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We have been knocking out our house to-do list lately. Marking things off right and left! It has been so satisfying to get this stuff done. We still have a few things to work on before Baby Girl arrives this summer, but the majority of the “must do” list is done. Which is good since our weekends are pretty packed between now and mid-June. Whew!


We celebrated Passover with our friends this week which is one of my favorite things! I’ve written before about why we celebrate it even though we’re not Jewish if you are curious. 🙂

24 wks.jpg

This week we hit the 6 month mark. Wow. Just absolutely wow. And everything is looking awesome with Baby Girl! We saw the high risk OB last week and got to watch Baby Girl do her yoga (seriously, feet and hands in front of her face constantly – totes adorbs) and we’ll see the regular OB this next week to check in again. Right now we see at least one of our doctors every other week (sometimes more depending on what’s going on). And at week 32 that will change to bi-weekly appointments (seeing both the high risk OB and regular OB every week). I know I’ve said it before, but we are so thankful for the awesome medical care we have received and knowing that Baby Girl is being looked after so carefully!

Painting furniture.jpg

Her nursery is beginning to come together! The walls have been painted and all of her furniture has been painted as well. Oh, and for anyone who is concerned – that’s No VOC paint in a well ventilated area (our open garage). Totally had the doctor’s blessing before I painted anything. 😉


We finally registered! I say “finally” because sweet people have been asking for weeks when we’re going to have a registry for them to start shopping from, haha! We have everything together in one place on our Amazon registry (here if you’re curious), but we also registered for a few things at both Babies R Us and Target since we know some people prefer to shop in a brick & mortar store. If you notice anything that was a “must have” for you that’s missing from our list it’s hopefully because we’ve already picked it up from a consignment sale (I’ve been to four so far! 😀 ) and have it already. But let me know just in case! These new parents might be missing a few things!

Love Rach


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  1. I just started scanning your registry and am nodding along. So many of my favorite things (Water Wipes, Aquaphor, Triple Paste cream, Boogie Wipes, soooo many of the books!!). Yay! I wanted to make a recommendation. I’m sure that you guys considered this (maybe it’s on the Target or Babies R Us registry!), but I did want to make a case for a no contact thermometer in place or in addition to the traditional thermometer you have on the registry. When Ava was fussy and screaming her head off because she didn’t feel well, Kevin and I could not get a traditional thermometer to work. They’re just fidgety little things, those babies, and waiting the allotted time for the thermometer to read – forget it! We have love our no contact instant read thermometer (this one: — which I see is not currently available). This one seemed to get good reviews as well, but I can’t speak to it personally:

    Seriously though – great registry! Baby Girl is so loved already!

    • Oh! And the Nose Frida. I didn’t notice that on Amazon. Maybe on one of the other registries. Ava hates it, but it works soooooo well for getting the boogers. #glamorous

      • Uuuugh, that thing grosses me out so much, haha! But mostly because I honestly didn’t know how it worked until you recommended it and I have so much respect for you that I actually went and looked into it a little more. So I now see that there’s a filter there that blocks the gross-ness from coming to your mouth which was what I was definitely concerned about. I used the bulb aspirator (from the hospital) with Mallory and she HATED it, but it worked pretty well. However I’ve heard such good things about the Nose Frida… I’d probably rather have it on hand than not when the bulb isn’t getting everything. I added it! And hey, if you think of anything else – please don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m always open to suggestions!

    • Yeeees! So many books, haha! Baby Lit is pretty much my new favorite thing, haha!

      So about the no contact thermometers… we had one for Mallory, but it never gave an accurate reading. It would even sometimes say she didn’t have a fever when she was clearly hot to the touch. I eventually gave up on using it and ended up using a regular one when needed. She HATED it, but was usually pretty easy to manage as far as getting a good reading. But! I would much prefer to use a no-contact one because I know that would be so much easier. I just didn’t know whether or not I could trust the reviews on ones that say they work. But I trust you! I’ll keep my eye on the nanny’s choice one and if it becomes available again I’ll add it to the list! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Six months! Praises! Congrats on getting all the painting done. That’s so exciting. Yay for registering, too. That sounds so fun. 🙂

  3. So I just looked at your registries and I have to say the Ergo 360 is a MUST I swear I use mine all the time! Also I have a boba wrap that I used with #babybigtruck2 when she was a wee tiny thing before she was big enough for the ergo I am done with it if you’d like it I can send it out your way. Something else I have found that I use A LOT is the Kinsa Stick Smart Thermometer. You set it up with your phone and theres an app that you can log all the temps in. I use it rectally on the baby and its great! I also have the temporal one for the forehead that I use on us and #babybigtruck and it is really accurate and its quick! As for diaper creams I found that Dr. Bells Pomade Pomada De La Campana is amazing! Someone recommended it to me after #babybgitruck had a TERRIBLE rash and NOTHING was clearing it up. This stuff was like MAGIC to the point that it would clear any rash up in 2 days! If I think of anything else I will pass it along!

    • Yay! I’m so glad that the Ergo has been so good for you guys! I’m excited to use it! And girl, you are SO sweet to offer the Boba wrap to me! I think I’m going to just use the infant insert for the Ergo, though. But seriously, that is so generous and kind of you to offer!

      I’m looking into the Kinsa Stick Thermometer and Dr. Bells Pomade! Thank you for the recommendations, Nikki! I so appreciate it!

