Turns out not all dogs know how to swim (and other weekend happenings)

Thursday night we discovered that our upstairs A/C was leaking through our ceiling. We immediately shut off the unit and first thing Friday morning called our home warranty people. The earliest they could send someone out would be Tuesday. You guys, the heat index in Memphis has been 100+ all week (one day it was 118!). This is not the time for us to lose air conditioning for (a minimum of) five days. So my very handy husband got busy Googling. Between that and texting a friend who knows more about this stuff than we do, he felt pretty good about fixing this himself. And sure enough… he did!

ac leak.jpg{in that middle photo, Oreo is barking at the ceiling because he hated hearing the leaking sound}

The leak is fixed, the A/C unit is back on and running again, and currently we’re letting the ceiling finish drying out (we have a high powered blower that’s been blowing on it for 2 days) before we go about fixing the damage. I’m so glad he was able to fix this over the weekend so we have the A/C back! Definitely a huge blessing. It’s times like these that I’m reminded how grateful I am that he’s so handy with house stuff!

poolside sushi.jpg

Since it has been so hot lately, this weekend was the perfect pool weekend! We even got carry out sushi from our favorite spot and ate by the pool. We swam and played and soaked up the sun (while reading up on the Greece portion of our Europe trip – so exciting!). Considering all the hard work we were doing at home (to fix the A/C issues) this was an awesome way to spend the hottest parts of both Saturday and Sunday!

oreo at the pool.jpg

Oreo came with us to the pool on Sunday afternoon and it was the best thing ever! Our dog haaaaates water. I can’t even tell you how much he despises being wet. He fell in a lake once and I think that really scared him so he has hated water ever since. Bath time is just horrible for him. Anyway, after a LOT of coaxing (using a toy he REALLY wanted) we convinced him to get in the pool. Before yesterday I thought that all dogs instinctively knew how to swim, but it turns out that our pup needed a little help. He started thrashing around and SINKING when he first got in. So Christopher put his hand under Oreo’s belly to support him in the water so his legs could kick smoothly (like you do with little kids when teaching them to swim) and then walked around the pool with him so Oreo could learn the motions of swimming. It was the most precious thing. And hilarious as well. Once Oreo got the hang of it and could swim on his own, he actually seemed to enjoy chasing the ball around the pool (or maybe he really hated that game, but was just SUPER determined to get the ball, ha!).  Anyway, it was pretty much the best Father’s Day ever (I told Christopher he was getting lots of quality time with his “son” because we are so those pet owners who refer to ourselves as “mom & dad” to our dog).

So despite the initial scare of potentially terrible A/C problems, it turned into a pretty awesome weekend. Christopher feels super accomplished (as he should!). He fixed our A/C, started fixing the ceiling (as much as he can so far), and he taught our dog to swim! 🙂

Have you ever had an A/C leak like that? (if so, any advice on repairing the ceiling? we will be researching that this week)

If you have a pet does he or she like water?

Love Rach


75 responses to “Turns out not all dogs know how to swim (and other weekend happenings)

  1. Oh my gosh that leak is no joke!!! So scary. I love that Oreo learned how to swim this weekend. Adorable!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • It really was scary! Especially when we had to turn off the a/c and thought we’d be living without it for five days (at least). I was so glad he was able to fix it!

      And yes, Oreo learning to swim was definitely the highlight of my week! He’s still worn out two days later. 😉

  2. I’m glad he was able to fix the A/C! It’s been hot here in MD too and I couldn’t imagine not having A/C right now! And Oreo is just too cute. Our dog was weird. He didn’t mind baths but we put him in a small pool once and he SCREAMED. You would have though someone was being murdered! LOL

    • Oh man, your dog needs to teach my dog that baths are okay. Our poor pup hates them. He not only knows the word “bath” but he also knows that when we spell out “b-a-t-h” that we mean bath (we joke that our dog can spell, ha!). Now if we need to communicate about it being time for his bath we talk about an “unfortunate event that needs to happen” and no joke our dog still figures it out and runs to hide. We need to come up with a new word. Or just start texting it to each other instead of talking about it in front of him, ha!

  3. So sorry about the A/C mishap! How amazing that Christopher just got right into fixing it. He’s so, so handy!

    Oreo swimming sounds super adorable! Lola HATES baths, too! We haven’t tried to take her swimming anywhere (like a lake) because she would probably run away, haha. I’ve tried to get her to go in my parents pool, but I think it freaks her out. When we go on trails, she likes dipping in streams, but I can’t let her off leash. She’s a crazy girl!

