Things are just a little lively right now

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Things are a little lively around our household right now. We just got home from photographing an out-of-town wedding and visiting family for Labor Day weekend. And we leave the country in two days. TWO DAYS, you guys. So many exciting things and so much that we have been preparing for. And now it’s all HERE. We started the packing process last week since we knew we’d be out of town this weekend which means that after a load of laundry tomorrow morning, we’ll be pretty much ready to go!

clothes in ziplock bags.jpg

We’re traveling light because that’s how we roll (except we don’t really “roll” because we use backpacks, not traditional suitcases, ha!). One carry-on size backpack per person. For 17 days. Totally worth it to not have to deal with checking bags.

ziplocks with dates.jpg

For those wondering about the gallon-sized bags… each bag has a date on it and then into that bag Christopher and I put one shirt each, one pair of undies each, and a pair of socks each. That way we’ve laid it out ahead of time to be sure we won’t clash and we don’t have to figure out what we’re wearing each day. Visiting a cathedral and need to have my shoulders covered that day? No problem – there will be a shirt that covers my shoulders in the bag for that day. Hiking? A tank top for that day. We did this when we went to Italy three years ago and it was awesome. Made getting ready for each day so effortless!

For this trip we have 8 different gallon-sized bags with outfits that we’ll wash half way through the trip and then re-wear for the second half of the trip. We also have a 9th bag for our swimwear and a 10th for one long-sleeved shirt each. I know you really care about these details (not, ha!), but I know I’ll like looking back and reading this later. 🙂

the portable medicine cabinet.jpg

Oh, and please feel free to laugh at the medicine cabinet that we’re bringing along. In addition to our  normal daily pills, we’re bringing a few “just in case” extras. We’ll be in some fairly remote places at one point on this trip so we’re trying to be pretty prepared.

Alrighty, I’m off to finish up my to-do list! Happy Tuesday, friends!
Love Rach

58 responses to “Things are just a little lively right now

  1. I love your packing method!!!! If I could just get my family to subscribe to the light method. Have a great trip!!!!

  2. Love the ziplock bag idea!! We did back packs when we went to Europe and it’s totally the way to do it!!

  3. I want to learn to pack like this and I think it’s fascinating! I’m such an over packer! I don’t know if alans clothes could fit in ziplocks! His pants couldn’t for sure! Please teach me how to do this!

    • No pants go in the bags. I mean, if I were packing for kids then I would put their pants in a bag with their clothes for the day, but our pants are too bulky to fit in the same Ziploc bag. So instead the Ziploc bags just have our shirts, undies, and socks for each day in them. And then our pants get rolled up super small and packed in the backpack separately. I’ve had a lot of interest in this so I’ll try to do a video when we get back! 🙂

  4. Have a blast on your trip! I love how organized y’all are for packing! I try to be organized but I am not to this extent although now that we will be a family of 4 traveling I just may try this for our trip to Disney only not in a backpack but in our suitcase! Got any tips?

    • If I were packing for a family of four (with two little kids like you’ll have) I’d still pack mine and Christopher’s shirts/undies/socks for each day together and then have a separate bag for the kids’ clothes (including pants for the kids since they are small enough to fit in the same bag). I might even put an extra outfit for both kids (or at least the baby) into each gallon-sized bag. All of yours and your husband’s pants and dressy clothes would be rolled up tightly and put into the suitcase. Depending on how bulky your clothes are, you might actually be able to pack both yours and your husband’s AND your kids stuff in the same bag for each day. In the Ziplocs we are using for this trip, there’s space for kids’ clothes as well, but we’re mostly wearing very light clothing since we’ll be in warm climate places most of the trip. We have one bag for long-sleeved shirts and there wouldn’t be space in that bag for kids’ clothes. Aaanyway, hopefully this isn’t too convoluted, haha! I’ve had a lot of interested in this so when I get back I’ll try and do a video to SHOW what I’m talking about (I know that helps me when thinking about packing)! 🙂

  5. I think this packing method is genius. And I love that part of the reason you do it is so you know you won’t clash with one another! What do you do with pants/shorts? In individual ziplocks? Do they fit? AND Ahhhh! I can’t wait to read about your adventures!! Two days!