  4. First off, YAY for 6 months!!!
    Next, if you plan to breastfeed make sure you get plenty of “slow flow” nipples. They will have a 0 on them. Not to be confused with the 0m+ ones that have a 1 on them. I saw you registered for Avent and that’s what we used with Rhett. Sometimes they are called “premie” nipples but if you need them they are hard to find in a store. BRU had some but I got most of ours from Amazon.
    I see you picked out an Ergo! We have one and I still use it. I may use it until Rhett is 10 lol. It is so handy! Also, if you want to look into other types of carriers there’s a babywearing group in Memphis that meets once a month. I went to a few meetings with Rhett and checked out a few different carriers from the “library” for different things. It was great having someone walk me through the other carries.
    Oh and one last thing, register for a few more wubanubs, lol. Those are amazing. Rhett didn’t like it at first but once he started sleeping in his crib, it was great having something he could grab ahold of and put back in his mouth when he rolled around.

    • This is all so helpful!! Thank you! Good catch with the actual newborn nipple recommendation! I though that’s what was on my registry (since it said “newborn”) until I looked at it closer and saw that I had 0m+ instead of just 0. So I added those as well! Thank you!

      Yes! I had a carrier with Mallory, but she outgrew it so quickly (it was a Baby Bjorn) that we hardly got to use it. But it was SO helpful in the times we did get to use it. I love that the Ergo can be used for so long and in so many different positions! Did you ever try out the Baby K’Tan? I’m considering it. Maybe I’ll check out the Baby Wearing Group! Do they have a FB page?

      Aaaand I added a couple of extra Wubbanubs too! Thanks again for all the advice!

  5. Sound glad everything is going well with Baby Girl!

  6. Registering is so fun!!! I highly recommend a rock n play, an o-ball and a toy that lights up. Zoe loves Violet from Leap Frog. I love that you have so many books on your list. It’s so important to read to help develop language. We read several books a day over here!

    • We have a swing/bouncer hybrid already that’s really similar to the Rock and Play! And I have an Oball already as well. I’ll look into a light up toy, though! Thanks for the recommendations, friend!! 🙂

  7. Hi Rach, I will check out your registry, Hugs, Terri xo.

  8. Swooning over that bump!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already (easy for me to say, right?)!! I’ll have to look at the registry!

    • I know, right?! It has started to go by so quickly lately! Also, I know you have plenty of experience being a nanny so if you think of anything that I’m missing, let me know!

  9. So glad you and baby are still doing well! She’ll be here super soon ❤

  10. Yay! Getting closer and closer! Glad you guys are knocking out that to-do list!

  11. So, I realize I’d rather not be high risk, but I am so jealous of how often you get to see/hear your baby! Us normal people get the initial ultrasound and the anatomy scan and then that’s it unless they want/need to check something. I am not that patient! Haha. Glad everything is going well 🙂 you look great!

    • I remember when we went from weekly ultrasounds/appointments (in the first trimester) to every-other-week ones and how hard it was to wait just that extra week, ha! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to wait so long between appointments with a normal pregnancy! Being high risk isn’t fun and there have been a lot of challenges and scary moments that have come with it, but we are so thankful that we get to see Baby Girl so often and that she continues to thrive!

  12. I still can’t believe you’re six months in! SO exciting!

    Sending you so much love, sweet friend! ❤

  13. Baby Girl’s furniture is looking GREAT! It just looks so fresh and bright!

    I just realized, your hair looks soo long! I feel like it has a grown a lot since you’ve been pregnant?!

    • I honestly hadn’t noticed until you said that and now I’m looking at photos and you’re right! It has grown really long over the past couple of months! I mean, it’s been long for a long time, but it has definitely gotten even longer! It’s beginning to look a bit on the stringy side so I’m thinking a trim is in order soon.

  14. Sooo gratifying to check things off the to-do list! And especially before baby girl arrives this summer- you guys are rocking it. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. ahhhhh i just have all the happiness from this post. so happy for you, 6 months!! eep!! that’s so fantastic. love the colour you’ve painted her furniture.

    • Ahh! Friend, you are just the sweetest for sharing in all our happiness! I still can’t get over how sweet you were to send us gifts! My sisters and mom LOVED the BabyLit P&P book! Everyone took turns reading it, haha! 🙂

  16. no baby advice here 🙂 but wow what a beautiful crib!! where did you find it?

    • It was my crib when I was a baby! My sisters were also in it and so were my oldest niece and nephew. I just love that it’s a family piece! 🙂

  17. I loved reading some updates about the pregnancy/ nursery. So glad baby girl is growing strong and that you are checked on often! I love the crib. 🙂

  18. It feels as though your pregnancy is going by so fast, for some reason. Does it feel that way for you? I couldn’t believe that you were already six months! You are looking sooooo beautiful. And I’m SO glad that you’re receiving such special care from your medical team. Seriously, I couldn’t be MORE excited for you, and I get a ridiculously huge smile on my face every time you post bump pics. 🙂

    • It feels like it’s going by quickly now! Especially now that I’m feeling better! I can’t believe how close I am to meeting her. And how SUPER close you are to meeting Kaitlyn!

  19. Your nursery furniture looks gorgeous! I hope you will show us pictures of the entire nursery once it’s finished!

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