Gilmore Girls Revival

Disclaimer: if you don’t care about Gilmore Girls and/or didn’t watch the revival then this post will mean nothing to you. However, if you watched it then I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

Disclaimer #2: I realize this is sooo last month to even be talking about still, but I was behind the times so I’m just now getting around to sharing, ha!

Remember in early October when I went to the coffee shop that was doing Luke’s for a Day? Well to get myself in the Gilmore Girl spirit, I started watching the first couple of episodes of season one that week. But then I kept watching. And kept watching. And suddenly realized that I was only on season 5 by the time Thanksgiving week rolled around. At that point I was invested in finishing the whole original series before watching the revival. Luckily I managed to not hear any spoilers for a couple of weeks after the revival came on Netflix until I finally caught up.

But then I watched it. And my oh my did I have some thoughts. Amanda (The Lady Okie) wrote a blog post about her thoughts on the revival that I had book marked to come back to after I finally watched the show. So I did. And it turned out that as I responded to her post, my “comment” was nearly as long as her blog post, ha! So clearly I have LOTS of thoughts on all of this. We are going to go bulletin point style in an attempt to keep this as “short” as possible.

– The Exes (Christopher, Jason, Jess, & Dean)  were fun to see again! I don’t know why, but I kept being surprised when a “new” old person would show up on screen. I was glad that Dean had found happiness in life! Though I did find Christopher’s role a little sad. I would have loved to see him happy. And Jess… oh Jess. I was sad that he was still hung up on a girl from a decade before. It would have been fine if they had ended up together at the end of the show, but since they didn’t, it just left a loose string that was kind of sad to see.

Kirk was as strange and delightful as always.

– I nearly fell out of my seat when Mr. Kim actually showed up on screen. I have always wondered about him. And really, I still wonder about him. Where was he supposed to be the whole time Lane was growing up? And why is he in Stars Hollow now? So cool to actually see him, though! And I loved seeing Mrs. Kim being her same self! 🙂

April surprised me. She was such a bright kid and clearly is still on the smart side academically, but what’s with being so weird? She was kind of a unique and quirky character in the original. But now she’s just strange? The drug comments surprised me.

Paris was exactly as I expected. Her job suited her perfectly though I wouldn’t have predicted it for her. She made me laugh a lot. Though, I was sad about her relationship with Doyle. And sad for her when she made the comment about her kids liking the nanny better than her since she grew up with Nanny being more of a parent to her than her own parents. I would have loved to see her learn from her parents’ mistakes and be a more involved parent with her own kids. But this is the part of me that hopes for a Happily Ever After for every character.

– And then Lane. I wanted more for her. Maybe it’s just that there wasn’t enough time to devote to her character, but I wanted to see more of her life and know more about her kids. She had such a presence in the original series so it was strange to me to see her just as a supportive character to Rory. Her only real presence in the revival was just to be Rory’s friend when she was in town. And I wanted more for her band too. Either that they found semi-success somewhere or that it was just a fun memory from the past. It was almost sad to see all the 30-year-olds (plus Gil) still having band practice without any real change.

– I was bummed that Sookie wasn’t in it more. Especially not being at the wedding. It felt off that Michel would be there and Sookie wouldn’t. But then I guess in the revival, Michel was been around for the past two years while Sookie has been gone. I’m assuming the real life actor’s schedule made it difficult for her to be in more of the show, but that was definitely a bummer. I always loved her character in the original so I had hoped to see more of her in the revival.

Michel was perfect. Of course. As if I could expect anything else.

Emily was also perfection. Grief is such a terrible thing and there are good days and bad days and crazy days. And personally, I think she did a great job portraying a lot of that. I liked that not everything was magically fixed between her and Lorelai, but also that they were working on their relationship. When Lorelai called with the story about Richard in the mall, I cried. Absolutely cried. I love the development they did with Emily’s character. She might have been my favorite in the revival.

