body afraid that he’s going to spit up/cry/poop on me. 😉 I’ve come along way since then, ha!

  22. Did you say Harry Potter themed party ? Wooow. Lucky you and lucky kid 😀 Playing quidditch eh ? Stuff of my dreams Rachel ❤ though most of it came true in the Wizarding World in Orlando 🙂
    And that photo of your hubby holding the baby is so precious ❤ I myself freak out when someone hands me their baby and though I adore them I deem myself happy by just drooling over them even now 😛 But my man is quite a pro at this! He grew up with a lot of cousins and thus is a natural at handling babies and caring for them.So in the future I am wondering if he would be the better parent than I am 😛

  23. aw the harry potter party sounds adorable!
    i am much better with older babies than new ones, but i am getting better, the more babies i am around. KC is absolutely hilarious with babies. I have this hilarious photo of him where i put a baby in his lap and he literally just put his hand on the baby’s head instead of shifting and holding the baby properly. hilarious.

    • That sounds awesome! I want to see this photo! Is it on your blog?? That sounds like the first photo I have with me and my nephew. I’m literally holding him an arm’s length away from me because I’m afraid he might cry or spit up or poop on me. 😉

  24. The Harry Potter birthday sounds adorable! My mom reluctantly threw me a Harry Potter birthday party when I was way too old to have one, LOL. And strangely, I am nervous about holding my own newborn again! I feel like I’ve forgotten how. I recently held someone’s little baby and I let her head wobble and fall because I forgot that she might need me to support her head. Jake is so durable and big-boy now, I’m just not in that frame of mind anymore!

  25. The Harry Potter themed party sounds like loads of fun! Winter Jam looks like lots of fun. What great artists?! Hope your week is going good so far ❤

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  26. Is it bad I want a Harry Potter themed birthday party?! I’m reading the books now and that just seems awesome!! I’m okay holding babies but I still have the panicking “Omg please like me and please don’t cry” thought lol.

    • Ha! Not bad at all! I think having a Harry Potter themed party for adults would be just as awesome! 🙂 Have you been to Harry Potter World in Orlando? It’s so incredible to go after having read the books! 🙂

      And girl, I’ve had that same thought before! My cousin made me laugh once when he held a baby for the first time and when the baby started to fuss he said (out loud), “No! Don’t cry! I’m so much fun. You don’t know it yet, but you are really going to like me!” 😉

      • Hahahaha that is too funny!!! So accurate because I just want the baby to know I’m fun and nice! Haha
        I have been!!! It was amazing! Although I had only seen the movies when I had gone which was still amazing but now that I’m reading them I want to go back! They also just made a Harry Potter World in LA and it looks a bit different! I want to see that one too!

        • Ha! Yes! Exactly!

          And girl, I just heard about the LA one… I’m thinking I need to go there now! 🙂 And definitely yes, you will need to go again now that you are reading the books! The movies are great, but the books are a whole other level of magic! 🙂

  27. My best friend just had a baby, and I was a little nervous about holding the tiny newborn (because Brady was never all that tiny, so I’m still not used to it). Ha, ha! But once I had the snuggly baby in my arms, I wanted to melt… AND wanted to hold the little guy forever. 😉
    Christopher is definitely a natural!
    And my favorite themed birthday was Hawaii themed. I LOVE anything tropical themed. Ha, ha. 🙂

    • Hawaii is such an awesome theme for a party! We did a luau themed party in the winter a couple of times and that was absolutely wonderful! I’m with you on loving anything tropical. 🙂

      Aww, you are such a natural with the tiny ones. I can just see you now snuggling with that sweet tiny baby. So precious. 🙂

  28. I want a Harry Potter themed birthday party. That’s awesome!

    Can’t wait to see more of the kitchen remodel work. You guys are so good at that stuff.

    • I know, right?! I’d totally take a Harry Potter themed party too! 🙂

      And thanks! We are making progress! Bar stools are hopefully the last thing we need to build and then it will be FINISHED (unless of course we continue to add things to it, haha!). So excited to be getting close to the end of this project so we can start the next one!

  29. LOVED your blog!!! Amazing.
    I love Harry Potter. ❤

    "Aka Rauny (@akarauny), social media manager

  30. I know what you mean about thinking you are close to being finished on a project and then realizing you’re not. Expectation vs. reality is so different with house projects!!!

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