That one time I had a kidney stone while 6 months pregnant on vacation…

I’ve made vague references to this pregnancy being high risk and that there is a lot going on medically and etc. Christopher and I are pretty private people when it comes to personal things so there is a lot that I haven’t shared on this blog. But suffice it to say that this little girl we are pregnant with is quite the fighter and is beating lots of odds. She’s our very own little miracle. Because of that, I don’t ever want to complain about this pregnancy. Every week has been such a precious blessing that I can’t really be upset about the normal challenges that have come with pregnancy.

So… when I thought I was experiencing normal pregnancy discomfort on a Monday, I didn’t think too much of it. My thought process went something like this: “Back pain is totally normal with pregnancy as the belly grows, right? And all this pain I’m feeling must be the round ligament pain kicking it up a notch. Oh, and are those Braxton Hicks? My app told me this week that I might be experiencing more of those.”

Tuesday was pretty rough, but I just kept telling myself that it was normal pregnancy stuff. But then Wednesday was awful. Just truly and completely awful. Agony all night long. As soon as the doctor’s office opened on Thursday morning I called them. Based on my symptoms, they were concerned that I might be in preterm labor (something I’m at high risk for) so they had me come in immediately. Thankfully Baby Girl was still nice and cozy in there with no signs of her coming at the moment, but I was still in so much pain. They told me that it was most likely a UTI or a kidney stone. They started me on antibiotics for a UTI and sent me home with Tylenol for pain. They still cleared me to travel the next morning if I really wanted to as long as I promised that I would go to urgent care if I didn’t start to improve.

So at 6am on Friday morning, we flew out to California. All those photos you saw on social media and in our travel videos on the blog (here and here) – totally taken while I was still in a lot of pain. But there isn’t another time we would have been able to go on this trip this year so we decided to still go and just take it super slow.

And when I say “super slow” I’m not kidding. It probably took us an hour to walk a mile on Saturday and Sunday while seeing the national parks. We stopped at every stump and bench we saw for me to rest a few minutes before continuing on. Elderly people with walkers were passing me. Seriously. It was pitiful. But! I’m still so glad we went. It was such a fun trip despite me not feeling well. Thankfully by Monday when we got to San Francisco I was starting to feel much better.

We got home from California around midnight on Tuesday and I went in to the doctor on Wednesday. My results had come back negative for a UTI so based on my symptoms, lab results, and some TMI info you don’t want to know, the doctor said that it sounded like I had passed a kidney stone.

A kidney stone, you guys. Suddenly I didn’t feel like such a wimp for being in so much pain from “normal pregnancy stuff” ha! Christopher keeps telling me that since I was such a champ with the kidney stone that obviously labor will be a breeze for me now. Ha! Here’s to hoping that’s true! 😉

It took another week of rest at home before I really started to feel back to normal, but thankfully I’m back to 100% now! Here’s to hoping that was my one and ONLY kidney stone!

26 weeks pregnant 2.jpg

Have you ever experienced a kidney stone? What was that like for you?
Love Rach

41 responses to “That one time I had a kidney stone while 6 months pregnant on vacation…

  1. Oh, girlfriend. I’ve heard kidney stones are so excruciating! I’m so so so sorry you went through this during pregnancy. Whew. That’s a lot. Thanks for sharing with us so we can pray for you during these last few months! You’re doing a great job. Hang it there! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I have heard that kidney stones are NO joke!! So I can’t imagine having one while pregnant… You were SUCH a trooper, and I think Christopher is right. You will do just fine when labor comes. 🙂 Honestly, labor is painful, but it’s also about determination and a positive attitude,. And you have both!

    • You are such a good encourager to me! Thank you, Nicole! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been talking about Kaitlyn and Baby Girl for so long now and Kaitlyn will be here THIS WEEK and Baby Girl will come along not far behind her. 🙂

  3. Bless your heart!!! Oh my goodness! I have never had one but my baby sister gets them a LOT. Hers are so painful and I just can’t imagine. She is even so good about only drinking water and she still gets them. Having one while pregnant would be scary though.