– I wish Luke & Lorelai had already been married. Or at least that they explained why they weren’t married. I find it weird that we ended the original series with them both wanting to marry each other… and yet somehow all these years later they still haven’t gotten married. But I did love the wedding scenes at the end so I didn’t mind that I got to witness their wedding. That was definitely sweet. And Luke’s passionate speech in the kitchen… love. So precious. 🙂 However, Lorelai’s “Wild Thing”… not a fan. It seemed really rude and unkind to just leave Luke without a decent explanation and just disappear. I was glad she got clarity and we got at least one happy ending from the show, but I didn’t love that her character did that. It feels like something a 20-something-year-old would do while they are trying to find themselves. Not a woman in her late 40’s. But who knows, I haven’t been 40 yet so maybe I’ll get it more when I’m that age. Either way, I think she should have communicated more with Luke before she just up and left.

– Oh Rory. This was most disappointing to me of all. Her goody-two-shoes self has always been very relatable to me because that was totally me as a teenager. I was absolutely shocked and appalled in the original series when she seemingly lost her mind and had an affair with Dean. But she eventually realized how terrible that was and stopped. So other than a few misguided moments here and there, she generally was a pretty decent person. And leaned more on the good-girl side of things… until this revival. What on Earth?! Who is this girl? What caused her to turn into this person who has a long term affair with an engaged man? Why is she cheating on her boyfriend and treating him like a non person? Why does she have so little direction in her life? I mean, I know we ended the original series with her saying that she loved that her future was so wide open, but that was 10 years ago. How has she not found a place to live or a steady job by this point? I did love that she ended up writing Gilmore Girls as a book, but I still would have expected her to have her life more together at 32.

Rory & Jess vs Rory & Logan. Before seeing the show I was very torn about who I wanted her to be with. Jess always seemed to get her and they had so much in common. I loved that about them together. However, I didn’t like how Jess treated her in the original series. So I kept thinking “maybe if he’s grown up and matured, I would happily see them together.” Well, we didn’t get a lot of detail about Jess’s life currently, but he seems a lot more together than 10 years ago so I think I would have been perfectly happy had she ended up with him. I honestly would have been equally happy if she had ended up with Logan. I know a lot of people don’t like him and there are things about him that I didn’t love from the original series, but I liked that he and Rory were so compatible and that he nearly always treated her well (Vegas weekend being the exception) and that he was always faithful to her. As season 7 ended, I wanted her to say yes to his proposal. So I would’ve been happy to see them engaged in this revival. But nooooo… instead we have this Rory I don’t even recognize. And a Logan that I’m disappointed in (I would have hoped that his constant faithfulness to Rory in the original series would translate into him being a faithful partner to whomever he is with). *sigh* So much disappointment all around. It’s not that you need a man in order to be happy and complete in life, but so much of the show centers around these relationships so I wanted to know who her person would be. And I wanted her to not be such a completely different person with so little direction and such shaky morals. Her character was by far the most disappointing part of the revival for me.

The Last Four Words. Horrible. So horrible. I hate cliff hangers. I need closure. Who’s kid is it? Random Wookie Guy? Logan’s? Probably not her boyfriend’s since she hardly saw him ever. Just weird.

Overall, it sounds like I was disappointed and disliked the whole revival. And really that’s not true. I loved so much of it. I loved being back in Star’s Hollow. I loved that the Dragonfly Inn was so successful. I loved seeing Luke & Lorelai happy together. I loved seeing the mother-daughter relationships between Rory & Lorelai and Lorelai & Emily again. I loved all the flashbacks to Richard. I loved the familiarity of so much of it. I think my biggest issues overall were I expected Happily Ever Afters for everyone and that just didn’t happen. I get that real life doesn’t work that way, but this is TV, not real life.

Okay, whew, I think I’m done now. 😉 I’m sure most of you don’t care this much about the show (and really I probably wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t JUST watched the entire 7 seasons of the original series right before watching it) and even if you did… it’s been like a month and a half so you are probably over it by now, haha! But I just finally got around to sharing all my thoughts so I figured I would post anyway.

