Moments of goodness

I keep trying to figure out how to start this blog post and I keep starting over. So forgive me if this isn’t said well or if I’m all over the place. Here’s the truth, it was a rough weekend. For both mine and Christopher’s families. We were with his family helping out with a difficult situation when we got a call from my family with bad news. I know all of this is really vague (which is part of why I keep having trouble figuring out how to word things), but for now this is the best I can share. It was a hard weekend for both our families. And there is more pain and more news and more transition to come. So please say a prayer for both of our families. We would so appreciate it.

The weekend wasn’t all bad, though. There were moments of goodness.


On Thursday (which wasn’t really the weekend, but close enough that I’m counting it, ha!)  we went to a Casting Crowns concert. We both like this group, but really it was the opener who I was SUPER excited to see. Matt Maher opened for Casting Crowns and he is one of my favorites. He has so many incredible songs that just really touch my heart. Lord I Need You, Christ is Risen, Your Grace is Enough, and Because He Lives are four of my favorites which you’ll find on repeat around our house. I can’t tell you how much we needed to go into this weekend with these anthems speaking truth over us. And as an added bonus, the very first opener was a girl named Hannah Kerr who I had never heard of, but it turns out I love her! I came home and bought her whole album the next day! So definitely a good night. 🙂 That picture up there is of all the artists on stage together singing a finale!

tony and toph.jpg

This shot is of Christopher and his dad from yesterday afternoon. For newer readers who may not know – Christopher’s dad has dementia. If you have ever known someone in the later stages of dementia then you know how heartbreaking it can be. I’m thankful for the little moments like this one.


My mother-in-law is part of a group of ladies who write cards (happy birthday, get well soon, condolences, etc) to people who attend their church. Seeing these four ladies work together was hilarious. Did I mention that one of those ladies is my grandmother? She’s the spunky red-head (she’ll tell you that it’s still red even if you can’t tell these days) on the left in the picture. Christopher and I grew up far away from each other, but my grandparents and his parents live in the same town now and go to the same church and have become good friends. So funny how that works sometimes! Anyway, I got to stick on the return labels and pick little sticker closures for the back of the envelopes. Important work, my friends. 😉

I have to note here… I love the example my mother-in-law sets. Being a care taker for someone who has dementia is so taxing (emotionally, physically, mentally, etc). And yet, despite the fact that she has so much going on already, she still thinks of others and actively works to bless others in their community. Love that about her.

This weekend was such a difficult one, but it made it easy to highlight the blessings in our life. We live in a broken world, but there is goodness here as well. And so very much to be thankful for.

Love Rach

Ps. I know I’m all over the place. Thank you for having grace for me today.


49 responses to “Moments of goodness

  1. Good morning beautiful, first of all I want you know soon as I’m done commenting, I’m going to pray for you! It’s OK if you’re all over the place and sometimes it just feels good to get some words off your chest. I love that you see the moments of goodness and I actually love Matt Maher too!! You have an incredible family and I know that with the Lords hand and them you will get through whatever comes your way! Please know, if you ever want to email me I would be here to listen as sort of like a big sister! Love and hugs to you my friend, lots of love and hugs! xo

  2. Sorry you had such a hard weekend. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  3. So sorry to hear about all the bad news you guys received about family this weekend. I can only imagine how hard it is right now but I am thinking about you guys and your families and I hope that everything turns out ok. It is nice to reflect on the few good things to be thankful for. Casting Crowns is awesome and so glad you got to see them. And what an awesome group of ladies there writing cards.

  4. I’m sorry you had a tough weekend. I know how hard it is when you get bad news about family. I will pray for you and your family. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

  5. Prayers for both of your families, friend.

  6. Oh sweet, Rachel. I’m so sorry you are going through a hard time. Prayers for both of your families. ❤

  7. Prayers for both of your families!!

    How interesting that some of your family members have ended up in the same town though! What a small world!

  8. Sorry for your weekend! You do have a wonderful family! love ya’ll!

  9. Praying for both of your families right now. I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been so well 😦

    Sending huge hugs your way! ❤

  10. That’s a lovely photo of Christopher and his dad. I’m sorry the weekend was so hard for you on both sides. Will keep your family in my prayers!

  11. This post showed your heart for family and how much you love them. I’m SO sorry you faced such a tough weekend. I’ll be praying!! (And I owe you an email… I’ll be in touch)!

  12. Such a tough time, lady- sending you and Christopher good thoughts and vibes as you guys work through this! You always seem to find the good, which is an amazing quality. Hope things turn around soon!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Sending prayers to both your families! I love “Christ Is Risen” too. It’s such a wonderful reminder that He has overcome all the troubles of this world. ❤

  14. Keeping you guys in my prayers!

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this, Rach! I feel like you guys just can’t catch a break! But it’s so inspiring to see how faithful you are in times of trouble, and how your family bonds together to help each other through difficult times!

    • It is definitely tough, but when we look at the big picture, we can easily see just how many amazing things we have going for us. This world is definitely broken sometimes, but there is so much goodness here as well. We really do have so much to be thankful for!

  16. I am so sorry that your family is going through some difficult things! You will be in my prayers, and I hope you all are still able to have a nice thanksgiving!

  17. I’m sorry to hear you had a tough weekend. Your mother-in-law sounds like an incredible lady. SO neat that both of your families have become friends!

  18. Oh friend. I’m so sorry to hear about your hard weekend, but I’m so glad you got to hear some inspirational and encouraging music to help soothe your heart and soul. Saying a prayer for you and Christopher (and your families) right now. XOXOXO

  19. You and your families have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot over the past week. I’m so glad that you were able to draw inspiration from the amazing musical performaces and that you have enjoyed time with family recently – so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for you, friend!

  20. Sorry to here you are all going through such a hard time. But that picture of Christopher and his dad is so special. He will treasure that in all the years to come.

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  22. I’m sorry to hear of the hard times in your families. I’m so glad you were able to find some good things.

  23. That’s really cool that your grandparents and his parents live close to each other and have become friends! I think I’ve mentioned before, my grandma was diagnosed with a fast-moving dementia shortly after we moved overseas, though the diagnosis came as no surprise. Three of my siblings live with her and my grandpa to help take care of them both while my siblings are in school. Dementia is something that is really, really wrong in this world.

  24. Your mother-in-law truly is awesome. I love that she and your grandmother are friends! It’s a small world 🙂

  25. I love this post!!! Especially in light of the weeks that followed. 🙂

    You and Christopher are SUCH blessings to his parents. I just know it. And what you said about your mother-in-law giving even when all shr does is give….Oh, for grace to do that!

    How neat that your Grandparents and his parents are friends now! Did you introduce them or did they meet at church and become friends on their own?

    • I honestly don’t remember how they first met. Probably at church? Though there were lots of events while we were dating (like graduations, birthdays, etc) where they would have been there together. They didn’t start to get close until after we were married, though. And that’s because they are in the same group of friends at church. Love it! 🙂

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