San Francisco!

Another video for you guys today! We had a blast in San Francisco!


– The Sea Lions at Fisherman’s Wharf were one of my favorite highlights! I know I only have a few seconds of video of them, but we sat there for a long time just watching them play together. So cute!

– Christopher is giving you a tour of our hotel room because we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that our “free hotel stay” (thanks to Hyatt credit card points) landed us in the Presidential Suite of the hotel! Faaaaancy!

– Christopher tried his first moon cake from Chinatown! And I got to eat sponge cake again! Both were much sweeter than I remember from when we lived in China, but it was fun to relive those memories.

– We ate a lot of good food while in San Fran, but the Italian Homemade Company was the best! Oh my gracious, that pasta was heavenly! Reminded us of the pasta we ate outside Vatican City in Rome! 🙂

Love Rach


27 responses to “San Francisco!

  1. You two are so fun! Haha–love the hotel tour! Gotta love a free upgrade 😉

    Is this video shot with your DSLR? I’m curious to know because whenever we travel I feel so awkward lugging it around, but LOVE the photos and videos I capture with it. Also, I feel weird asking strangers to take a photo of us with it because its so heavy and huge!

    • It’s a mix. We use the DSLR (with a 50mm prime) when we travel as well as our cellphones (both Galaxy S7s) just depending on where we are and what we’re doing. It definitely is hard to get good photos by handing your DSLR over to a stranger. Typically if we ask a stranger to take a photo then I either set my DSLR to auto/no flash OR I just hand them a cellphone. If we’re trying for a really good quality photo then I’ll do all the camera settings and then use a remote control. My DSLR has been perched in some really odd places over the years for lack of a tripod (I mean, we have one – we just don’t fly with it since it’s huge). 🙂

  2. I want to travel with you two. You’re just so fun.

    Sweeeeet upgrade on the hotel room!! That’s awesome. What a pleasant surprise. And Chinatown! Was it cool to see the characters and hear the lingo? I wonder if the treats seemed sweeter because you watch your sugar intake so much now and therefore what was previously just sweet seems REALLY sweet?

    My mouth watered at allllll the food sightings. The chowder, the pasta, the fish and chips…. YUM!

    • Yay! Let’s plan a trip together one of these days! Maybe we’ll do Nashville after all someday! 😉

      It WAS fun to be in Chinatown! A lot of times when we visit Chinese restaurants around the States people are speaking in Cantonese instead of Mandarin (they spoke Mandarin where I lived), but I heard lots of Mandarin in Chinatown so that was fun! 🙂 And it’s entirely possible that me watching my sugar so closely now is why I thought the foods tasted so much sweeter!

  3. The presidential suite?! Man! It looks really nice!!! I think the sea lions would be one of my fondest memories too. I want to see them!!! Your pasta looked quite delicious! What kind was it?

    • The suite was so faaaancy! We showed up after driving 4 hours from one of the national parks so I was in yoga pants and a tank top with some pretty awesomely disheveled hair. I told Christopher that they probably don’t often see people dressed like I was checking into their fancy suites, haha!

      It was tagliatelle pasta with bolognese sauce! My favorite!

  4. Wow, what an upgrade!! It is definitely on our bucket list to go to San Fran. The food, the sights, the smells, the sea lions..oh my! You guys are the BEST at documenting your travels. 😉

  5. Oh very great video~ Thanks for share with us

  6. What a nice hotel room!

  7. Aww this looks like so much fun. I loved the pregnant belly shot in the beginning too… So beautiful! That is awesome that you got to stay in a nice hotel suite for free.

  8. Amanda Bumgarner

    Glad you had such a good time! Looks like such gun!

  9. I loved your video! I was there years ago, so I love seeing how things are different, the same, and reliving memories. I forgot you lived in China, so I bet that was a treat–literally too, haha. PS: Love the bump!

    • I love watching videos and seeing photos from places I’ve been before too! It’s always so fun to see things you recognize! 🙂

      And thank you!!

  10. I love SF! It’s such a fun city and you cannot beat all the scenic views!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. I am LOVING these videos!!! What a fun memory! And it feels like I get to experience a bit of your trip too. Visiting San Francisco (or just California in general) is on my bucket list.
    (Oh, and when I was watching this video, Brady totally was dancing in the background to the music. Ha, ha)!!

    • Yay for travel bucket lists! I’m excited for you to get to experience California someday! I think you guys would have a blast! 🙂

  12. Wow! What an upgrade!! You two lucked out.

  13. This looks like it was such a nice trip! I went there with my parents when I was younger, but I would love to go back! I missed Alcatraz when I went, so that would be really neat to see! And I loved all of your footage of China Town!

    • You would have had fun in Chinatown! It’s so neat to feel a little bit like you are back in China just walking down a street in the US!

      I hope you get to go back! Alcatraz was definitely a cool experience!

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