    • Yes! I was so glad he was able to fix it so quickly!

      Aww poor Lola! She totally understands how Oreo feels about bath time. Oreo not only knows the word “bath” but also knows that when we spell out “b-a-t-h” that it’s bath time. We joke that he knows how to spell. 😉 Seriously, though, the dog hates bath time. I still can’t believe he voluntarily got in that pool. I mean, it took him 20 minutes to get off the steps and actually start attempting to swim after the toy, but he did it! We were like the most proud sounding parents ever. There was so much cheering and squealing that I’m sure our friends’ neighbors thought someone’s child had finally learned to swim. We are proud doggy parents. 😉

  4. Oh no – that doesn’t sound good. But, at least you have a handy husband!

  5. Mmmmmmm sushi! I have been craving sushi like a boss lately! Who knew not all dogs could swim?!?! My dog is a water rat!

    • Sounds like it’s time for some sushi! 🙂

      I know, right?! I knew our dog hated water, but I just assumed that if he fell in water at some point that he’d just instinctively know how to get himself out by doggy paddling. Apparently not. 😉 But hey! At least he knows now!

  6. I’m glad that he was able to fix it (successfully!). I think Justin would have tried to fix it himself, too, but I don’t know how successful he would be, haha. It’s so strange that Oreo didn’t know how to swim! But it’s good that he caught on so easily! Maybe it’s just because I grew up in Florida, but it seems like a dog (or a child, or ANYONE) needs to know how to swim so that they don’t risk drowning. I’m glad that Oreo will be prepared now if he ever falls into a pool (or runs in chasing after a ball) accidentally!

    • Yes! I was so glad that Christopher was able to fix it! Saved us a lot of money not to mention that we had A/C back within a day instead of waiting at least five!

      I know, right?! I knew Oreo hated water, but I just always assumed that if he fell in accidentally that instinct would kick in and he would eventually start doggy paddling to get himself out. Who knows, maybe we rescued him too quickly and he would’ve figured it out. We just hated seeing him thrashing and sinking. But on the bright side, he DOES know how to swim now! We were like the loudest, proudest doggy parents when he started swimming on his own without Christopher’s assistance. It was pretty hysterical! 🙂

  7. ugh. i’m terrified of my AC dying! – because we’re in that same boat of 100+ heat index, and it is so uncomfortably hot.
    mmmmsushi by the poolside! yes ma’am! being by the pool in the sunshine i always want something salty!
    EEP when are y’all heading to greece?!
    Also, yay for oreo, getting some good ol’ swim time in for the first timee!

    • Losing A/C in the summer is rough! We spent a good bit of a summer without it the first year we lived in this house (and of course that was the year Memphis hit record highs, ha!). But that was when we were fixing up the house and you expect things like that to go wrong. Now that we’ve lived here comfortably for six years, the idea of spending months without air conditioning is miserable! So I was definitely so glad he was able to fix it!

      Sushi poolside was definitely a good idea! It was a first for me, but I feel pretty sure it won’t be the last time! 🙂 And yes, Oreo learning to swim was awesome! We had the best time!

      We’re headed to Greece in September! We’ll spend most of the month of September in Europe visiting a couple of different places. We’re pretty excited!!

  8. Oh man, so glad you guys were able to get it fixed! My air broke one day earlier this spring and it was MISERABLE! And not even as hot as now. Too cute about teaching your dog how to swim…just adorable! Good luck fixing your ceiling.

    • ​It really makes you grateful for air conditioning when you have to live without it for a little while, right?! I was definitely so glad he was able to fix it!

      And yes, Oreo learning to swim was just the cutest! Best moment of the week for sure! ​

  9. Precious weekend!! Yay for pool time and yay for swim lessons for Oreo!! Our dog doesn’t like water either. So glad AC got fixed, I know that is miserable! Hope you have a great start to your week!!

    • I’m glad our dog isn’t the only one who hates water. Most of our friends’ dogs LOVE it. They run straight for every lake or pool they see… not our dog, ha! Though who knows, maybe now that he knows how to swim he’ll be more likely to get in it!

      And yes, I’m so glad the a/c is fixed now!

