Maternity Photos: 21 Weeks

As anyone who follows me on Instagram knows, I post nearly weekly photos of the growing baby bump. But those photos are usually taken in approximately 2 minutes. No setting up the tripod and getting out a remote and doing fun poses. Just a super quick photo that Christopher takes of me before church on Sunday morning. Which means that while we are getting great weekly photos of Baby Girl’s growth, Christopher isn’t in most of the photos. So this past weekend I asked my sister, Abby, if she would be willing to take a few photos of us together. I’m so very glad I did! We are planning to take actual maternity photos later on as well, but I love that we have these mid-way point ones! Here are a few of my favorites:







Love Rach

36 responses to “Maternity Photos: 21 Weeks

  1. Abby did a great job! Y’all are such a precious couple! I love all of these!

  2. These are so sweet!!!! One of my biggest regrets from my pregnancy was not taking more photos. Other than selfie mirror bumpdates each week, I have none and that makes me so sad looking back. Take as many photos as you can!!!

    • Aww, I totally understand, though! Life gets so busy! Plus getting dressed cute when you feel so sick isn’t super high on the priority list. I bet Zoe will loving seeing those selfie mirror pics, though! I don’t have many pictures of my mom when she was pregnant with me and I think that would be so cool to have!

  3. Super cute! You are looking great!

  4. These are beautiful!!

  5. So cute! You are glowing, mama! 😍

  6. These are so beautiful!!

  7. These pictures are so sweet!

  8. Ahhhhhhh, you guys are gorgeous and this makes my heart so so so happy! I am overwhelmed with joy for you both! ❀

  9. Y’all are so cute! ❀

  10. Love how these all turned out! I can’t never have enough pictures of Conor & I. Or pictures in general. I’m doing maternity, birth photography, & newborn for this third baby. I am crazy!

    • Girl, that’s not crazy at all! I’m still trying to figure out the whole birth photography thing. I can have as many people in and out of the room as I want while I labor, but when it comes to actual delivery/push time I can only have two (they aren’t super strict on this, but I’m pretty sure they won’t let in a crowd). So my original plan was just for it to be only me and Christopher. But then I think about how much I love those photos of mommas and daddys seeing their babies for the very first time and I think about how much I’d love to have a photo of that. My sister could definitely take the photos for us, but I have more than one sister… and a mom… and a mother-in-law. And I’m close to all of them! And I feel like I can’t let one sister in the room to take photos and not let anyone else in (besides Christopher obviously, haha!). But then I hate to pay so much $$ for a photographer when my sister is perfectly capable of doing it! So I’m trying to figure it all out, haha! As for the other photos, I’m planning to take our newborn photos and my sister will take more maternity photos of us in April and in May. And then one of my best friends does photography and has offered to do photos for us as a gift (so that will be in June assuming Baby Girl hasn’t arrived yet). So we’re pretty well covered in maternity photos, haha!

  11. Georgous maternity photos Rach. You look amazing! Hugs, Terri.πŸ’—

  12. Aww I love these pictures! I love seeing your weekly bump shots but these are so sweet with the two (or really three) of you. πŸ™‚

  13. Wow such a lovely post darling! Very cute, sweet and lovely!
    MΓ³nica Sors

  14. awwwwww these are so precious ❀

  15. Aww, look at that cute bump! I am so glad your sis could take pictures of you and Christopher. I really love the third picture in this post! So beautiful πŸ™‚

  16. Your sister did an amazing job! These pictures are so beautiful. You are glowing and gorgeous my friend!!!!!

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