Father’s Day Thoughts

There are a lot of mixed emotions this Father’s Day as we continue to grieve the slow loss of my father-in-law as well as prepare for the joy of meeting our daughter next month. It breaks my heart that Christopher doesn’t have his dad here to advise and support him as he becomes a father himself. But I know that the lessons and principles that Christopher’s dad taught him over the years have shaped so much of the man he is today. I have no doubt that Christopher will be a great father. And part of that is due to the fact that he had such a good relationship with his own dad.

And beyond the close relationship he had with his own dad, so many of Christopher’s personality traits lend themselves to good dad material already. He is unendingly patient, kind, and gentle. He tells ridiculously corny jokes. He listens well and gives great advice. He has an unwavering faith in God and His goodness which will be such a testimony to our daughter as she grows up. He loves deeply. And he is just truly a good man.

34 weeks.jpg

As I reflect on these things I realize that while he may technically not have changed any diapers yet, he has been practicing being a father for a long time. From the teenagers he has mentored to our nieces and nephews who he has loved from day one (not to mention our friends’ kids who adore him). He has had lots of practice being a positive male influence. Fathering isn’t just a biological thing. He has been a father-figure to kids who desperately needed a good man in their lives. And even with kids who have great dads, he is still the guy who will happily get in the floor to play with them when they are little, coach them through sports and homework as they get older, and listen to their hurts and joys as they share. I love that about him.

34 weeks2

And in a blink of the eye our daughter is going to be here.
And we are going to start a new chapter of life.
One with full-time parenting.
And he is going to be an awesome dad.
Love Rach


28 responses to “Father’s Day Thoughts

  1. This is so sweet! I love it! And I’m so sad about your father-in-law! It’s kind of my worst fear for what may happen to my dad one day. Both of his parents had Alzheimers, and he worries that he’ll get it too, eventually. But he is 71 years old and his mind is great so far!

    • It’s awesome that your dad is 71 already and still isn’t showing signs of Alzheimer’s! I know how scary it is to look at your parents and worry that you might end up with the same medical issues. Christopher’s dad’s condition was caused by a series of mini strokes (as best as the doctors can tell) so Christopher works hard to take care of his body to help prevent strokes. Of course there are no guarantees, but I’m proud of him for working hard to take care of himself!

  2. This made me tear up! I know how you’ve both prayed for this lil angel and this girly is lucky to have a daddy and mommy with so very much to give and teach!

  3. So bittersweet!! You’ve got a great guy there to parent with as you embark on that adventure. The years that his dad spent with him have an effect that will last forever and even if they won’t be able to talk about advice day-to-day, Christopher is going to know what his dad would recommend and do based on the amazing example he always saw demonstrated.

    • I really think that’s so true! I wrote him a letter for father’s day and said something really similar to him. There are so many things that his dad did that have left such a lasting impact on Christopher. That legacy lives on through him and soon through our daughter as well.

  4. This was so beautiful and made me teary-eyed! (I can’t blame that on pregnancy hormones anymore… But the post was just so heartfelt. And I know how heart-breaking the situation is with Christopher’s Dad. I saw my own father go through it, but Christopher is so much younger than he was. I can’t imagine being so young and just stepping into the adventure of fatherhood with my parent facing dementia like that). 😦
    Christopher really will be such a great dad. I can’t wait to see how much love you both have for your beautiful little girl. She is SO blessed to have you both!!

    • It really is heartbreaking to walk through this process. I’m so thankful he had such a great relationship with his dad, though. I think those lessons he learned growing up will definitely impact the way he parents this little girl. I’m so thankful to his dad for being such a good dad to him!

  5. So sorry about the bitter part of this bittersweet Father’s day. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of losing a parent. It does sound like he has had such a great example in his father growing up, which will be a guiding light throughout becoming a father himself. I am sure the role he has played in so many little one’s lives has made a world of difference. There is nothing like knowing your little ones have great role models in family friends or uncles to look up to. I know that those special male figures made a big difference in my life growing up with an absent father. Happy Father’s Day to Christopher!

    • Those parent-figures really do make a huge difference in the lives of kids who don’t have two parents at home! I have loved seeing how he has invested in so many different kids over the years. That husband of mine is a good man. 🙂 And you are so right! The lessons and things he learned from his dad are definitely things that will impact how he parents this little girl. He really is going to be such a good dad!

  6. This is so sweet. I’m excited for you to experience parenthood together! I am sorry about Christopher’s father. That has got to be so very hard to watch.

    • ​I wish I could say “yeah, it’s been hard, but it’s okay because…” but really there isn’t much to say about it. It has been so hard to watch this decline in a man who we love so much. Glimpses of good moments here and there over the past few years, but mostly it has just been really hard. I am really thankful that he had such a good dad, though. I think it will definitely impact how he parents this little girl in a positive way.

  7. So sorry about the bittersweet Father’s Day. I’m sorry to hear about his father. Your husband sounds like a great person and will be a FANTASTIC Father. Together you both will welcome baby girl into a home filled with love. God Bless you both!

  8. I am sure yesterday was bitter sweet as you reflect on both his dad and him becoming a dad. He will just have to share all his wonderful memories with baby girl when she gets here!!!

    • And we definitely will! We dug out some old family videos recently and we’re saving those to share with her as she gets older so she can get glimpses of the grandfather she won’t know.

  9. Christopher is going to be an AMAZING father– I have NO doubt about it! I’m sorry how things are with his father, but you are so right in that he has already shown so many fatherly qualities in many ways! I can’t wait to watch you two walk this journey of parenthood together 🙂

    • I’m with you! I really do think he’s going to be such an amazing dad. I’m so thankful that his dad was such a good father to him. I think so much of that will impact how he parents this little girl!

  10. I have no doubts he is going to do amazingly. He is a natural indeed.

  11. Oh friend, I am tearing up for you on such a bittersweet Father’s Day. I’m sure Christopher will be an amazing father, and I am excited to watch you two grow as parents through your blog. PS-That dress is striking on you!

  12. Oh, this post brought tears to my eyes! How awesome that Christopher has already had so many chances in life to be that good mentor and role model for young people. I know he’ll be a great dad!

  13. Such a bittersweet holiday I am sure. Thinking about you guys! And goodness these pictures are gorgeous!

  14. oh my heart! I’m soo sorry to hear about your loss. Praying that y’all feel a sense of peace when your sweet baby girl is born.

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