Rome, Italy

Oh Rome. Bella Roma. We fell in love with this city 3 years ago and as it turns out, we loved it all over again. It’s one of the few places we feel like we might be willing to leave Memphis for (but no plans to move any time soon!). We love the history and food and vibe of the city. It’s an amazing sort of place and I am already looking forward to our next visit! In case you are curious about our previous visit, here are links to those posts: Bella Roma, Bella Roma {Part Two}Bella Roma {Vow Renewal}, Bella Roma {Vatican City}.

Time Spent in the Rome: 2 days

Where we stayed: Nicolas Inn

Where we ate: 

Pastasciutta (awesome pasta! We ate here twice!)
Alle Carrette (pizza)
Tazzo D’Oro (coffee)
Fonte Della Salute (gelato)
Blue Ice (gelato)

What we saw/did:
(note: some of these reviews are ones I wrote in 2013 and didn’t update since I had nothing major to add)

Roman Forum
Capitoline Hill Museum
Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
St. Peter’s Cathedral at Vatican City
St. Paul Outside the Walls Cathedral
Gianicolo Hill Viewpoint
Porta Portese (flea market) 
St. Peter in Chains Church
Trevi Fountain
Piramide Cestia

Total Steps: 61,589

Miles Walked: 27

Floors Climbed: 105

Overall thoughts: We loved being in Rome again! I was a little surprised by the increased security checks and police everywhere, but with all the unrest in Europe lately it makes sense. It didn’t adversely affect our visit in any way, but it was definitely different than last time.

Also, as a fun memory… we got caught in an absolute, torrential downpour while in Rome one evening. Since there’s no metro line to the Pantheon (where we were at the time), our only options to get back to our hotel were to walk (our original plan) or take a taxi/uber. Since we were already soaked (even through our ponchos), we decided we might as well stick to the original plan and just walk it back. So we made that 30 minute walk in closer to 20 by speedwalking through the streets of Rome in the pouring rain. It kind of makes me laugh that we didn’t just get a taxi, but that’s so our “we can totally do this!” attitude, ha!

Oh, and a note on the video… please ignore my terrible tan lines on my back/neck. I had some pretty fierce tan lines on my ankles (from socks) and on my back/chest thanks to hiking in Switzerland without sunscreen (rookie mistake: even if the weather feels perfect and isn’t hot at all, you can still get an awesome tan… but if you don’t want an awful tan-lines be sure to wear sunscreen, ha!). So because my husband loves to film me until I’m laughing and trying to get away from the camera, you get a great shot of my back in this video which includes some pretty awful tan lines, ha!

Anyway, Rome was absolutely wonderful! It was so good to be back in a city we love so much! 🙂

2 days in rome.jpg

If you’ve been to the Rome tell me what you loved about it! Or if you’re like a few people we know… what you didn’t like about it. 

Have you ever been caught in rain like that and decided to just walk through it? Or are we the only crazy ones? Ha!  

Have you found yourself with fabulous tan lines like mine because you didn’t think to wear sunscreen on a beautiful day? It’s been nearly a month since we were in Switzerland and those tan lines are still strong! I’m afraid I will now forever have a sock, neck, and chest tan line, haha!

Love Rach

28 responses to “Rome, Italy

  1. I would love love love to visit Rome or just Italy in general some day!!! I know I would just die over the food! Yum! Too funny that you guys walked in the rain, but I get it. Sometimes I get determined like that too!

  2. My husband and I just watch this together and you evoked such wonderful memories for us! Before I forget your black dress with the V in the back is absolutely darling! We loved every single thing about Rome! Vatican City was amazing! We love sitting by the Trevi fountain people watching and I had to smile because your Mr. looks great in a scarf and that was the only time that my Mr. Nine has ever worn one! So cute! One time, while we were on a hike in Gatlinburg Tennessee, it started pouring down rain out of nowhere, we were not prepared with gear and of course were out in the wilderness so we ran down the entire hill of the hike laughing the whole way! We had dinner reservations set for 45 minutes later and there was no hairdryer in our cabin. So my sweet Mr. stopped at a CVS bought me a hair dryer and we still talk about it to this day! Oh my goodness have you ever made me want to go back to Europe so bad with all these amazing videos!

