Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Oh Switzerland, you were beyond amazing. People keep asking which place was our favorite and I struggle to answer that question because we loved Italy just as much as the last time we were there. Plus we saw so many amazing new things and iconic places in many different countries. But if I had to choose the one place that I was most blown away by then it would have to be Switzerland. The views were just totally spectacular. God’s creativity and beauty on full display all around us. I haven’t finished making all the videos for the places we visited on this trip, but I have a feeling that this one will be one of my favorites of them all. I just love all that footage of us hiking in the mountains (and behind the waterfall)!

Time Spent in Switzerland: 2 days

Where we stayed: Hotel Mittaghorn in Gimmelwald (very rustic, but cool! Probably the only time I will ever give 4 stars to a place with community bathrooms, ha!)

Where we ate:

Hotel Edelweiss (twice because it was so great!)
Mountain Hostel Hotel
Hotel Mittaghorn (our hotel) for breakfast

What we saw/did:

Sprutz Waterfall Trail
North Face Trail
Panorama Trail
Flower Trail
Exploring Gimmelwald (town where we stayed)
Exploring Murren (town up the hill)

Total Steps: 48,628

Miles Walked: 22

Floors Climbed: 388 (we walked straight up the side of a mountain at one point!)

Overall thoughts: We were just absolutely blown away by Switzerland. If you think the pictures look unreal, imagine being there. Everything around you just looks too perfect. Like a movie green screen. If it weren’t for the faint “aroma” of manure in some of the places we hiked by I would’ve thought I was dreaming.

It should be noted, that when we were climbing straight up the side of the mountain I had to stop every 20 feet or so to catch my breath because our altitude was so high and apparently I don’t breathe so well in high altitude. But I’d just stop and take 5 deep breaths and we could carry on. Thankfully that was only when we were climbing straight up a mountain. I was fine during normal hiking. Let me tell you, it’s so weird to feel no fatigue in your body and yet not be able to breathe. I would have to stop and would pant trying to catch my breath and yet no part of my body felt tired. So weird! Anyway, only a minor detail and totally worth it for the awesome views.

Also to be noted about Switzerland: everything was so clean including every single public WC we used (this includes in places like train stations which is super impressive to me). And everything (cable cars, buses, trains, etc) ran perfectly on time to the minute (cable car scheduled to leave at 6:33am… and it really did!).

We loved Switzerland. It was absolutely gorgeous! I am excited to go back someday!

2 days in switzerland.jpg

If you’ve been to Switzerland tell me what you loved about it! 

Have you spent time hiking in the mountains? Or walked underneath a waterfall?
Love Rach

33 responses to “Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

  1. I absolutely loved visiting Zurich! You are so right about it being so clean and the trains running on time (coming from Boston, that’s a huge difference!). And the food was amazing! So much chocolate and melted cheese. 😛

  2. I want to go!!! I actually heard from a co-worker who was recently in Switzerland that the Hotel Edelweiss had great food!! Small world and oh what a wonderful world it is!! Loving all your recaps!!

  3. Let’s all just move there! It sounds fabulous!

  4. oh man, Switzerland is SO high up on my list, I would love to go!

  5. What a gorgeous place! I’ve been really enjoying your videos. 🙂 That photo of you on the bench is so pretty! I really need to do a Switzerland do over. We loved seeing the country from the train, but the places we visited (Zurich, Interlaken, and Bern) didn’t blow us away for some reason.

    • Oh man, Interlaken was SO close to where we were. We were in the mountains above Interlaken and just absolutely loved it! I hope the next time you go, you’ll have a chance to go up in the mountains some. Gimmelwald and Murren and surrounding areas were just gorgeous!

  6. Oh my, Switzerland is just beautiful! Breath taking!!!! In more than one way apparently haha. Go you for climbing the mountain!

  7. So beautiful! Going behind the waterfall looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  8. I have! It was bitter cold when I went, and still breathtaking!

  9. I’m not a fan of hiking, but I would definitely hike there! Hiking in The Smokies is like trudging uphill in the forest for two hours and then seeing a pretty view at the end for ten minutes, and then trudging two hours back. But it looks like you guys had incredible views the entire time! Just the altitude thing to deal with–I’ve experienced that before. One time I got nauseous and dizzy from altitude–I kept feeling off balance like I might fall over. It’s a strange feeling!

    I know you had “Climb Every Mountain” as your song, but as you were uploading these pictures to Facebook awhile back, I kept thinking “The hiiiilllls are alive with the sound of muuuusiiiiiic!” 🙂

    • I nearly used “The Hills Are Alive” for this video, but I knew I’d take flack from people for it being in Switzerland and not Austria, haha! But let me tell you, that song was stuck in my head the whole time we were there! 😉

      I love hiking pretty much everywhere, but you are so right that hiking there was so different than other hikes I’ve been on. Literally every step of the way was just majestic and gorgeous everywhere!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has some sort of issue with altitude!

  10. This is so beautiful babe!! And what a lovely video! That fresh bread looks delightful! And WOW! You climbed so many floors!! Way to go girl!
    xoxo Cailee!

  11. This looks & sounds like such a dream! Switzerland is high on up on my list of places to visit!

  12. So neat that you were able to walk BEHIND a waterfall! The hotel you stayed at is so neat. I can’t even imagine what community bathrooms would be like anywhere in the U.S. haha.

    Switzerland looks and sounds dreamy!

  13. Your video footage is just so gorgeous!! I’ve read various books (mostly kids’ books, I think, haha!) set in Switzerland and I think it would be so amazing to see in real life.
    Most of my overseas travel has been in SE Asia so far…not really in much places noted for clean bathrooms…haha…I still love it…but I have a healthy distrust of public bathrooms in this region.

    • Switzerland is the perfect place for a children’s book to be set because it’s just so magical!

      Yikes, I can definitely understand why you would mistrust public bathrooms! I didn’t see many clean ones while we lived in China.

  14. So beautiful! I can’t imagine seeing it in person. Wow.

  15. You stayed in so many wonderful places – and saw so many things! I really really need to travel all over Europe one day!

  16. gorgeous!! we loved switzerland too- we went last year and spent a week there, a different city every day. it was exhausting but awesome! we visited Mt. Rigi while we were there but didn’t get to go up other mountains due to weather. your pics look amazing!

    • That sounds awesome! We really didn’t get to visit any cities while we were there (we had an hour stop in Zurich, but that was about it). Next time we go I want to see more of the cities as well to get a feel for the rest of Switzerland. It’s such an amazing place! 🙂

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