Kitchen Project: The Cooking Tribute Collage

We have a new decorative sort of addition to our kitchen! Look above those new counter tops to that pretty black & white collage hanging on the wall…

Cooking Collage (1).JPG

Ever since we decided to re-do this part of our kitchen, we knew we needed to do something with the old intercom system in the house because it is uuuugly. See below:

Cooking Collage (6).JPG

We thought about taking it out and plastering over the wall, but then we remembered the fun times of using it when our friend Tony lived with us. So we thought maybe we would just cover it up and keep it for some day later if we’re still in this house when we have older kids. But covering it up means building some sort of three dimensional box and then putting something cool on the other side. So Christopher built us a box:

Cooking Collage (8).JPG

And I decided to make it a collage in honor of both of our moms who taught us how to cook. I got this idea from my own mom who actually made a collage for me of my grandmother (another HUGE influence in my early learning about cooking). So this one of our moms hangs just below the one of my grandmother.

Cooking Collage (9).JPG

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that my dad can grill out with the best of them. And his smoked BBQ is incredible. And my grandfather also influenced my cooking and eating habits quite a bit (especially with mixing cereals & molasses and butter). So there were men in my life who cooked as well. But most of my cooking influence came from my mom and grandmother and most of Christopher’s from his mom. So on this wall we honor the women who taught us a love of cooking. 🙂

Cooking Collage (4).JPG

I’m sure you can guess this, but those are recipes written by each of our moms. The Crock Pot Mac & Cheese is from my mom and is one of our friends’ most requested thing we bring to parties because it’s such a huge hit. 🙂

before and after collage.jpg

It looks SO much better! And if/when we decide to use the intercom system again, the collage box easily slides off. 🙂

before and after collage2.jpg

HUGE improvement, right?! I love it so much! 🙂

Do you have anything on your walls that you’d rather cover up than totally remove? Have you come up with any ingenious ways to hide it?

If you like to cook, who or what was your greatest cooking influence? 

Love Rach


59 responses to “Kitchen Project: The Cooking Tribute Collage

  1. Great job… what a good cover up!

  2. Wow, what a cute and smart way to cover an eyesore! It looks fantastic.

  3. That looks fantastic! Love the collage.

  4. Absolutely brilliant and so so meaningful! I love collages that are part of our heritage…this is perfect!!

  5. I love the collage!

  6. What a fantastic idea! And the collage gets me thinking about Mother’s Day gifts. 😉

  7. This is AWESOME! Love the idea in general, but using it to cover that eyesore is so smart!

  8. Wow this looks awesome! I might have to talk my hubby into something like this for one of our walls that has some 80s style stuff that can’t really be gotten rid of completely. I have never been able to figure out how to hide that ugly stuff, and this is perfect. I love the photos you put in the frame too. Such a great idea!

  9. That is super cute! What a great idea! 🙂

  10. The collages are beautiful, and I love that the box works as an intercom cover!

  11. That intercom thing looks really cool! But you did a great job covering it up too.

  12. I love this!

    The collage is beautiful and such a neat tribute to your family. I love that cooking passes down the generations.

    My granny was a famous cook in Albuquerque. Somehow I got her knack for cooking and I recently got some of her famous pie recipes. I plan on putting a picture of her in my kitchen. I also acquired her old cast iron skillet which is so so special to me!

    AND our house has a beautiful brick pillar in the kitchen but there is a huge ugly spot on it so I will have to put a picture there =)

    • Yes! Cooking totally passes down from generation to generation. I love that. And I love reading about your Granny’s famous cooking skills. I’m sure that cast iron skillet is so precious to you. How wonderful. I’d love to see a blog post with pictures of your granny and her pies!

  13. That looks SO much better! And yet I like that you kept the intercom just in case. I can imagine Angel and my family really loving having something like their very own intercom to use, ha!

    • Yes, exactly! I imagine we’ll want to use it again later someday. There are intercoms in each of the bedrooms, outside the front door, and this one in the kitchen. It’s neat to be able to talk to anyone in the house, but we just never use it and it’s such an eyesore in the kitchen. So I’m glad I found a way to temporarily cover it up just in case we decide to use it again! 🙂

  14. Like this style 😉

    Mónica Sors

  15. It looks great! I love how you have covered it up, but still kept it. It would have been a shame to lose it totally.

  16. a great idea!! i love how it turned out!! love the recipes–so precious!

  17. this is seriously AWESOME!
    such a beautiful update.

  18. SO cool + clever! I love the finished product!


  19. It’s a great idea to just cover it instead of trying to do demolition on it! We have a security system in our house that is no longer working (with an ugly panel on the wall). We definitely need to do something with it, but so far it’s just been sitting there. I also have a decorative canvas on the wall that I meant to paint some words on (something Knoxville-ish like “Keep it Scruffy”). But it’s been hanging on the wall for over a year now–all I have on it are some grey Chevron stripes!

  20. Oh my gosh!! This is seriously SO cute!! What a fun idea!! So innovative!! have a great rest of your night love! ❤
    xoxo Cailee!!

  21. thehipandthrifty

    Oh, my gosh, that is genius! What a brilliant idea! And the collage is so cool. I love the recipe cards next to each mom’s photos; sometimes a person’s handwriting can tell you just as much about them as their smile 😀
    Great idea. Well done.

  22. You and Christopher never fail to amaze me!!! SO creative and talented! I absolutely love how it turned out (and I love that you decided to keep the intercom system. 🙂 How fun)!!

  23. That is so sweet! I love it! I have my great aunt’s famous strawberry pie recipe on a card in her handwriting that is no telling how old. I want to frame it with a picture of her and this makes me want to do it in black and white or maybe find a good 70s looking photo (even though I wasn’t around back then lol) because of the coloring of the recipe card. My great aunt made everything from scratch and it didn’t matter if she had 100 biscuits, whenever I came over I loved to make them with her so she would go ahead and start another batch with me.

  24. We had an intercom system at our old house!!!! It was the coolest thing, except, we could never get it to work!!!! Bummer, huh?!?! I love that yours works and that you’ve found a way to preserve in case you ever decide to use it again.

    Those collages are fantastic!!!

    • How cool that you guys had the intercom system too! It’s a shame it didn’t work! It’s a lot of fun to play with even there are lots of people living together! Though these days everyone has cell phones so group texts work too. We definitely didn’t have that when I was growing up!

  25. Love, love, love this! You and Christopher are so talented and creative! I would have never thought to make something to cover up the intercom system. I bet you guys will use it one day if you have older kids! That will be fun, haha!

    I just adore the collage, too. It’s beautiful. So special!

  26. I love this!! It looks wonderful, plus it has great memories!

  27. Definitely a huge improvement! And it is so very beautiful 😊

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  29. Great post! Thanks for your sharing!

  30. That is so sweet! I love it

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