The truth behind our “picture-perfect” beach photos

I think about cutting my hair back to just above my shoulders from time to time. Typically 6 days out of the week my hair is in a bun on top of my head, a pony tail, or a braid. So I ask myself why I bother with having long hair if I’m just throwing it up out of my way. But then… about once a week (or maybe twice if it’s a date night, special occasion, or we’re traveling) I’ll wear my hair down and I’ll remember just how much I love having it long. So once again I’ll put off cutting it.

rach at the beach{from our most recent Destin trip – yes, I’m rocking my FitBit and hair tie as bracelets 😉 }

Ah, that pretty hair! But this photo is deceptive. You know how all those beach photos you see of Christopher and me look so perfect? Well, it usually takes ten photos to get ONE great one. The gentle breeze that we love all day long while being out on the beach turns into a WIND by sunset every evening. Making photos kind of hilarious. Please see below.

destin 2016.JPG

This shot is also from our most recent Destin trip. Check out that wild hair. Absolutely fabulous. 😉 Poor Christopher usually ends up with a face-full of my hair while trying to get the beautiful photos we love. Click here to see the far more magical photo taken just minutes later when the wind died down a bit.

destin may 2016

This one makes me laugh because Christopher is attempting to tame my mane. This is a pretty regular occurrence when attempting to take beach photos. 😉 This photo is from our Destin trip this past May (prettier photos from this day can be found here).

DSC_4731 copy{Panama City Beach earlier this summer}

Even when it’s kind of wild, I still like my long hair. The upkeep can be a pain sometimes and I honestly am pretty boring with how I style it most of the time, but at the end of the day I know that I won’t always have long hair. Eventually the day will come when I cut it all off once again so I’m going to enjoy having it for now.

vow renewal in cozumelRenewing our vows in 2011 just off the coast of Cozumel on our first cruise (my hair had been cut just above my shoulders earlier that year).

By the way, for newer readers… I used to cut 10″ off my hair every year (about 4 or 5 years in a row) to donate to organizations that made wigs for cancer patients (my hair grows super fast so this was easy for me). I quit doing it a couple of years ago because I wanted long hair for our Italy trip in 2013. Turned out that I kind of loved that long hair so I’ve kept it around the last few years. 🙂

Why is your hair the length that it is (short, medium, or long)?

Have you attempted photos on a windy day and found yourself with a face full of hair? Even people with shorter hair have this problem! I know because I photograph them all the time. 😉

Love Rach


46 responses to “The truth behind our “picture-perfect” beach photos

  1. I keep my hair long because it means I don’t actually have to do anything to do- the length + heaviness keeps the waves from getting out of control (anything shorter would get really, really curly and I like it beachy).

    I love your long hair, lady! Although it does look super cute in that throwback shot!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Your hair looks beautiful both long and short! 🙂 My hair generally gets to just below my shoulders at the longest, and then I get annoyed with it or bored that I only do one or two things with it daily, so I chop it off. This has been a repeating pattern for me for the past six or so years I think, haha. Right now, though, I’m at the point where I want something different, but I actually don’t want to chop it off. Maybe bangs? Eventually I want it long enough to get a loose perm because I LOVED it when I had a loose perm a few years ago. 🙂


    • Bangs are so popular and I know they’ll look great on you! Bangs are the one thing that this naturally-curly-haired girl can’t do, haha! I had them once when I was a preteen and they just turned into a bush on the front of my head. It was so awful, haha! I’ve loved your hair in every style I’ve seen it!

  3. I love the outtakes! I am trying to grow out my ahir – I would say it long-ish now, but I still want it longer. Every once in awhile I want to chop it, but I know if I do, I will like it for about a week and then be over it. 🙂

    • Seeee that’s part of what I’m afraid of! Back in the olden days I used to just be in a routine of cutting it every year so I didn’t think about it or get attached to my long hair. But now I’ve had it long for so many years that I’m afraid that if I cut it short I’ll get sick of it really fast.

  4. i think you look stunning either way my friend! ❤

  5. Your outtakes are so cute! But I totally get what you mean about trying to control the longer hair outside. Wind and humidity are not our friends. I use to have really long hair and kept it that way for years. Unfortunately, my hair is so thin that once it gets to a certain length these days, it just looks scraggly and gross so I have been going shorter. Which shorter for me is medium length hair just at or below the shoulders. I am actually going to get my hair cut tonight! I think you look great either way 🙂

    • Noooo joke! Wind and humidity are terrible with long hair! And honestly, my hair can get kind of stringy when it’s this long. I actually just had three inches cut off of it for that very reason. It would probably look BEST at my shoulder blades, but I kind of love it this long even if it would look fuller if it were shorter. One of these days I’ll chop it all off again, but that won’t be today. 😉

  6. I love this post! The wind is really tough to deal with with long hair for sure! I do love your hair short!

    • Thanks, girl! I probably will go back to short eventually. I like it that way as well and it honestly looks fuller and healthier when it’s shorter like that. Not to mention that it’s much easier to deal with. But I’m just not sure I’m ready to give up the long locks yet, haha!

  7. Your hair is so pretty! I do really love the shoulder length look. And I’m so envious that your hair grows so fast. Mine barely grows at all. It’s sad. Of course I usually have it pulled up or back anyway (like you).

    Also FitBit and hair tie bracelets for the win!