So tell me, if you watched it, what did you think of the revival? 

Love Rach


36 responses to “Gilmore Girls Revival

  1. I haven’t finished the revival yet, but I’ve watched half of it and I already don’t want to continue. And I LOVE Gilmore Girls. It’s just…the revival is so disappointing. I dislike that they are viewing Rory as “so young” at 32 when Lorelai was 32 with a 16-year-old kid and the manager of an inn at the beginning of the original series. Nobody is still a kid at 32, and they should have at least *some* direction/aim in life. It’s been so disappointing to me! Rory was an inspiration to me originally (until the affair with Dean/her entitlement attitude in college), but now… It’s so sad!

  2. I am going to come back and read this post after I watch the revival! I am currently in season 4 right now, I wanted to start back from the beginning since I missed a lot of episodes when it first aired. Cant wait to get to the revival.

  3. I agree with everything you said. I wanted more Jess and more Sookie and more Lane. I loved seeing all the guys (and Lane) in the band, but you’re right – it is kind of sad that they’re all still just…there, playing in the living room. I liked that Rory kept the Stars Hollow paper going when it otherwise would have closed and that she wrote the story – Gilmore Girls. But those were basically the ONLY TWO things about her in the revival that I liked. I liked the Parenthood actor cameos but thought the Wild field trip was silly and pointless. Also thought there was too much time spent on that silly musical. I wanted a little Stars Hollow quirkiness, but not that much. I wish Sookie would have been at the wedding (totally didn’t get Michel being there until I read what you said – he’s been in Lorelei’s life for the past ten years and Sookie kind of skipped out on the last two. So true! I hadn’t thought of that. It’s just hard to wrap my head around after coming right off watching the original series.) Emily was probably my favorite character in the revival. The whale museum scene – I was in hysterics. Umm, that’s all I can think of right off! Didn’t hate it…but was a little disappointed by it.

    • Ooh! You’re right! I did also like that Rory kept the Stars Hollow paper going when it would have disappeared otherwise. I should have mentioned that in this post. That was her one other winning attribute, haha!

      Yeah, the musical thing was just weird. In general I love musicals so it says a lot that I didn’t like the one they put in the show. Like, I think it was supposed to be “so bad” that it was funny for viewers to watch. But it just wasn’t. The opening scene (with the abusive husband) was just distasteful and it was SO long! Bleh.

      Yes! The whale museum scene was awesome! Emily Gilmore was definitely my favorite of the revival!

  4. Okay, so I watched it twice. I don’t have a regular Netflix account, so I got a free trial and watched it once the Monday/Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and then once more at the end of December. I think I liked it better the second time because I was able to get over the shock of all the surprises and just focus in on the Gilmore-ness of it.

    I really wanted to see Rory end up with Jess, and I think from the way they ended it, they were hinting that a relationship with Jess may be in her future. Maybe Jess would even help her raise her child and be a Luke figure for the baby. . .? But that’s just my imagination getting carried away, probably.

    I’m with you in that I was confused by Rory acting so out of character. I could forgive teenage Rory, or even college Rory, because those can be crazy/confusing times in your life. But it’s weird that she doesn’t have a steady job and she’s just freelancing. And it’s weird that she’s still hooking up with Logan rather than meeting someone new.

    Stars Hollow the musical bothered me, too. It was a neat idea, but did we have to sit through the entire awful musical? Showing us a single awful musical number would have given us the idea. But that last song–oh, that was really good.

    Did you notice that Emily’s maid, Berta, was actually Gypsy in disguise?

    I loved all of Kirk’s shenanigans: Petal the pig, Ooooo-ber, independent film, etc. And I love that they wanted to have a gay pride parade but couldn’t find any gay people.

    I get that they wanted all of the Gilmore Girls to be going through a personal crisis, but it made each of them a little less themselves, which I didn’t like. Emily wasn’t her usual spitfire self (until she quit the DAR), Loralei wasn’t being fair to Luke the entire time, and Rory was just off the rails. And now she’s having a baby? Some of that was just too much for me. I’d like to remember Gilmore Girls the way it was–minus season 7, which was also off the rails.

