Vienna, Austria

Hello friends! We got back from Europe this past weekend and we hit the ground running with busy life things. I am going to attempt to consolidate all of the awesome things we did, saw, ate, and experienced in one post per place we visited (otherwise I’ll still be recapping this trip at Christmas time, ha!). I use TripAdvisor a lot for planning trips so I thought I’d just link to my reviews there to keep these posts shorter (so just click through to read more about anything you are interested in). And I thought I’d share a short video from each place we visited as well. Enjoy!

Time Spent in Vienna: 22 hours

Where we stayed: Pension A und A

Where we ate: 

Cafe Central
Bratwurst Stands all across the city

What we saw/did:

Rick Steves Vienna City Walk Audio Tour
Schonbrunn Palace Gardens
St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Total Steps: 30,727

Miles Walked: 13.5

Floors Climbed: 20

Overall thoughts: 

We used airline miles to buy our tickets to Europe so we were limited in our choices of where to fly in on the dates we wanted. Which is how we ended up in Vienna. I didn’t expect much of Vienna because it wasn’t high on our list of places we wanted to visit (just a convenient place to fly in). Well, as it turned out – we loved Vienna! What a clean city full of music and beautiful architecture. And the bratwursts there were delicious! One of the coolest moments was when we were inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral and a group began singing. It was gorgeous and the acoustics were killer (there’s a clip of it at the end of the video above). All in all, we found Vienna to be quite a delight! 🙂


If you’ve been to Vienna tell me what you loved about it! 

What’s the cleanest city you’ve visited?

Love Rach


46 responses to “Vienna, Austria

  1. Yay for your trip recap posts! I’m so glad Vienna turned out to be such a wonderful first stop for you. And I love the format of your post. Your right…recapping all the places you went would take you forever so this is perfect. Welcome back. And I love the video. I want to jump in it!

    • Good! I’m glad this post format appeals to you! I was hoping that it wouldn’t come across as too abrupt, but it’s just SO much information to share and I want to eventually blog about things other than just this trip again, haha!

  2. Vienna is great isn’t! I found it a pleasant surprise too; easy to use public transport, incredible Habsburg history and beautiful compact city centre. This would be an easy city to live in for a while and close to other great spots.

  3. Ahhhhhh so cool!!! There are so many places around Europe that I would love to visit one day.

  4. We were really surprised by Vienna, too! We only had about 24 hours there, and I wish we could have been there for longer! I think Barcelona or Madrid is the cleanest city I’ve ever visited. Spain in general is super clean!

  5. Vienna sounds lovely!

  6. LOVE! Cannot wait to see more from your trip.

    • Well you’re in luck! Today’s blog post is all about Prague! And coming up later this week is Switzerland and the Cinque Terre (I’m blogging in the order we did the trip because that helps me keep up with where I’m at, haha). 🙂

  7. Love the video! And Rick Steves!!!! I loved all his audio tours when we were in Europe. His little jokes here & there are hilarious!

    • They really are hilarious! His little puns make me laugh! I love that you use Rick Steves too! Every time we’re traveling and run into someone who also has one of his books we feel like we’re part of the same family, haha!

  8. So excited the trip recap posts have begun! And I’m delighted that Vienna exceeded your expectations. That is great that it was so clean. I love clean cities. The one that stands out in my memory as very clean is Victoria, British Columbia.

  9. I LOVED the video!!!! Oh my goodness, what beautiful scenery! I love experiencing these places through you and Christopher. 🙂
    And oh my goodness, the food looked amazing!

  10. Vienna looks absolutely wonderful! I LOVEEEE your video!

  11. So awesome! I’m glad you ended up enjoying Vienna. Jordan and I are still saving up for a Europe trip and really hope it will happen soon!

  12. I was watching all your instagram posts from the trip! It looked pretty awesome! I don’t know if we’ll ever go to Europe, it’s a little outside my usual paths, but you guys definitely made it look fun!

  13. Good job walking a half marathon within those 22 hours! (Plus a little extra! Haha) Loved the video! And those European breakfasts. Mmm. Love those too.

    • Haha! It’s funny when you think about it like that (in 1/2 marathon terms). We really did walk a bunch in Vienna, but so much more in other places. And the hiking we did in Switzerland really set off the “floors climbed” thing on our Fitbits, haha!

  14. I liked it too there. The cleanest city I ever visited was SLC.

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  16. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Vienna! So glad you loved it! Isn’t it always the places we don’t expect much from that we end up loving?

  17. I’m so happy I went back to this one on Viene! I have been to Vienna and absolutely love it. True story we were able to be in St. Stephen’s Cathedral for a mass on palms Sunday. The children’s choir carried flowers along the street and it was absolutely beautiful!! So happy to be seeing your recaps from your wonderful trip!

  18. oh, i love the way you did this post. so smart to link to things on TA. KC really wants to go to Vienna, so maybe one day. I love when a place exceeds your expectations!

    • I’m glad you liked the format of this! I just kept thinking that if I wrote all the things I wanted to write that I would still be writing about this trip at Christmas time, haha! This definitely seems to be working out! 🙂 I hope you guys get to go to Vienna someday. It really was so beautiful!

  19. Vienna looks absolutely stunning! The architecture is truly amazing. I love that you are doing links and a video of each place. It captures the highlights so well.

  20. I’m so glad you enjoyed Vienna! Isn’t it amazing how some places just surprise you with how they’re hidden gems?! It looks stunning there! The singing at the end of your video is beautiful!

  21. We just left Vienna! Loved it and felt totally safe despite your in the centre of a city. What I loved most was your in the capital yet you drive 10 mins out and you Will see nothing but countryside! Beauty

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  23. I love Vienna because of its history and music culture. I just wrote a post about the Vienna State Opera. ( It’s one of the highlights of our Central European trip.

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