    • Ah! I love this! Hearing about other people who love Rome just makes me so happy inside. I know Rome isn’t for everyone (we have several friends who really didn’t like it), but we just love it! So it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it as well. 🙂

      And I love your story of hiking in the rain! I love that he bought a hairdryer for you. So sweet! We’ll be hiking in Gatlinburg next month so here’s to hoping that we don’t get caught in the rain, ha!

  3. We’ve been talking about a Europe trip next year and Italy is definitely on our list!! It sounds amazing!

  4. I have always always always wanted to go to Rome! I thought my dreams of enjoying Eataly were over when I found out I was coeliac, however, according to friends they are actually REALLY good with gluten free food over there and you can get gluten free versions of everything that actually taste good! 😛

  5. I set a bit of time aside for myself so that I can get caught up on your video’s tomorrow. Ha, ha! I can’t wait!!!!

  6. Rome is AMAZING. The history alone has me geekin’ out, for real! Love that you guys got to spend some time there!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • I know, right?! It amazes me how much history is just on every single street of Rome! We would be walking from Point A Historical Site to Point B Historical Site, but then see all kinds of amazing ancient history along the way as well! I just love this city! 🙂

  7. Italy makes me think of Eat, Pray, Love when she just fell in love with the food there–it’s been awhile since I read the book, but I still remember the way she describes eating real Italian food in Italy as such a sensory overload experience!

    I kind of laughed when I saw Christopher in the scarf–was he trying to be super European?

    • Can you believe I still haven’t read that book? Obviously I need to if she writes so fondly of Italian food! 😉

      And girl, that scarf was one we bought at a flea market while we were in Rome. I picked it out (for myself) because I loved it and Christopher jokingly put it on and asked how it looked so I took a photo of him. He liked the way it looked on him so much that he wore it the rest of the day and then several times on the trip. When we got home and were unpacking our stuff he told me I was welcome to borrow it when I wanted to, ha! Though truth be told, he has yet to wear it in the States. He claims he will, but we shall see. 😉

  8. OMG your Rome in the rain story reminded me a lot of our Venice in the rain story! Haha aw, love it!

  9. It’s crazy how long tan lines can last! We stopped in Hawaii for 5 days in July a couple years ago while we were moving to China, and I had very obvious tan lines from my shorts on my legs for our first few months in China–of course, no one knew, because once I arrived, I dressed very professionally, but it cracked me up that they lasted nearly till Christmas!

    • Ha! That’s hilarious! I have semi-permanent tan lines on certain parts of my body (just from being out in the sun from March-October every year), but this is the first time I’ve had a sock or neck tan line. I definitely didn’t expect the lines to last this long when it was only 2 days out in the sun. Tan lines are funny like that, though!

  10. I don’t even see the tan lines!

    And 65,000+ steps is insane! That’s a lot of walking.

  11. 27 miles in two days is amazing and quite impressive, haha!

    I think I need to visit Rome because if you’d be willing to leave Memphis for Rome, then I know it’s worth visiting!!

    • It definitely was a lot of walking! True story… we totally walked several miles out of our way one day because we thought we were walking toward a metro station near Vatican City, but turned out to be walking toward a train station instead (which meant that we had to still find the metro stop afterward). It was actually pretty comical and gave us a chance to see a lot more of the city that we didn’t get to see last time. But that definitely helps account for some of our extra mileage that day. 😉

      And YES! You should so visit Rome! It’s just such a wonderful place! 🙂

  12. we absolutely adored Rome. we also got caught in an absolute, torrential downpour, but we were close to the vatican so we did just hop in the metro station – though it was chockablock full of people trying to avoid the rain. we had to run through the rain when we got back to the station closest to our hotel, but it was a fun story. KC and I both loved the places we went in Europe, but Rome is absolutely hands down the place we would return to. we loved it and would love to go back and see more of Italy.

    • Ah! I love hearing that you guys loved Rome! I know several people who really didn’t like the city at all and are so surprised to hear how much we love it. So I always enjoy hearing from other people who loved Rome. 🙂 And I love that you guys have a rain-in-Rome story too. So fun! 🙂 I hope you get to go back to Rome someday. I was afraid we wouldn’t love it as much as we did the first time because we had such a great experience in 2013, but we really did love it just as much. So good to be back! 🙂

  13. That fountain is great and I think your husband (I forgot if you have said his name in the blog…haha) should build it!!! 🙂

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