    • Hmm… that makes me think maybe I should watch it a second time to see if it strikes me differently a second time without all the shocking parts. I was just so disappointed in Rory that I have a hard time wanting to rewatch it. But I felt that way about her having an affair with Dean in the original series and yet I’ve re-watched those episodes. So maybe I should give it a second watch.

      I think you are exactly right about a future relationship with Jess & Rory with Jess being a Luke-like figure. But I kind of hate that. Because it took Luke and Lorelai SO LONG to figure out that they belong together. I’d love to see Rory figure that out sooner rather than later so they can enjoy those years together. But of course I’m so disappointed in Rory right now that I think Jess is too good for her, ha!

      Yeah, the musical thing was just weird. In general I love musicals so it says a lot that I didn’t like the one they put in the show. Like, I think it was supposed to be “so bad” that it was funny for viewers to watch. But it just wasn’t. The opening scene (with the abusive husband) was just distasteful and it was SO long! Bleh.

      NO WAY! You did not just go there! Berta was Gypsy?! I absolutely did not notice that! So naturally I just Googled it and you are absolutely right! That alone makes me want to rewatch it just to see Berta be played by Gypsy! So funny!

  5. So, the farther I get away from the revival, the more I think I’ve decided I don’t like it. There were just too many things about it that I didn’t like to make up for what I did. I might just go back and watch all the scenes with Paris again because LOVE.

    I do think it was a really fun experience for me to watch them so long after I had watched the original show. Coming right from the show for the first time to the revival, I think you miss some of the true excitement about seeing all the old characters come back because you just saw them for the first time instead of revisiting a place you hadn’t been in a long time. So that was the most fun for me. But the storylines felt so forced into the ideas that the writers had for the series 8 years ago, not the characters these people would be today. For such strong writing the first time, it’s kind of confusing why they didn’t seem to care to tie up some loose ends (the letter Lorelai wrote??) and just change the character of Rory so drastically.

    And to a point about the relationships: ASP has been quoted in an interview saying she’s surprised so many people became so obsessed with the girls’ love lives because the point of the show wasn’t about that; it was about their relationship and careers. But if that’s the case, don’t put so much emphasis on their love lives! And don’t totally ruin her professional career in the revival and give us nothing to care about for Rory besides who she ends up with. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Anyway, I really think, like I said, the more I think about it, the more I don’t like it and just wish it could have ended in Season 7 where it did originally. I know so many people thought season 7 was bad, but I didn’t mind it.

    Oh well. This will teach me to be emotionally invested in a TV show!

    • Oh my goodness, seriously! This is what we get for being emotionally invested in a TV show, haha! I’m surprised that ASP would consider the romantic relationships to be such a small part of the show. There was a rarely a time that the girls weren’t dating someone. I mean, when my mother-in-law asked me what the show was about, I told her it was a story about a three women and their mother/daughter/grandmother relationships. Because that is the over-arching theme. But there are great themes of friendship (Sookie & Lane) and lots of romantic relationships as well. I’m surprised that ASP was surprised by the fan reaction. Though I guess that explains why she didn’t tie things up for us at the end.

      You know, I probably would have liked the show much better if I had watched it after having not seen it for awhile. It would be like catching up with old friends after a long time away. Plus then I feel like I wouldn’t have been quite so invested in the show, haha!

  6. I had many of the same thoughts as you did! I was really sad Lane didn’t really have a storyline in the revival, and I just LOVED Emily in the revival. I think she portrayed grief perfectly. And like you, I just didn’t get Rory. It just made me sad that this was the kind of person she is in her 30s. I really didn’t like the ending. I get the whole full circle thing, but it would have made much more sense if it had happened when Rory had just graduated college than in her 30s.

