My 13 Favorite Apps

In December of 2014 I finally got my very first smart phone. After nearly a year and a half of use, I have found my favorite apps. Of course I love carrying a camera around in my back pocket as well as having access to maps, email, and banking everywhere I go. Those things make life easier. But today I want to share with you guys the 13 apps that I have really fallen in love with!

13 favorite apps


Instagram – A favorite of mine! I’m @rach.vendetti if you aren’t already following.

Feedly – I don’t love reading blogs on my phone because I don’t love typing comments on my phone. I’d much rather have a full keyboard because it’s much quicker. But sometimes time is tight and I want to read blogs on-the-go (especially on long car rides). So at those times the Feedly app is super helpful!


OverDrive – I love that this app connects to my local library so I can download books for free here!

GoodReads – I can’t tell you how often I am standing in the library with a book in hand and the cover is pulling me in and then I scan the book on my GoodReads app and find out that it has horrible reviews. Thank you, GoodReads for saving those hours of my life. The few times that I’ve thought that the reviews are probably wrong and read the book anyway have been a waste of time. I love GoodReads in general because it helps me organize my to-read list, but also because it has such honest reviews. So having the access to that in my back pocket is fabulous! You can find me here at GoodReads.


Wunderlist – I am a paper and pen type person. I keep a paper planner that is color coded and I love it. But sometimes when I’m out running errands all day it’s easier to carry my phone with me than to have multiple paper lists of things to keep up with.


TimeHop – I love picking up old journals and going back to today’s date in that year to see what I was up to. So for example taking today’s date, April 29th, and looking at that date in 2015 or 2014 or even as far back as the 90’s when I started journaling. I do the same thing with old blog posts sometimes. For example, five years ago today I shared a video on this blog of our friend Tony (who used to live with us) messing with Oreo. Watching it now still makes me laugh. So yeah, I love to look back on memories. And TimeHop does this for me. A daily dose of life from previous years. 🙂


FitBit – You guys, I love my FitBit Charge. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about until I got one for Christmas. It has all the perks of a normal pedometer, but the best thing is the community. Every single day my sister and I compete against each other in steps. We cheer each other on and encourage each other to stay active. I just love it! By the way, if you are looking for a FitBit and don’t want to pay full price – we found both mine and Christopher’s for more than half off on Ebay.

My Fitness Pal – I know people think of this as a weight-loss app, but that’s not all it is. Ever since we found out I was insulin resistant last year I’ve had to be more careful about what I eat and when I eat it. My Fitness Pal helps with that. I also love that it shows a break down of all the vitamins I’m getting from my foods to help me be sure I am getting a lot of my nutrition from food and not just from multi-vitamins. Plus it connects to FitBit which is super awesome!

Clue – If you have tried different period trackers and been disappointed with how inaccurate they are (or the flowers all over them) like I was, then you might like Clue better. I have been amazed at how accurate it is with everything it predicts. The teen girls I mentor actually told me about Clue last year and I made the switch from a less reliable tracker that very same day. I’ve loved it ever since!


Ring – This is essentially video surveillance at our home. The Ring doorbell works like a regular doorbell, but is also motion activated and will send an alert to your phone to let you know that someone is outside your home. It also shows video of anyone outside the house and allows us to speak from the app to them through the doorbell. Confusing? Check out more information here. We love it!

Foscam –  Similar to the Ring doorbell & app, we also have Foscam inside our home for indoor video surveillance – this is honestly more to check in on Oreo than anything else, ha! Like Ring, we can talk through the camera while away from home by using the app.


DSLR Remote – This app is so helpful! Sometimes when we travel we take selfies of us on our phones and sometimes we ask a stranger to take photos for us. But more often than not we set my camera on a precarious perch, say a prayer it won’t topple, and then either set the timer or use a remote control to take the photo. I have a mini remote control that I bought via Amazon and it works great, but sometimes I don’t have it with me. And in those cases, this app on my phone has been awesome. You press the shutter button on your phone and boom, the camera takes the photo. Super simple!