    • Haha! It’s probably a little silly to worry about clashing with each other, but it’s always in the back of our minds. Right after we got married and moved to Memphis, we had our photo taken at church one day and the next week that photo was shared to let people know that we were new to the church. We hadn’t noticed it at the time, but we clashed HORRIBLY that day! And there our photo was in all our crazy clashing glory for every one to see. 😉 Ever since then, it has been a big thing for Christopher that we always complement each other in our clothes. We don’t have to be picture-perfect or have the best color scheme, but he just doesn’t want us to clash (I don’t want us to clash either, but it particularly bugs him). So planning ahead like this helps!

      As for the pants, they get rolled up super small and then packed in our backpacks separately from from the Ziploc bags that have the shirts/undies/socks in them. If I were packing for kids too, their pants would go in the Ziploc bag because they would fit easily, but our pants are too bulky to both fit in the same gallon-sized bags. I’ve had a lot of interest in this so I’ll try to do a video when we get back! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you guys for your trip! You are an organizing queen and I totally do the same thing, got to have a little bit of different medicines just in case because you never know what might come up or you might become inflicted with. Hopefully not but at least you’re prepared! Have a ball you sweet couple! Prayers for safe travels!

    • Yes! When we travel in the States I don’t tend to worry too much about all the different medicines and first aid kit because there is a Walgreens on every corner here, haha! But we’ll be in some pretty remote places on this trip and I want to be prepared! Thank you so much for the prayers for safe travel! We so appreciate it. 🙂

  7. You guys are so organized and I love it! You are going to have an amazing trip!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I love your packing system! I need to try that sometime! Where are y’all headed? I somehow missed it! Prayers for safe travels, friend!

    • Thank you so much for the prayers for safe travels! We so appreciate it! We’re headed to Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and France. We’ll also have a layover in London Heathrow that we’re hoping we can turn into a quick jaunt out of the airport for some fish & chips! 🙂

  9. Always better to be prepared than need some medicine and not have it (or have access to it)! How on earth do you two just bring two backpacks?! I thought we packed light with one large suitcase, one duffel, and two side-packs for our one week honeymoon travels. Haha! I don’t even know HOW to pack that light… Guess I’m just high maintenance. 😉 So exciting! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. 🙂

    • Oh girl, if we are driving somewhere, we fill up the car! We only pack light on these trips because we know we’ll be on the move so much. The last time we went to Europe, one of our bags got lost and we ended up living out of ONE carry-on-size backpack for that two week trip (and had to do laundry halfway through the trip). That experience taught us that we can live off half the amount of stuff we thought so we are packing even lighter on this trip! We’ll do laundry halfway through the trip again. 🙂

      • It makes sense that as people we can probably do without a lot of the stuff we think we might need, haha! When you’re moving around so much, I can totally understand how it would be way easier just to carry two bags. 🙂 Doing laundry halfway through would make a huge difference though–that’s one reason why we always end up packing more because we never think about being able to do laundry halfway through haha. 😉

        • Yeah, there’s a big difference when you are packing for every day of a long trip vs half of those days. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought to do laundry halfway through if it hadn’t been forced on us the last time, haha! But it turned out great so we’re planning on it this time! 🙂

  10. Have such a good time! Totally jealous! Ah! I love the idea of packing so light. I always think I will and then end up bringing my entire closet, so good job! Yes I am using a lot of exclamation points but that is because I am excited for you!

    • Haha! I love all your exclamation points! They make me feel right at home. 🙂

      If we are driving somewhere, we fill up the car! We only pack light on these trips because we know we’ll be on the move so much. The last time we went to Europe, one of our bags got lost and we ended up living out of ONE carry-on-size backpack for that two week trip (and had to do laundry halfway through the trip). That experience taught us that we can live off half the amount of stuff we thought so we are packing even lighter on this trip! We’ll do laundry halfway through the trip again. 🙂

  11. How exciting!!! Hope yall have the most fabulous time ever!! And I think I’m going to start packing this way since we have an additional family member now when making trips, lol.