  7. I only watched the first episode and agree that it was weird that Luke and Lorelai weren’t already married.

  8. I never got into the Gilmore Girls the first time around, but the revival made me want to binge it all to catch up!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. i basically agree with everything you said. i could agree with everything but then my comment would be as long as yours on amanda’s (and i think mine was long on hers too haha). i still loved it, but i was disappointed overall. so much just didn’t make sense! although, to be honest? luke’s kitchen speech pretty much made everything okay for me, that’s all i wanted. i was very much like rory as a teenager – goody two shoes, bookworm etc but i still never related to her when i watched the show, even though it came out when i was a teenager! i wanted to be as cool as lorelai, and then as i got older i just loved lorelai and luke so much. honestly, they could have screwed up so much but as long as they got luke and lorelai right in the end, i’d be happy. haha.

    • Aww, I love that you loved Luke’s kitchen speech so much. It really was super sweet! And what we needed to hear after all these years! I’m glad you get where I’m coming from with all of these feelings! So many frustrations. But it definitely was super sweet to see Luke & Lorelai end up together!

  10. Yes to so much of this! #1 Emily Gilmore wins. I mean, I just LOVED her character. I hate that Richard (and the actor himself) passed away but I love her character. I love the “bullsh*t” scene where the blonde bimbo new wife is trying to get into the DAR. Omg it was fabulous!
    I needed Rory to still be her true goody self and maybe just have crazy moments here and there. She could have had the weird one nightstand with the Wookie but that, plus Logan, plus being horrible to the boyfriend…too much. Although the boyfriend situation was kind of funny to me too. Forgetting him constantly. I just felt like she wasn’t Rory. Also I needed her to succeed. She went to Yale, made perfect grades, super smart….she should have succeeded. I expected her to be a foreign corespondent on some national news. Or at least follow her Obama coverage she did.
    I’m Team Jess all the way. When he showed up during her break from Yale, whatever season that was….I wanted them back together. He got it together and was writing and doing his own thing. I just hate the “history repeats itself” thing they had going and I knew she was pregnant when she went to talk to Christopher. I was so mad from that point on.

    And now I’ve written a whole blog post in the comments, lol

    • Yes, absolutely! Emily Gilmore wins the whole revival! I just loved her! The DAR scene made me think of something Lorelai would’ve done in the original series that Emily would’ve been horrified by. Which made me so happy that it was Emily who was doing it!

      Oh my goodness, yes! I was so disappointed that Rory hadn’t done more with her life! I expected her to be a foreign correspondent too! That’s what she dreamed about for so long!

      Whaaaat?! You knew she was pregnant from the time she talked to Christopher?! I totally had no clue until the words came out of her mouth, haha! Totally oblivious. I need to rewatch it now that the shock of it has worn off a bit. I bet I’ll pick up on a lot more!

  11. Sooo I never watched Gilmore Girls and I haven’t seen the new series but your passionate recap makes me want to, hahaha! 😉

  12. I so wish I could get in on the Gilmore Girls thing, but I’ve only watched snippets of an episode or two. Waaa!! I think I need to watch all of the seasons because it seems like a show that so many people just love!

  13. Loved this little recap, especially since I’m so sad it’s over! I loved it, except for the odd 10 minutes musical number. I wish Rory would have definitely ended up with someone (I would be fine with Logan or Jess, leaning Team Logan but he did get more air time). And I personally was so obsessed with the last four words. Talk about full circle! I’m holding out hope for more Gilmore Girls!

  14. Ok, I came back to this post because I finished up everything last week. I am so sad I have no more new episodes to watch! I have to agree with you on pretty much everything you said. Rory was certainly the most disappointing to me because I related to her good girl side she had and the close relationship with her mother. I cant believe she was sleeping with Logan while he was engaged and forgetting that she had a boyfriend. It was ridiculous that everyone couldn’t remember her boyfriend actually. And the end???? What was that??? Ugh! I want to know more!