GAMES (well, Game):

QuizUp – This is the only game I have on my phone. If I have time to burn, I’m more likely to scroll through Instagram than I am to play a game, but I really like this one. Disney and The Bible trivia are my favorites!

Honorable Mentions: 

Facebook – I use Facebook less and less these days, but when I’ve got time to kill I’ll find myself scrolling through Facebook while waiting in line. I use it predominately for my photography business.

Snapchat – I’m still pretty new to Snapchat, but it has been a fun way to connect with the teens we mentor. I’m rach.vendetti there if we aren’t already following each other.

Pinterest – I very rarely use Pinterest on my phone, but I do love the organizational aspect of the website! So I have the app for times when I need to pull up photos to show clients. Don’t get me wrong – I love Pinterest and if I’m looking for something specific, I definitely can spend a good ol’ chunk of time on there. I just don’t usually do it on my phone. You can find me here on Pinterest.

So tell me, do we share any of the same favorites? Do you have a favorite app that wasn’t listed here?

Love Rach

46 responses to “My 13 Favorite Apps

  1. You showed me some new ones I may have to try. You know I LOVE my Fitbit app and you know what’s funny, I hardly ever use the Pinterest one in my phone, I tend to browse it on my iPad! Great idea for a post and I hope your weekend is as lovely as you are!

  2. I use a lot of the same apps! I LOVE feedly! It’s so user friendly and I like it so much more than any other feed reader!

  3. fromdreamtoplan

    Instagram and my fitness pal are on my top list too! I don’t know most of the other apps you’ve mentioned lol but thanks for sharing, some of them could be really useful, I’m gonna try them 🙂

  4. I love this post – you’ve introduced me to so many apps I don’t have but absolutely need! I had no idea there was a camera remote! Where have I been? One of my very favorites is Uber. I can’t imagine life without it!

  5. Ring sounds really interesting. We have our cameras hooked up to our phone but not the door bell area! I love Clue. It is so so accurate and I love the little reminders it gives. Definitely the best one out there. Trivia Crack is my favorite game to play, I will have to check out QuizUp.

    • Ring has been so helpful! It’s really neat to be able to talk through the doorbell to people even if we’re not home. It has come in so useful in the past couple of weeks that we’ve had it!

      And yes! Clue is awesome! I have really been super pleased with it!

  6. I JUST found Clue the other day! I seriously just searched period tracker and it was the first one I downloaded. Glad I got a good one!

    • I’m glad you got it! I used a different one for like a year and it was always off (my cycle wasn’t a “normal” 28 day cycle). I love that Clue gets to know your cycle so well. It predicts it better than anything else I’ve tried!

  7. Goodreads is one of my favs! So handy for me to keep track of all the books I hear about or read about and want to check out at some point. I see commercials for Ring every morning on ESPN. Seems interesting! And QuizUp is educational! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with this Sudoku app on my phone.

    • GoodReads is so helpful! I have really loved both the website and the app! Their “you might enjoy this” sections are usually pretty spot on for me!

      I am hopeless at Sudoku. It makes my head hurt, haha! I can do crossword puzzles or word searches, but something about Sudoku doesn’t like my brain. 😉

  8. I still haven’t joined the snapchat club yet. I’ve been told it’s pretty confusing… But I might give it a shot sometime 😉

    Edye |

    • It was super confusing for me at first, but I just asked the teenagers what on earth I was supposed to be doing and they showed me. Once you get to know it, the app makes a lot of sense. It’s worth looking into to see if you like it!

  9. I got my first smartphone in late 2015 (no data, though, I just use it with wifi)…and I’d say you’ve done a better job of embracing how useful a smartphone can be and maximizing it as a multi-use device than I have. I use it for calling people, sending youth group updates and announcements through ‘whatsapp’, the big texting app here, and instagram. Angel uses my phone to play Trivia Crack. I just find a computer so much easier to navigate and to type on that the smartphone is my last resort. Of course, I work at home, which means that my computer is always there–for other people who don’t have a laptop accessible I can see why it might be nice to do email on a smartphone, but I really hate typing on that tiny screen!

