Kitchen Project: We have a Bar & Bar Stools!

The bar stools are complete! Which means that after we put in shelves and decorate them, we will finally be done with this little kitchen make over!

bar & bar stools

Last year when we decided to re-do our kitchen, we knew we wanted to add a bar and bar stools to this side of the kitchen. We wanted it a little taller than average which meant we had trouble finding exactly what we wanted in a store. So Christopher built it. And again when it came to the bar stools, we had trouble finding ones that we just really loved. So they got added to Christopher’s build list. 😉 And as of this past weekend we finally stained, painted, and polyurethaned them.

bar stool

We went two-toned because we wanted to pull in the ebony from our appliances in the kitchen as well as the espresso from the bar, cabinets, and counter top. These bar stools are based on this pattern from Ana White (lots of things in our house are actually based on plans we found on her site!). Ours are a lot more modern looking than her vintage ones and they are taller as well (we wanted a tall bar and tall bar stools), but otherwise they are very similar! The bar itself is based on one I saw at a Starbucks and loved. So we took a few pictures on our cellphone and Christopher recreated it for me at home. He’s pretty awesome like that. 😉

bar & bar stools 2.jpg

The view of the bar from the side as you first walk into our kitchen. I love that this table is by the window. There is SO much light that comes in and it is just such a happy place.

We used to have a table in our kitchen, but it took up SO much space. So we got rid of it and added more cabinets and counter top space where it had been. While we normally eat in the dining room, we wanted to have an option for eating in the kitchen as well. So Christopher built us a place for that. It’s the perfect breakfast spot. 🙂

Do you typically eat in the kitchen, dining room, living room or somewhere else? We normally eat in the kitchen or dining room, but on Friday nights we totally eat pizza on the couch in the living room while watching a movie. 🙂

Love Rach


53 responses to “Kitchen Project: We have a Bar & Bar Stools!

  1. He did a great job! They look fantastic. Most of the time we eat in the dining room/kitchen but if it’s a laid back meal, we’ll eat in the living room. Or outside on the deck if it’s nice weather!

  2. oh my gosh, i LOVE them! i was just going to beg you for a link so i could buy them…but wow! really impressive. 🙂 xo

  3. You really did get a custom set up!!!! I love that your inspiration started at Starbucks!!! Do you think you’ll have a “coffee shop” session there ever (minus the coffee, of course)?

    Those stools turned out soooo well! I bet you guys LOVE them! And everything matches. Way to go to Christopher for sure!!!!

    So….We have never had a formal dining room, but always a little area on the other side of the kitchen counter (same room but far enough away from the kitchen stuff that it feels like a different room) where we keep our table. We eat most of our meals at that table. When the weather is nice, I love eating outside, so I’ll have breakfast or lunch out there when I can. Occasionally, we’ll take dinner into the family room to watch a movie while we eat. (That’s been completely different at our new house, but what I just described is our NORM. 🙂 )

    • I have a lot of inspiration strike at Starbucks considering how much time I spend there working on editing photos. 😉 So by a “coffee shop session” do you mean, like photos of Christopher and I at Starbucks? Because that’s kind of an adorable idea! I might just need to do that. 🙂

      Yes! I do love them! We ate lunch sitting at the bar today and it was just perfect! 🙂

      Oh yes! We totally eat outside too when it’s nice. I didn’t even think to add that. We sit on one of our porches and enjoy the lovely weather. Oreo LOVES when we eat in the backyard because he gets to roam and play while still keeping an eye on us (he doesn’t like to be in the backyard by himself because he is a spoiled only child who needs constant attention, ha!).

  4. Those are stunning! I’m so impressed Christopher built them! Also, I love the color of your kitchen!

  5. what a cute little nook

  6. Good job on the bar stools!! I absolutely love the color and the look 🙂

  7. Wow I am so impressed with everything that he has built for the kitchen! This is such a pretty place to have breakfast. Love it!

  8. i love it! we don’t have a dining room, so we either eat in the kitchen or living room. if it’s just us, living room. with other people, kitchen. lol.

    this seriously looks amazing though, christopher can come and build me stuff, right?!

  9. The bar and stools look awesome!

  10. Ohhhh I love it! Go Chris(topher) !!

  11. I LOVE the barstools and the bar! They look great! They also really pop off the wall with that wall color!

    • Thank you!! I originally wanted all white cabinets when we originally re-did the kitchen 6 years ago, but we decided to go dark instead and now I’m so glad that we did. This bar and the bar stools look SO great in this espresso/black and they match the rest of the kitchen perfectly! 🙂

  12. Ooh they look so good! Such a perfect addition to your new kitchen!

  13. So cool- this turned out great, lady!


  14. Ohh woow!! You guys are really into making your own stuff eh? And pretty dazzling at that too. From pizzas to bar stools 😀 That is what they call made for each other couple ❤ 😉

  15. thehipandthrifty

    Hey, that looks great! The dual-tones was the first thing I noticed, and I LOVE it! I also love the ‘tucked away’ aspect, perfect for doodling, taxes, reading, and, of course, breakfast! 😉

  16. These are so so beautiful! I’m glad you have a bar area. I think those areas are nice to just drink coffee and read or to have breakfast.

    Also, your husband should just open a shop. He does great work.

    • Yes! I love this little area! We had lunch here today and it was so nice! 🙂

      I agree, he could totally open a shop! He’s sold a couple of pieces before, but it takes up so much time that he’s decided to not do it on the side anymore (he doesn’t mind building things for our own home or for friends, but he doesn’t like taking time away from “us” to work extra). But he really could do this full time. Everyone who sees his work loves it! 🙂

  17. What a great job – they look great! I love the colour of them too.

  18. I just think it’s so amazing that if you and Christopher can’t find something you love, you just make it yourselves! You two are such a creative and hardworking duo!

    The barstools are absolutely stunning, and I love that they’re two-toned. Your kitchen renovation has been so much fun to read along and see pictures of!

    • We definitely are creative and hard working, but we’re also frugal. A lot of us learning to DIY things was because we didn’t want to spend the money on new things when we thought we could probably make it ourselves, ha! So it definitely takes time and manual labor, but we like to DIY when we can. 🙂 And it turns out that Christopher is really gifted with carpentry! 🙂

  19. LOVE those bar stools, unique, classy and made with love!!! Happy weekend gorgeous!!

  20. i’m super excited to see everything blended together!

  21. What a BEAUTIFUL little area! So impressed with his woodworking skills!

  22. Oh my, these look so good. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Christopher is really talented with his woodworking abilities. Custom set up, right there!

  23. laurensparkle

    wow those bar stools are gorgeous! what a talented hubby you have 🙂

  24. Ah, I love it! You guys do such a good job with your DIY projects…they look amazing! Totally looks like the perfect breakfast spot. We’re dining room people, except for the odd night where we eat in front of the tv 🙂

  25. it turned out SO well! i am usually trying to blog and eat, so on the couch it is.

  26. These look SO great! I am so impressed that Christopher could do that! And I love that they match the rest of your cabinets. I bet your kitchen feels so much bigger now! Did you want that height because of the chair rail, or…?

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