Celebrating 60 years!

This past weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday!

marty's bday.jpg

For her birthday we decided to surprise her by gathering notes from people who love her and putting them together in the scrapbook. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but I definitely got lucky as far as mother-in-laws go. She has never been anything but kind to me. Always so loving and supportive. And that has meant the world to me. So putting this scrapbook together was a delight! I loved reading each note as I received them because it’s so cool to see how she has had an impact on so many people over the years.

Isn’t her reaction precious?! Ah! I just love it! I’ll be totally honest with you guys – my father-in-law (who has suffered from early onset dementia for many years) has been in the hospital a lot lately and he isn’t doing well. We have had a lot of hard visits over the past two years (especially the last year) and these past few months have been the hardest yet. Saying this sort of slow goodbye to a loved one is just heart wrenching. So bringing her this little bit of tangible joy that she can turn to over and over again in between our visits was the best way we could think to bless her right now. Seeing her reaction made us so glad that we did this for her!

We also gave her a little homemade coupon book full of things she loves to do. Her face when she saw that “mini golf” was included was priceless! We were so glad to be able to bring a little joy to her over this weekend. Happy 60th to my mother-in-law!

Love Rach


26 responses to “Celebrating 60 years!

  1. Such sweet gifts for a sweet, sweet lady! What a blessing you are as a daughter-in-law and what a blessing she is to you as a mother-in-law. Happy belated birthday to her!

  2. I’m doing the same thing for my dad’s 50th this year! 🙂 Happy 60 to your mother-in-law!

  3. Precious!! I love her reaction!

  4. What a sweet way to celebrate her birthday!!! Love her reaction.

  5. Ahhh so precious…Happy birthday to your beautiful MIL!!! That scrapbook of thoughts from the people she loves is priceless as is her reaction. It is not easy taking care of someone with dementia so how nice to give her a day of special-ness. She is lucky to have you and you, her!

  6. Her reaction is so sweet! I thought she was your sister; she looks amazing!! Happy birthday to your MIL ❤

  7. This is so sweet and such a thoughtful gift 🙂

    • Thank you! I got the idea from my mom. She did it for my grandfather’s 80th birthday (which was 10 years ago now… he’ll be 90 in April!) and I thought it was such a great idea. It’s always stuck with me so when I was thinking about ways to make this birthday a special one for her, this was the thing I kept coming back to. 🙂

  8. Awww! That is so sweet! Words are very precious to me, so I absolutely love that idea for a gift!

  9. wow happy bday to your mom! And happy women’s day!
    Mónica Sors

  10. You truly did do realllly well in the in-laws department! ❤

    I'm sorry to hear about your F-I-L. I'm adding him to my prayer list and your M-I-L too!!! I do pray for them at times, but I'm going to make sure I do it regularly. Remind me of their names?

    I love the idea of collecting notes and letters and putting them together in a book she can look at any time! And the coupon book….Those are ALWAYS fun! Were all the coupons for activities you'll do WITH her? I'm glad you got to spend the day with her and are always so supportive of her as she continues to press on!

    • Thank you so much for adding them to your prayer list! You are such a sweetheart! My mother-in-law’s name is Martha and my father-in-law’s name is Tony.

      And yup! All of the coupons were for things Christopher and I would do with her! 🙂 The gift that keeps on giving!

  11. This is such a sweet, sweet gift! Happy Birthday to your MIL! ❤

    I am praying for you all as always as I know how heartbreaking it is to see a family member slip away.

  12. Happy 60th to Marty! I can tell she is such a sweet, loving soul. I feel so bad that she (and your family) has had to endure a tough few years an months lately. I know your gifts have to be SO special to her! You and Christopher are so thoughtful ❤

  13. She is such a sweet lady! I’ve enjoyed reading about her in your blog posts over the years! I can only hope to become that kind of wife one day!

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