Mykonos, Greece

Time Spent in Mykonos: 8.5 hours (originally planned to be here overnight, but there was a ferry strike that required us to leave early… more on that later)

Where we stayed: Bellissimo Resort (this is where we were supposed to stay. I wrote a review for them on TripAdvisor anyway because management was so awesome!)

Where we ate: 

Madoupas Cafe

What we saw/did:

SeaBus (used as transportation between ports)
Agios Ioannis Beach
Little Venice

Total Steps: 13,917

Miles Walked: 6

Floors Climbed: 40

Overall thoughts: Initially we had planned to stay in Mykonos about 24 hours, but when we arrived in Mykonos that morning we went immediately to purchase our ferry tickets to Santorini for the next day. Well… wouldn’t you know… there would be a ferry strike the next two days. And our flight to Paris was leaving Santorini in two days. Which meant that if we didn’t want to miss our flight to Paris we would have to leave Mykonos on the same day we arrived. Initially this was a huge bummer, but we made the most of it (and our hotel was AWESOME with a partial refund despite me booking a nonrefundable room plus letting us use their facilities). By the time we finished our day in Mykonos and caught the last ferry out (at 6:30pm) we really felt like we had a full and fun day there. 🙂 Mykonos was beautiful! I don’t know if we’ll be back to the Greek Islands in the future (because as beautiful as they were – there are places equally beautiful and much closer to us in the Caribbean that are far less expensive to travel to), but if we do go back to Greece then I would absolutely return to Mykonos!


If you’ve been to Mykonos tell me what you loved about it! 

Have you ever had a strike interfere with your travel plans? This was a first for us!
Love Rach


39 responses to “Mykonos, Greece

  1. I think Greece looks just beautiful to visit. I have seen several posts on Santorini but never this area. That stinks about the ferry strike, but super awesome that the hotel accommodated you and gave you a partial refund. A little customer service like that can go a long way!

    • Yes! I was absolutely amazed that they gave us any sort of refund. We always book the non-refundable rates because it saves SO much money and this is the first time that we haven’t been able to stay in a place that we had planned to. So I definitely thought we were just going to lose that money. I was so happy that they gave us a partial refund even though they didn’t have to give us anything at all!

      And I’ll be sharing about Santorini on Monday, but I have to say as great as it was – I liked Mykonos even better! 🙂

  2. I’m loving all your travel posts! My husband and I are going to Italy in April! ❤

  3. I was so excited to get to the Greece posts, as I would so love to go there someday! Looking forward to Monday’s recap and I am so sorry about the ferry strike, those kinds of bad luck situations happen to my husband and I all the time so you just have to be grateful for when everything goes beautifully! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sorry to hear about the ferry strike but at least you got to spend the day. Glad it all worked out. I would love to visit Greece one day.

  5. The food looks so good!

  6. I love it! And your videos are so fun.

    That’s so strange about the ferry strike! But I’m glad you still had a great time there.

  7. Your videos are great!

  8. Mykonos looks amazing! We definitely want to go back to Greece someday and I’m thinking Mykonos will have to be on the itinerary! I’m interested to hear what you thought of Santorini and how it compares to this island:D Ferry strikes are no fun…we had heard that they could happen and that was one of the reasons we went for the airplane ride from Athens to Santorini!

    • Flying totally would’ve taken care of the whole ferry strike thing. Not a bad idea if we were to go again in the future! If you return to the Greek islands again I definitely say go to Mykonos! I’ll write more about it on Monday’s Santorini post, but of the two islands – I actually liked Mykonos better. Though both were great! 🙂 And Santorini was just so iconic – I’m so glad we went!

  9. I just got caught up on all of your trip posts. I love the videos! They are so fun to watch. It looks like y’all had so much fun. I cannot wait to see the rest!

  10. Bummer about your time being but short, but at least you were able to make the most of it! And that’s great that you got a refund!

  11. I would never guess from your video that you were only there 8 hours! So beautiful! And all that yummy food!! What did you use to video? It’s all such fun and beautiful footage!

    • We used a mix of my DSLR (Nikon D750 with a 50mm 1.8 lens) and Christopher Galaxy S7 phone for filming all throughout the trip. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! It has been a lot of fun putting these together and getting to relive our trip. 🙂

  12. The ocean is so beautiful!! Lovely video, Rach ❤

  13. What a bummer that your visit got cut short but it still looks like you packed so much wonderful stuff into your 8 1/2 hours!

    We always have plane mishaps as Jesse seems to be TOTALLY cursed 😛

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  15. bummer about the ferry strike, but glad you were able to make the best of it and sort it out. it would have sucked to be stranded in greece 😉

  16. Greece! This brings me back 🙂 I spent 11 days in Greece in 2008 and it was the best. We went to Mykonos too! I loved the picture of the Greek salad. The food in Greece was sooooooo goooooood.

  17. Ah, so sorry about the ferry strike! I can’t imagine how stressful that was for you guys! I’m glad your hotel was so kind about a partial refund and let you use their facilities! You’re right, Mykonos totally has that Caribbean vibe going on!

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  19. Hey, my good friends Michael and Theo own the Bellissimo! I lived on Mykonos for 4 years – I recommend them to everyone. Glad you enjoyed it!

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