Celebrating 90 Years!

We celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday this past weekend! Thanks to my Daddy Ken, I have a completely unrealistic idea of what aging looks like. He still works out and up until a few years ago he was the one teaching an exercise class for seniors. His mind is as sharp as ever and he is in better health than many people who are 20 years younger. Also he is kind of hilarious. See below. 😉


Daddy Ken is the one who taught me how to drive. He has always been exceedingly patient with me and showered me with kindness and love. I can’t think of one time when he has ever spoken harshly to me.

the whole fam.jpg

He taught me how to cook eggs in bacon grease and how to mix cereal and how to eat molasses and butter together properly. He taught me how to cut my own hair into layers so I wouldn’t look like a total ragamuffin in between my visits to see him when we lived overseas or when I was in college.

us with dk

When we moved overseas and would come back to America for visits, his home was the one place that felt like a home-away-from-home to me since he lived in the same house for nearly all my life.

the add ons{The “add ons” as they call themselves. Daddy Ken with his sons-in-law and grandsons-in-law}

He taught me about fidelity and loyalty and true love as I watched him care for my grandmother who battled cancer on and off for 20 years. And then again as he cared for his second wife, sweet Mrs. Carolin, as she recovered from a stroke.

dk and carolin

He taught me that having fun doesn’t stop at a certain age. Being silly and laughing with family and friends has always been high on the priority list.


He taught me about being a faithful follower of Christ. He leads by quiet example and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

rach and daddyken

This is my grandfather. He is truly one of the most special people in my life. I am so very thankful for the nearly 30 years that I have spent being blessed by him. Happy 90th, Daddy Ken!

Love Rach

30 responses to “Celebrating 90 Years!

  1. I LOVE him! What a great guy to have in your life, happy birthday to him!

  2. Such a beautiful post! How special it will be to introduce your sweet baby to
    Great Grandaddy Ken:)

  3. Daddy Ken is one precious precious and handsome man! Just speaks volume to a life well lived with integrity and so much fun! You guys look so precious standing beside such a regal man!

  4. WOW! He sounds like an amazing Grandpa, happy 90th birthday to him! Also, definitely unrealistic aging goals! Let’s be as awesome as that when we’re 90.

  5. Sounds like he’s an awesome grandpa! Happy birthday to him!

  6. What an amazing man! Justin’s grandparents died before he could even really remember them, and my surviving grandparents (well, my grandfather at least) isn’t someone whose example I want to follow, so it is REALLY neat that you have someone like this in your life to look up to!

  7. This is amazing! He looks great and he looks like such a fun guy!! I love this post!

  8. Woww!! Such a lovely family and post! Happy Birthday to him!!
    Mónica Sors

  9. Wow , congrats to your Grandpa on being 90 years young Rach! He looks amazing , and it must be great to look up to him as a great teacher to you growing up. Have a great day , Hugs, Terri xoxo.

  10. Happy Birthday to your grandfather. He sounds like a great guy. What a blessing to have him in your life .

  11. Tears in my eyes over here! He sounds like the most wonderful man! Wht a treasure!

  12. Daddy Ken sounds like THE man. 🙂 This was such a fun celebration of an awesome man!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. What an inspiration your grandfather is! And he looks like he is a blast to be around. How lovely that you all got to celebrate that milestone birthday together.

  14. Oh my goodness, he seems like SUCH a special man. I love how he influenced your life so positively… and that he really does prove that age can be a number. I hate it when I hear people in their 50’s say that they’re so old… I hope I can be like your grandfather and just live and love life for as long as God gives me breath! 🙂

  15. Oh, my goodness, your Daddy Ken is a hoot!!!! I would NEVER have guessed that he was turning 90!!!! I’m glad you’ve got such a special grandfather. 🙂

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