Santorini, Greece

Time Spent in the Santorini: 1.5 days

Where we stayed: We stayed at two places in Santorini because we had to leave Mykonos early to due to a ferry strike. Our hotel in Santorini for the following night didn’t have any availability when we called them the day we found out about the strike. But they recommended the hotel across the street and we were so glad that they did!

Pension: The Flower
Anemomilos Hotel Apartments

Where we ate: 

Thalassia (breakfast)
Anemomilos Restaurant (lunch & dinner)

What we saw/did:

Explored Oia in the morning
Spent the afternoon lazing around at the pool with a view over the sea
Sunset in Oia

Total Steps: 29,976

Miles Walked: 13

Floors Climbed: 112

Overall thoughts: Oia, Santorini was just as beautiful as I expected! Postcard perfect views everywhere you look. However, it can get super crowded and we knew this going into it. So spent the morning exploring Oia and hardly saw other tourists at all (just the locals preparing for the day). By around 11am there were lots more people out so we decided to walk back to our hotel at that point. So here’s the magic… we stayed 5 minutes outside the heart of Oia and because of that it was empty and serene. We spent the afternoon at the pool with a view out over the sea (gorgeous!) and just enjoyed relaxing together after the go-go-go nature of most of this trip.

We did go into Oia for the sunset because we’d heard that it was a can’t-miss experience. And honestly… totally truthfully… don’t hate me for saying this… but it wasn’t the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful. It really was, but just not the most gorgeous we’ve seen. But even if it was the most gorgeous ever… it was far from romantic since we were out there seeing it with 1,000 of our closest friends. 😉 I’m glad we got to see it, but the crowds were just crazy. I can’t imagine how bad it is in peak season. Again, it was beautiful, but the sunset has been just as beautiful on every island, beach, and cruise ship that I’ve ever been on (with cruise ship sunsets probably being the best because they stretch out so far over the open water).

Santorini is iconic so for that I’m glad we went. But honestly I think I liked Mykonos better. The town was cuter (still white & blue!) and it was far less crowded. But I’m glad we got the chance to see two of the islands. If you go visit Oia, I highly recommend going in the morning to see sunrise (I got to see the sunrise from our hotel and it was beautiful!) and to explore the town without getting hit with selfie sticks. 😉


If you’ve been to Santorini tell me what you loved about it!

Where is the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen? 

Love Rach


31 responses to “Santorini, Greece

  1. My friend went to both places and she too liked Mykonos better. She went in May( a few years ago) and really enjoyed it as it wasn’t too crowded yet. I too would want to go during peak season as I’m not a fan of crowds at all.

    • Yes, definitely! Someone who had been to both places told me to just skip Santorini and only see Mykonos, but Santorini is just so iconic and I’ve always wanted to visit it. I’m glad we visited both places because I think I would have regretted not seeing Santorini for myself, but I would pass on the same advice to anyone else. Unless someone just really has their heart set on Santorini, I say spend more time in Mykonos! 🙂

  2. So beautiful! Greece is so high on my list. We were supposed to go on our last trip to Europe, but they were having horrible riots, so we added more time in Italy!

  3. i would love to go to greece one day. if we do, i’ll make sure to stay outside the heart of Oia like you all. i can’t handle huge crowds, definitely takes away from the beauty or amazingness of whatever you are seeing. like the vatican, we were like cows or sheep, it was crazy. i just wanted to get out.

    • Girl, we could totally be travel buddies. I’m with you on not liking being packed in like that! Oia was really pretty, but if you don’t have your heart set on Santorini, I’d totally say just go to Mykonos! It was just as pretty without all the crazy crowds! Or like you said, go to Santorini, but stay just outside the heart of Oia. 🙂

  4. How lovely, minus the crowds!

    I’ve seen Santorini a lot on travel blogs so it kind of makes me think if this place is at a peak for tourism? It’s still on my list to go because it’s so pretty.

  5. Ugh I hate crowds but I think Santorini is just gorgeous!! You video is picture perfect!

  6. Loved this video!! I’m totally with you on the sunset not being anything more beautiful that other sunsets that I’ve seen and you’re right about all the people:P We stayed outside of Oia, as well, and loved it. There was a lovely little hiking trail from our hotel to Oia and it was deserted…which meant that it was perfect!

    • Ah! I love that you had such a similar positive experience with staying just outside Oia. I think it is so worth it! And I’m glad you can testify to the sunset thing. I was afraid I might take grief for that one because so many people say it’s the most beautiful in the world. I kind of think Santorini has just done a really good job of marketing their island.

  7. Cruises on sunsets…. (Yes, I just wrote that HAHA leaving it because what a case of the Mondays) Errr I mean SUNSETS ON CRUISES….are so beautiful! I also thought the sun setting on Niagara Falls (Canada side) was gorgeous. But I agree, there are so many places to see a beautiful sunset and they usually seem all the more majestic without a huge crowd.

    Can I also say how impressed I am with your diligence in these posts?? I am so bad about that. For example – I named my first post about Ireland “Ireland, Part 1” in hopes that it would motivate me to make a second post because there was so much left out. It did not. Alas, part 1 is forever alone. 😉

    • Haha! What’s funny is that I totally read it the way you meant it. I was like “why is she laughing??” I had to reread it before I realized what you originally typed, ha!

      Niagara Falls is on my list of places to see! I’ll have to remember to go at sunset! I’m sure it’s so gorgeous!

      And girl, it has been a labor of love to get all of these posts written and videos made, haha! But I knew I wanted it to be recorded so I set my mind to it and wrote most of the posts over the course of three days and scheduled them for later. 🙂

  8. Breathtaking, it is even breathtaking at night! From your reviews of both, I think I would like Mykonos better as well. That’s funny about the selfie sticks! Are these snippets for the videos just from your iPhone? Again I am still amazed at what a wonderful job you’ve done! Just think how much your future children will love to see these someday! 😉

  9. I have to feel you on underwhelming sunsets. When we were in Norfolk Island last year EVERY SINGLE PERSON we met on the island told us we needed to see a sunset and one night we moved our dinner reservations so we could see it and well… it wasn’t the prettiest sunset I’ve ever seen by a long shot 😛

    That and people had told us about “the green flash” that apparently happens when the sun hits the horizon where the water is and yeah… that didn’t happen. I still don’t know if that’s a real thing or if they were fooling us, hahaha!

  10. Next adventure you go on, I must come in your suitcase. I’ll make you coffee and then escape on my own while you two explore together. HA!

  11. Haha- I loved this! My boyfriend and I currently planning a Greece trip for next spring, and Santorini is on my list. Good call re: crowds; going to have to work around this. Getting a super early start to the day is a great idea!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Wow you really covered a lot of terrain. It looks beautiful, and I love how you describe it even more. But I’m totally with you on not enjoying things as much when you are surrounded by people! Sunset is the best time to see anything in my opinion, but I don’t want every one else and their mom to be right next to me!

  13. I am still laughing over the “getting hit with selfie sticks” line.

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  15. Santorini literally is picture perfect! It’s exactly like pictures you would see in a travel guide. I’m glad it lives up to its fame 🙂

    Some of the best sunrises/sunsets I’ve seen are on the ocean! I’ve seen a few beautiful ones while on a cruise and in the Outer Banks!

  16. Even we liked Mykonos better than Santorini.. we went in Oct, and the crowd was much lesser.. even though Santorini is iconic, it’s become way too commercialised..

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