    • Your poor sister! I am SO hoping this is a one time only thing! I know a lot of people who get them, have them multiple times. That sounds so terrible!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That does NOT sound like fun– I’ve heard that kidney stones are soso terrible. And look at you! What a trooper! You went hiking and everything! I’m with Christopher– labor has nothing on you 😉

    • Haha! “Hiking” is a generous term for the incredibly slow-paced shuffle I did at those parks. 😉 I hope you and Christopher are right! Hopefully labor will be a piece of cake now. 😉

  5. You know I just think of Joey in that Friend’s episode where Phoebe is in labor.

    So so glad you’re feeling better. I’m sorry you were in such agony for awhile, especially while traveling. Labor will be a piece of cake. 🙂

    • I watched that episode after you mentioned it to me that day and laughed and grimaced the whole way through it, ha! It’s still just a little fresh on my mind. 😉

  6. Oh sweet friend, I’m so sorry you had to go through that! You are such a trooper for not letting it ruin your vacation! Praying for you and Baby Girl! ❤

  7. Oh my gosh, you’re such a trooper! That sounds absolutely horrible. What bad timing to pass a kidney stone! So glad you’re better now. ❤

  8. Oh wow I feel so bad for you Rach!! I hope you will have a lot less discomfort in these coming months. Huggs Dear, Terri.💗

  9. I’m glad you are better and had a chance to enjoy your trip ( esp.withthe kidney stone) !
    Here’s to the rest of your journey being a little smoother.

  10. Oh, that’s rough. Glad you’re back to 100% 🙂

  11. I’m still amazed and impressed that you were able to go on vacation like that!

  12. When you sent me the message telling me you had a kidney stone I literally gasped out loud. I am praying praying praying the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing! ❤

  13. Aww that is awful! I am glad it is over and hope that you don’t have to deal with any more throughout the rest of your pregnancy. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been while on vacation and pregnant. You are a champ!

  14. Bless your heart!!! I am so glad the outcome in the end was a good one, albeit a painful one! My sis and late father suffered from kidney stones and I thankfully never have. My dad used to ride roller coasters to help him pass them–def not a preg option, haha, but it really worked. I’m glad everyone is okay now. I’m so sorry you were in so much pain!!

    • A roller coaster is a solid idea! Hopefully I’ll never have one again, but if I do have one again someday while I’m not pregnant, I would totally try that! Hope you continue your streak of never having one!

  15. Okay that is scary! I’ve never had one, but I’ve heard they can be awful. So glad everything is okay with baby girl!

  16. Oh sweetie, I have had 4 kidney stones and they run in my family with both my parents having them. My first kidney stone however came when I was eight months pregnant with my oldest and I thought I was in labor. Let me tell ya,, labor will probably be much easier for you because a kidney stone in my opinion is way worse! I am glad you got some relief . I was in a situation to where if I didn’t pass it, they were going to take the baby C- section. It was so scary. I went on to have a normal labor and delivery and while the pain lasted much longer than a kidney stone, the kidney stone pain is so much more intense. I’m so glad you’re OK

    • Oh Andrea! Being that far along, I’m surprised it didn’t start labor. So glad you were okay!! I’m glad to hear from your personal testimony that a kidney stone is worse than labor. I’m hoping I’ll feel that way too!

  17. So sorry to hear you had a rough time recently, Rach! So happy the kidney stone is gone and you’re feeling better. Wishing you (and your little fam) a happy, healthy, kidney stone free week ❤

  18. Oh my gosh girl. You are a rockstar! And all your national park pictures were so beautiful I never would have guessed you were in pain! SO sorry you had to experience this. I hope labor is a breeze for you. 😉

    • Girl, there were some pictures Christopher took of me that I laughed out loud at when I saw. Those definitely didn’t make the share list. 😉 If you’ll notice, there actually isn’t a ton of video footage of me from this trip. A few snippets, but mostly it was of Christopher. I’m still so glad we went even though it definitely had a few rough moments!

  19. So glad you’re doing better now and that a kidney stone was “all” that it was!!! I’ve never had them and I’m really not looking forward to them. My Aunt has had sooooo many of them and has landed in the hospital because of it a time or two. No, thank you!

  20. Oh my, how truly awful!!! So happy it is over with now. I’ve never been high r So, but I’m sure you are thinking about complications and risks all the time. Praying for a healthy and full term pregnancy for you!

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