  15. Oh My Gosh! I know this is completely late and after the fact, but I’m so glad I came across this blog. I had loved loved the show my whole life. I have seen each season more than10 times. When the revival came out I prolonged watching it for a long time. Recently I finished the four episodes…and what happened? It was terrible the way Rory was portrayed. She was an idol to so many girls growing up and the way she was in the revival was so sad and not Rory-like. I just had to agree with you. Glad I’m not on an island by myself.

  16. I love, love, love your post! I am also behind the times. I just finished the original series and the reboot last weekend. I never watched the show in real time so I started binge watching it at the beginning of the year. I am with you, I wanted Rory to say yes to Logan’s proposal, I’m not surprised that she didn’t, but it gutted me. I have always been 1000% #TeamLogan. I didn’t hate Jess by any stretch, I just thought Logan and Rory were the best together…and I still do. Let’s fast forward to the reboot. I’ll be honest, it was 20-30% okay and about 70-80% terrible for me. I HATED the way that Rory and Logan were written (both together and separately). I felt like all of the character development that happened throughout the 7 seasons of the original series was thrown completely out the window. It just wasn’t believable for me. There was no way that I could see Rory being that much of a mess both personally and professionally, I think they tried to do too much. I feel the same about the way that Logan was written. All of a sudden he’s a cheater…you could tell that he was still in love with Rory, and I just don’t think he continuously cheats on Odette like that. Eh..I don’t buy it.

    I too was hoping that Luke and Lorelai would have already been married. I didn’t understand how 10 years had passed and they hadn’t tied the knot. With that being said, the wedding scenes were sweet and I’m glad that at least one of my endgames came true…finally.

    I wish we could have gotten more development from Lane. She was such a pivitol piece in the original series and I wish she could have been in the reboot more!

    The last 4 words…I can’t even. I think ASP was so hell bent on ending the show the way she originally planned that she didn’t take any character development that happened through the first 7 seasons into account. She was determined to have Rory follow in her mother’s footsteps and for Logan to be Rory’s Christopher, but unlike young Lorelai, I have no desire to root for Rory given her recent behavior. I think the baby is Logans and I think that’s part of the reason she went to talk to Christopher in the fall episode (I think she knows it’s his). I don’t think it’s the Wookie because she slept with him in the Spring episode and I think she would have been showing by that point in the fall. Also, Logan was the only person (that we know of) that she slept with at that time….so I think it’s his.

    Overall, I didn’t love it. Sure, there were pieces that were sweet and elicited a smile, but it was a little too unbelievable for me given everything that I knew about these characters from the original series. I hear they are in preliminary talks to bring it back…of course I’ll watch and hopefully it won’t feel as forced, but for now I’m still trying to shake off my disappointment. :/

    • Yes! I definitely think Rory and Logan were great together! As you know (from reading my crazy long post, haha!) I’m with you on not liking grown up Logan or Rory. They are so different than the people they were 10 years ago. I’ve grown up a lot in the past 10 years, but I’m still essentially the same personal (especially morally). It was so strange to see this far cry from who I thought they were!

      Yes! Again I’m with you! I’m so glad we got to see Luke & Lorelai’s wedding because it was so sweet. But I still find it weird that they weren’t already married!

      Oooh I like your logic for why you think the baby is Logan’s. That definitely makes sense. Though either way I haaaated that cliff hanger at the end. I need closure!! I’ve heard the same thing about them maybe bringing it back and if they do – I’ll definitely watch it and hopefully they will give us a little more closure and a happily ever after for Rory. 🙂

      • I completely agree; I’ve grown up a lot over the last 10 years, but essentially I am still the same person. It was just too drastic of a change for me to believe it. And I’m with you, I hated the cliffhanger too. I thought the whole point was to bring the fans some closure. I know some people view the pregnancy as closure; they say it’s less about who the father is and more about Rory’s journey….eh, that doesn’t count as closure for me. lol. I need more. I need all of the loose ends to be tied up so I can rest easy! Fingers crossed for some real closure and a happily ever after! 🙂

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