Disney love!

Emily from A Little Bit of Emily wrote a post about Disney movies and I decided to borrow it from her because I heart Disney!

Favorite Disney Film: Oh my gracious, I love Disney movies so this is really hard for me. How about my 7 favorites? 😉 That would be… Beauty & the Beast, Lilo and Stitch, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, Brave, Hercules, and Tarzan.


Closely followed by my second favorites: The Lion King, Tangled, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, The Incredibles, Frozen, Up, and The Emperor’s New Groove. And that’s not mentioning live action Disney movies that I love like Remember the Titans, Mary Poppins, The Princess Diaries, and the 1961 version of The Parent Trap. Ah, so many good movies!

Favorite Disney Characters: Belle, Stitch, Mulan, Merida, and Pocahontas. With the exception of Stitch, it’s clear that there is a theme here. I like the smart, brave, and adventurous heroines.


Favorite Disney Side Kick: So.Many.Choices. Let’s go with Mushu from Mulan.


Favorite Disney Song: You’ve got to be joking. Why did I think I could fill out a survey on my favorite Disney things? It’s SO hard to pick just one. Or even 10. Ha! I love so many of the songs from Mulan, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, and Lion King, but if I had to pick just one. Only one. I think I’d go with Tale as Old as Time from Beauty & The Beast because it’s the most nostalgic to me. 🙂

tale as old as time.gifvia

Who would be your Disney pet? Lucky from 101 Dalmatians! I actually named my first dog “Lucky” when I was a kid because I loved Lucky from 101 Dalmatians so much. And now I have a pitbull mix covered in Dalmatian spots so I think I’ve come full circle. 😉


Have you ever been to Disneyland/Disney World? Yes! I went to Disney World when I was 3 and then I went to Disneyland (in Tokyo, Japan) when I was a teenager.

disney collageMy mom, siblings, and me backstage with Mickey when I was 3 / My sister, Abby, and me in 2003

Who is your favorite Disney villain? Definitely Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. In general, I don’t like the villains, but Yzma has some pretty hilarious moments.


Who is your favorite Disney couple? Nostalgia tells me that it’s Belle & The Beast, but I think Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (Eugene) are probably my favorites together. They are pretty hilarious. 🙂

flynn and rapunzelvia

I had so much fun answering these questions and looking up gifs for this post. I officially want to go and watch every one of these movies now! Ha!

So what about you? Do you have a favorite Disney movie/character/song/villain/etc?

Love Rach


38 responses to “Disney love!

  1. My favorite Disney movies are Aladdin, Mulan and Hercules. I have to agree 100% that Mushu is the best sidekick. Him and the Genie. And Hercules has some great music! I keep forgetting how awesome the songs are.

    And for villains? Yzma definitely and Hades from Hercules.

    And I love the Emperors New Groove too! Great minds think alike. 😉
    Oh gosh, I feel like such a kid answering the questions as excited as I am!

  2. This survey is so hard to answer! So many good Disney movies! 101 Dalmations was my favorite movies as a kid (I had wallpaper, figurines, bathroom accessories, you name it!), so I really loved your Lucky answer. 🙂

  3. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and that is my favorite song too!!! Lucky was my favorite Dalmatian as well!!!! We named our Dalmatian puppy Lucky. May he RIP 😦

  4. Ahh, I love this! May have to do it myself. Mushu is my FAVORITE!! “They just popped up out of the snow! Like daisies!”

    • Definitely do it yourself! It’s so much fun going through and thinking of your favorites! It has me wanting to watch all the movies again. 🙂 And yes, Mushu’s comments are so hilarious! We watched Mulan all the time while we were living in China and we even went to visit Mulan Mountain while we lived there because it was so close to us in Wuhan! Ah, good memories. 🙂

  5. I absolutely LOVED Tangled. Such a fun, adorable movie! Mulan is also pretty awesome though.


  6. Beauty and the beast is my favorite! Followed by the lion king and the little mermaid!

  7. Mushu would be an awesome sidekick! My dream is to have a library like the one from Beauty and the Beast 🙂

  8. I must say thanks to your post hubby and I watched Mulan and Tangled(3rd time) again and had an awesome time 🙂 Tomorrow we are planning to re-do Beauty and the Beast as well 😀 I am a huge huge fan of Disney movies. ( Someone who believes in happily ever afters, it comes naturally 😉 ) And I simply cannot pick a favorite. I would rant all disney movies 😛 Apart from what you have mentioned I will add Inside Out also 🙂 I absolutely adored that one. Voices in the head so awesomely animated ❤ Between did you see the short story of Tangled ? The wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn in detail 😀 It is awesome !

  9. What a fun tag! 😀 My favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

  10. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t choose! I haven’t actually seen Lilo and Stitch, but you referenced it enough that I feel like I should someday 🙂 My favourite as a child was the Jungle Book, live action would be Princess Diaries, and song would probably be “You’ll Be in My Heart” from Tarzan.

    • Oh my gracious, yes! Definitely see Lilo & Stitch. It’s such a cute movie. 🙂 And yes! The Jungle Book is another great one! The music from it is so fun!

      I’m with you on loving Princess Diaries! And the song “You’ll Be in My Heart” from Tarzan is a favorite! Really the whole Tarzan track is great. I play it in the car all the time, ha!

  11. Love love love this post! I’m such a Disney girl too! I love all the movies and have been to Disney World more times than I can count and it never gets old! Totally agree with the favorite side kick and I love that you have Stitch listed as one of your favorite characters (I’m a firm believer that Lilo and Stitch are the animated version of my dog and I)! X

  12. Nothing beats Disney! The movies are timeless and make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is one of my favorites 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  13. Can you believe that I have never seen a Disney film? Everyone thinks I am crazy when I say that! I am sure I will make up for it when we have kids.

  14. you need to go back to WDW, stat! or DL! Loved reading your answers.

  15. I love Disney too! We like Disney soooo much that anytime my siblings and I ate lunch together we would play “Disney Trivia” and try to stump each other. There was one question that stumped everyone….My brother came up with it and I can’t remember what it was right now, but he’d pull it out every now and then because we would always forget the answer. It was “What is the name of the _____ from _____?”, I just can’t remember which character it was or what film! LOL!

    Anyway….Let’s see…. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty And The Beast. I wore out a VHS and had the entire thing memorized by the time I was 3 years old. Runners up were Pochahontas and Aladdin.

    • Oh man, now I want to know the question he had! When you remember it, you’ll have to pass it on to me. 🙂

      I love that you loved Beauty & The Beast too! Such a classic! And I really loved Pocahontas growing up as well. I used to pretend to be her all the time! 🙂

  16. bahahaha there is no way i could fill this out! i’d be rattling off everything. yzma is the best! i’m with you, not a fan of villains but she’s hilarious.

    • Oh my goodness, it was SO hard! When I first saw it I thought “Oh what a cute little questionnaire! That’ll be great for a morning when I’m short on time and just want to share something light and fluffy”. Little did I realize how long it would take me to answer this. I just love too many different ones! It’s hard to pick favorites!

  17. Ahhh, now I want to watch Disney movies all night tonight!! I loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame!! Such a good movie! I’d have to say my favorite Disney movie is probably Lilo and Stitch!

  18. This is the cutest post! What a fun idea.

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