    • Thanks, Amy! I probably will go back to short eventually. I like it that way as well and it honestly looks fuller and healthier when it’s shorter like that. Not to mention that it’s much easier to deal with. But I’m just not sure I’m ready to give up the long locks yet, haha!

      I’m not sure why my hair grows so fast, but it has always been that way. Genetics, I guess? I mean, I eat a pretty healthy diet now, but I definitely didn’t in college and my hair still grew super fast then. That’s part of why I felt like I should be donating it every year. Not everyone had the option to regrow their hair 10 inches every year after donating it so I thought it was the least I could do. But now I’m being a little selfish and keeping it long just for me for now. 😉

      I love that you have your hair tied back a lot too. Most women I know wear their hair down every day and it always looks great, but when I do that it just gets in my way, haha!

      And yes! You know I love my FitBit! And that hair tie had just come out of my hair for that photo, ha!

  8. I never cut my hair until high school, so it was LONG. I have had it above my shoulders, but will forever love it long. I wear my hair up out of my face most of the time too! Hehe.

  9. I love my hair long but it definitelyyyyyyyyyy gets in the way when it’s down and it’s windy. Aint nothing perfect about my locks 😛

  10. haha! Yeah, wind+hair can really make taking photos difficult. I have lots of pictures in which I’m trying to hold my hair down. 😛 My hair is heavily layered and curly so I can get a ‘lion’s mane’ effect when the wind is strong. My hair usually alternates between chin length and shoulder length. I sometimes think I’ll like to try long hair but I get annoyed with it by the time it gets past my shoulders. Right now it almost touches my shoulders and I’m not yet annoyed with it…

    • Oh yes! I totally had my hair super layered back when I wore it curly all the time. It was way too thick (and looked like a triangle on my head) without layers so those were definitely necessary! Most of my curl is pretty relaxed now (thank you changing hormones ha!), but I definitely remember how hard it was to tame my hair when it was layered and the slightest breeze came by, ha!

  11. Oh, the joys of long hair! I grew out a pixie cut because I missed my long hair, but now all I do is wear a bun or ponytail. Long hair is pretty, but it’s always getting in the way, ha ha.

  12. Haha, I know the struggle of having the long hair that gets tangles in knots becaus the wind tosses it around like a tossed salad. As much as I loved having long hair, I would never do anything with it because it was so time consuming, so I went and chopped it off. I regretted it as soon as I left the salon. For weeks I missed actually having hair to do something with. My vote is, don’t cut it! Winter is my favorite season to have longer hair because it’s the season where you actually wear it down the most. We tried beach pictures over summer too and ours turned out like yours, hair everywhere lol.

    • Yes! You totally get it! I keep thinking about how much easier short hair would be, but then I worry that I’ll regret cutting it as soon as I chop it off. I think I’m keeping it for now, but one of these days I’m sure I’ll go short again. 🙂

  13. My hair is very long. But I cannot stand to have it down because it just gets everywhere and gets all tangled up. So I always wear it in a ponytail or braid.

  14. My hair is a bit out of control as it is, without throwing some wind in as well. I was thinking of cutting loads off before baby arrives to make it a bit easier.

  15. girl! we have so much in common! We shot our engagement photos on Panama city beach and yes, ma hair was going NUTS. We got some good gems though ❤ My hair is currently short, because like you, I donate my locks every couple of years 🙂 love it! Destin is such a dream! xX

  16. Non-perfect pictures of people are my favorite…I feel like they capture the real person(s) a bit more!

  17. Love the picture of Christopher trying to tame your mane of gorgeous hair! It’s amazing that your hair grows so fast that you’ve been able to donate it year after year in the past!

    I think your hair looks beautiful long AND short!

  18. I love seeing the truth behind the hair pictures. My first thought when I saw the perfect beach shot was how you got your hair to stay so still during the shot when it’s always windy on the beach!

  19. I cut my hair to the shortest length it has ever been after having Logan (it was up to my jaw). After that, I grew it out and have had it long for a couple years. I was determined not to just cut it all off again after having Eliott. I stuck it out for almost a year but this summer killed my desire to keep it really long. Even on the days that I straightened or curled it, I just got too hot with it down and would end up with a ponytail. Last week, I cut it to a couple inches below my shoulders and LOVE this medium length. I haven’t regretted it yet. I have had the time to do it almost every day, and it is so much less heavy/ hot at this length. I love your hair long, but it looks really cute in the picture you posted of it shorter too. I think you really have to be sick of it in order to not regret chopping it off. :p

  20. what the heck! how does your hair grow so fast?! can you donate some to me?! my hair is the length it is because it gets super gross and stringy when it’s too long. i had long hair all my life but it just holds curl or any other style better when it’s shorter, plus it looks thicker.. not by much because my hair sucks, but what can you do.
    if my hair is out, and we are taking photos, it’s gonna be in KC’s face. haha. he can’t stand it!

    • I know, it’s crazy how fast it grows. That’s part of why I used to donate it every year. I felt like if my hair grew so fast then I should share it. But now I’m selfish. 😛 Not really, but I am letting it stay long for now. Like yours, my hair looks healthier and better when it’s short because it looks much fuller, but I just like it long so much, haha! I know I’ll cut it again one of these days, but for now I’m going to enjoy it being long. 😉

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