  10. Thank goodness for your handy husband!! I totally pictured that swimming scenario!

    • It’s hilarious when you envision it, right?! And even better when you realize how long of a process it was for us to coax him into the pool at all (like 20 minutes!). And then of course the crazy cheering when he started swimming on his own. We are seriously “those” dog owners. 😉

  11. That is so fantastic that your husband fixed the AC. When my AC broke, I had to call the company to come fix it. I don’t remember what was wrong with it, I only remember it being costly to fix.I couldn’t live without it. I love my AC. haha

    • Having your A/C out is definitely no fun! We have an old house and an old A/C unit so this isn’t the first time we’ve had issues with it. One of these days we’ll have to replace it all, but until then it’s good to know that Christopher can fix parts of it so we don’t have to wait on a repair person to come!

  12. Ugh house repair stuff is the worst!!! Glad that you guys were able to fix it on your own! You probably saved a lot of money and sweat by waiting. My dogs both hate water. They give you the stink eye and act like a bath is the biggest torture ever. My one dog absolutely refuses to do his business if it is sprinkling or raining outside too. He will stand stubbornly at the door then run back to his bed and hide. Ridiculous!

    • Oh my goodness, yes! That is Oreo! If it’s raining (or even sprinkling) he’ll refuse to go out! Once we were out of town and it stormed while we were gone and our dog sitter said he didn’t go at all for nearly an entire day! Poor pup just hates getting wet, ha!

      And yes, I was so glad he was able to fix the A/C! We would’ve been waiting until TODAY before the repair person even came out!

  13. It’s great that your hubby could fix the problem with the A/C. I couldn’t imagine not having air conditioning in the 100+ degree Memphis heat. Hopefully the rest of your summer is pretty cool 😉

  14. lauren markle

    ok why have I never had sushi by the pool?! that sounds delicious, and kind of reminds me of the song “cake by the ocean.” sushi by the pool could totally be the next hit. 😉

  15. Oh no! About the leaking. Good thing you guys were able to fix it yourselves. We had a leaking problem at our house in Michigan–it was from the roof, though, and we had a really steep roof, so we got professionals to handle the roof part, and Angel fixed the inside.

    • Oh yikes! Every time we see a leak we always worry that it might be from the roof because that is a much bigger problem. But thankfully so far they’ve all been A/C or pipe related. By the way, do you remember how he fixed the ceiling on the inside? We need to figure out how to match the repair spot to the rest of the ceiling.

  16. That’s hilarious…I always thought all dogs knew how to swim as well!

  17. Oh man it’s a good thing you have a handy husband! House projects like that can be so stressful! Glad you got it worked out!!

  18. Oh goodness, what a drama with your A/C! Major props to the hubs for fixing it himself! That’s awesome!

    Don’t worry, our Chanel is TERRIFIED of the pool. She gets in there and heads straight for the edge, haha! Meanwhile, Trixie is the dog we cannot get out of the pool as she loves it!

  19. Awwww, Oreo is such a pretty boy 🙂 And hey, baby (or in this case puppy) steps, right!

  20. Haha! Poor thing! My dog is the same way…he fell in a pool once and now hates all water!

  21. oh my!! no fun at all with a leaky ceiling. I’m glad it was fixed!! whew! i swear it always happens when it is the hottest day of the year and 100 degrees or more. aw, oreo and the pool–so cute!

    • It really does! I think it’s because the A/C runs SO much when it’s so hot outside so that ends up being what causes the problems. Especially these old units in old homes (like ours). It just can’t keep up. One of these days we’ll just replace it all entirely, but for now I’m glad little fixes will keep it going!

  22. thehipandthrifty

    Oh my gosh, so glad you got you A/C problem straightened out! And I thought it was hilarious that you guys taught your dog how to swim! 😀 I’ve only ever had black labs, (which were BRED to swim) and I’ve never been able to get ANY of them into a pool!

    • HA! That’s hilarious! Every black lab I’ve ever known has been obsessed with water so it’s so funny to me to think of yours acting like our dog and refuse to get in. I wonder what causes that in dogs. If it’s just a personality thing or if it’s a lack of early exposure to water. So interesting!

  23. Oh my- an A/C unit going out in the summer (especially temps like Memphis has been having!) is like my NIGHTMARE. Your husband to the rescue! No wayyyyy would I have been able to wait until Tuesday, no ma’am. Glad it’s fixed now!