    • Yes! I completely agree with you about a computer being so much easier to navigate and utilize than a smartphone. Christopher says I’m old. 😉 He’s probably right to a degree. I really don’t like change and I’ve been using a laptop since I was a teenager. Smart phones are great and have lots of good options (and having Google in your pocket is super helpful), but I like my full keyboard and big screen. 🙂

  10. I’m excited to try some of these now! I’ve heard good things about Good Reads, but I’ve never actually try it. And I had no idea about the remote app…I have a point and click one too, but I’d be curious to try the app! And I agree about commenting etc on the tiny iPhone screen.

  11. Those home security ones sound very interesting,I’ll have to look into them! One of my favorite apps is “Out of Milk”. It’s everything you need for grocery shopping. You can create shopping lists, pantry lists, regular-to do lists and you enter your location so it shows you sales at grocery stores near you! If your a fan of lists, I highly recommend it!

    xo, Kristina

  12. My fitness pal is my fav!!! There are so many apps on here I didn’t know about!! I can’t wait to look at them!!

  13. DSLR Remote sounds awesome!

  14. I love my fitbit. I got one to just encourage me to get in my steps every day. Since then a couple of co-workers also got one and now we all urge each other on during the week to meet our goal.

  15. insta and time hop are my faves!! i wish time hop would let us go to different days though!

  16. I should probably use something like Wunderlist, because I am always writing things on my hand or texting myself to remember things. I don’t know why I keep avoiding getting an app. I feel like I already have enough apps haha. I use Clue, too! I have an irregular period, so it helped me out a ton, especially when my OB asked me when my last period was.

  17. This is such a fun post idea! I am always interested in what apps other people are using. I love the myfitnesspal app too. GoodReads and Ring are now both on my list of apps to check out. We have had a couple scary stranger in the house/ trying to get into the house things happen in the past two years here, so that Ring app might come in very handy!

  18. we aren’t friends on goodreads?! rude! just added you please accept me 😉 i also just downloaded the clue thing because seriously, i am so sick of all the flowers on the one i do use haha.

    • I didn’t realize we weren’t friends on GoodReads either until I saw your request! Crazy talk. I totally snooped through your favorite reads and added a couple to my to-read list! 🙂

      Yay for Clue! The tracker I had before also was covered in flowers. And not even like cute floral patterns. Just ugly, pink flowers, ha! Plus it wasn’t accurate at predicting anything. So I love Clue! 🙂

  19. I have been telling myself to join Instagram, but I have not till now :\ I will soon though 🙂 I used to be so addicted to Quiz Up, I deleted it finally 😀 It was taking so much of my time. 😛 😀

  20. You have a lot of really practical apps on here! The doorbell one is really neat–I’ve never seen that before. I’ll have to share that one with Justin and see what he thinks–he’s been wanting some sort of security system for the house, and while that only really monitors the door, it’s better than the nothing we have right now! (And our doorbell mysteriously stopped working at some point after our home was inspected and before we moved in. It has been driving me nuts for so long!)

    I actually have a TV remote on my phone. It probably makes me sound super lazy that I just get out my phone when I can’t find the remote, but when you have a toddler who likes to hide it in couch cushions or carry it away and leave it in a toy box, it can be really frustrating. Sometimes our remotes (we have two that do the exact same thing, and we STILL struggle to find a remote) are lost for weeks at a time before we can find them again!

    • I’ve never heard of a TV remote on your phone, but that totally makes sense! Especially with a mischievous toddler. 😉 You’ll have to let me know what you guys think about the Ring doorbell if you look into it. We really love it!

  21. Love GoodReads! Mostly because it helps me to remember what I’ve read (otherwise I will literally forget every title, character, and plot line I’ve ever read. Really, I’ve picked up a book before and not realized until about 100 pages in that I’d actually read it before.)

  22. I always love learning about apps that friends like! How funny that the teens told you about Clue, haha. We can learn so much from teens, right?!

    Also, I need to check out QuizUp. It sounds like fun!

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