  12. What an exciting time!! Praying y’all have a happy and safe travel ❤

  13. I love how organized you guys are!!! I hope you have an amazing time 🙂

  14. Those are some next level packing skills! lol ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!! 😀

  15. Whoa! You are super organized! Even knowing what you’ll be doing each day in advance…Hope you have the best trip ever! We always travel with just carry-ons, too–we split one little rolling carry-on for our 8 night trip to Japan. I’m pretty terrible with backpacks since I’m prone to back pain so I’ll usually pack a small backpack with my purse and phone, snacks, etc…but even then Angel will end up carrying it a good chunk of the time. When we’re actually moving to a new country we have to check luggage, but other than that, it’s not worth it. Good move on packing medicines along! I always pack painkillers, stomach meds, and cold meds, just in case

    • Part of the fun for me is planning out the trip before we go so I get to read up on all the fun things we’ll be doing. So we always have an itinerary when we travel. Christopher calls me his little travel agent. 😉

      Love that you guys pack light when you fly as well! We checked a bag once for our honeymoon and it was randomly selected to be searched by TSA (there was a notice inside the bag when we opened it). They had sliced open Ziploc bags at the bottom (instead of just opening them at the top) and then removed caps from toiletries without tightening them back on. Which meant that by the time we got our bag, all our toiletries had spilled on all our clothes. It was so gross. So we try to keep our bags with us at all times. We were forced to gate-check a bag (even though it was carry-on size – there just wasn’t space on the plane) last time we went to Europe and somehow they managed to put it on a different plane. We didn’t get that bag back until the day before we came home from our Italy trip so we had to live out of one bag for the whole time. Needless to say, we try to keep our bags with us at all costs, haha! So we’re packing in even SMALLER carry-on sized backpacks this time around in hopes that they won’t try and take our bag from us at any point. However, if we’re traveling by car… that’s a whole other story. We probably pack about the same amount for a 3 day weekend trip when we’re driving that we do for a 17 day international trip when we’re flying. 😉

  16. Love how planned out y’all are–I mean you have to be in this case, right? That makes it one less thing to worry about when you’re traveling. Lots of love, hugs, and safe travels from me!!

  17. Wow I am so inspired by your organized packing. I might just do this for our whole family the next time we go away. I am so excited to read about your trip!!

  18. Oh my goodness. You are the most organized person on the planet! Do you hire yourself out for packing services when someone else is going on vacation? I’d be interested.

  19. I’m so impressed with how organized your packing is! Get it girl!

  20. You guys have such an awesome packing system! Hope you have a fun trip 🙂

  21. OMG, im going on a trip next week and this packing method it’s blowing my mind! Amazing, I will do it like that.
    Hace an amazing travel ❤

  22. Ohhhh, my type A personality is LOVING your packing photos, haha! You are SO organised, girl!

  23. Wow, I’m impressed!!! Anything more than 2 days and I can’t do the hand luggage only thing, lol 🙂 Well done!

  24. Wow, you are super organised with your packing. I always try to pack light, but it never quite works out that way.
    Have an amazing time!

  25. look at you!!! you are so organized!!! yall are going to have an amazing time!!!

  26. You’re so organized with packing! Love the idea of gallon sized bags and taking backpacks! So smart 🙂

  27. i love how organized y’all are!

  28. Okay I so so love your packing method and sometimes we plan it out too what to wear on what day, but one question I have is, when you put it in the ziplock bags, you are losing the space to squeeze in stuff right? Do you use this for suitcases too ? I saw that this one was for backpacks but if it works with suitcases too it would be perrrrfect 🙂

    • We still squeeze tons of stuff in, but it’s probably less than if you don’t use the Ziploc bags. However, using the bags and squeezing ALL the air out compresses the clothes down which saves a ton of space in packing. I really need to do a video of this! I’d say it would definitely work in suitcases as well!

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