  24. The swimming story is the cutest thing ever!

  25. That’s so good that your husband was able to fix the A/C! I can’t imagine not having it right now. We’re not as hot as where you are, but trying to sleep in 90 degree weather is so uncomfortable.

  26. Oh my gosh!!! Thank heavens he is such a handy man. It’s been 120 here in AZ (be so jealous haha) so I can’t even imagine our A/C going out and having to wait 5 days for it to get fixed. If it ever goes out, I’m calling you guys!! So cute about Oreo 🙂 I guess I assumed all dogs could swim, too! I’m glad he got such good quality time with his son 😉

    • Yes, if it goes out, totally let me know and I’ll hook you up with the research we did. Ours just had a clogged drain pan and pipe. Youtube taught Christopher how to identify the problem and fix it. 🙂

      Right?! I had no idea that Oreo couldn’t swim. I knew he hated water, but I always just assumed that instinct would take over and he’d figure it out. Apparently not, ha! But at least he can swim now! 🙂

  27. There is seriously an epidemic of air conditioning losses lately! I’m glad he was able to fix it. It is HOT right now. That is so cute about Oreo swimming 🙂 Glad he got the hang of it. It sounds like R’s first trip to the pool a few weeks ago. Ha!

  28. i am sooo impressed that your hubs fixed the leak!!!! it is WAY too hot to be without AC! of course, that’s when it happens. my parents went out last week, too, but thankfully it wasn’t a leaky situation. ours is ummm like almost 30 years old so we are trying to hard to not strain it because then we’ll be out a pretty penny. haha. and your pup!!! BLESS his heart!!! so sweet. our dog is obsessed with the water, but she only floats. on a float, of course.

    • Oh girl, our A/C unit is old like that too! I totally understand. I know that it will give out eventually one of these days, but as long as we can keep it going, we will! It definitely seems like it is during the hottest parts of summer that A/C units give out. Like you said, it’s likely the strain that we put on them by using them so much, haha!

      I love that Popcorn floats around on a float in the water! That is absolutely precious!

  29. Man, summer just came on hard everywhere it seems. It was blazing hot here over the weekend when weeks before it was foggy every day. Glad the AC was fixed and the dog was taught to swim! 🙂

    • ​Summer really did come in with a force lately. In Memphis we normally go from winter to 2 weeks of spring to blazing hot summer by early May. For some reason we’ve had a really mild summer with temps in the mid-80s for most of May and some of June and it was just delightful. And then suddenly now… BOOM! ​It is hot as blazes the past two weeks! Definitely not time to be without air conditioning!

  30. Yay for handy husbands!! I am so glad the AC wasn’t out for too long with that kind of heat. That is so cute that he taught Oreo to swim. I wish I could see a video lol.

  31. Yay for handy husbands! What a terrible time for the A/C to go out!

  32. HAHAHA I know a potentially drowning dog isn’t funny but I am laughing (because I know he’s safe now) thinking about poor Oreo sinking. So sweet that Chris(topher) taught him how to swim.
    My car AC went out this week due to my engine overheating, and the weather is about the same here in Austin. *insert panic attack here* Thank goodness for handy, fix-it, Googling husbands! 😉

    • Oh girl, I totally understand! Once we realized Oreo was okay, we laughed pretty hysterically too! It was such a fun experience!

      Yikes!! I hope you are able to get the car A/C back and running ASAP! It’s way too hot for that!

  33. I know a dog that absolutely hates water as well! So it’s definitely not just you.

  34. Kudos to your hubster for fixing it up 🙂
    And did I just read you are going to Greece ? :O Greece is at the top of my bucketlist right now 😀 So AWESOME 🙂 How many days are you planning?

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  36. Ah, this is so precious! Max isn’t a great swimmer either…he’ll go in water over his head, but he won’t stay there for long. I wonder if he’d do better if one of us went in and helped him? Maybe if we ever go somewhere with a lake that allows dogs and isn’t too freezing for humans, we’ll find out 🙂

    • Or bring him down to Memphis with you and we’ll go over to our friends’ pool and find out! 😉 Our friends down here who have a goldendoodle also have a pool and their dog is QUITE the swimmer! He loves being in the pool with the kids so I bet Max would like it too! 🙂

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