Babies & Toddlers {Photography Favorites}

For your daily dose of adorable, today I give you my favorite baby & toddler photos from 2016! 🙂









Ah! I just love those precious little faces! Babies are adorable and toddlers are so much fun to work with! Always bursting with energy and big smiles. Love it! As always, you can see more of my work at Rach Vendetti Photography on Facebook. 🙂

Love Rach


30 responses to “Babies & Toddlers {Photography Favorites}

  1. You are so good!

  2. Awww these are all so precious!!!

  3. These are SO cute! I especially love the cold weather shots where everyone is all bundled up. Is that last one the little girl who you nanny? What will happen to your part time nannying gig once baby arrives?

    • Nope, that last one is a little girl from Australia of all places. 😉 Her parents have ties to Memphis so they come back to visit every so often and when they do, they have me take their family photos.

      As for Mallory… she starts kindergarten the same week that we’re due with Baby V. Believe me, many tears were shed (by both me and her mom) over the perfect timing of this. Thankfully they live in our neighborhood now and after all these years Christopher and I have become friends with the parents. It feels a lot more like baby sitting for a friend than a nanny job these days. Especially since I only have her a few hours a week. Anyway, we will definitely still be close with them and see them even after I’m not officially nannying her anymore. I’m so thankful for that! 🙂

  4. I love the baby pictures surrounded by flowers! So much fun!

  5. I love the photos, they look so cute and fun! x

  6. Ahh! So cute!! Someday in the near future, you’ll be taking photos of your little angel ❤

  7. So much cuteness in these photos!

  8. Ummm, so now I cannot wait for you to have your sweet baby because I can only imagine the gorgeous photos you will take!

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I kept thinking, “This one is my favorite…” but then the very next one would be my favorite too. They’re all too precious!!!

  10. Oh man, I can’t handle the cuteness in these photos!! Ahh! Is that Mallory in the last one?! So adorable. I really love the second one, too! The little guy looks so happy!

    • You aren’t the first person to guess that the last picture is Mallory – that little girl does look a lot like her! But nope, Mallory is four and a half now! She’ll be starting kindergarten this fall! She’s SO big! I’ll have to share a picture of her in the “kids photography favorites” post! 🙂

  11. Ahh I can’t handle all of this adorable in one post! That last one makes me miss Christmas already.

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  13. Oh these are just too sweet! Great job, Rachel!

  14. Oh my goodness… every single one of these are SO beautiful! Wow! your talent never ceases to amaze me!

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