Claiming Peace

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a high risk pregnancy and there is a lot going on with it. Because of that, it would have been easy to spend a lot of time in fear over the past eight and a half months. From the moment we found out about Baby Vendetti there have been times when fear tries to creep in. But right before we found out that we were pregnant we went to a concert where we were introduced to Hannah Kerr. I loved her music so much that I went home and bought her album. And I’m so glad I did because two of her songs have been my jam throughout this pregnancy.

I stand here at Your feet,
I’m laying down the fear in me.
As Your child, claiming peace.
Oh give this heart Your victory!

Those lyrics. So powerful. When fear starts to creep in, I find myself singing these lyrics. Often with tears running down my face. Choosing to lay down fear and to claim peace instead.

Staring down the face of fear
Got to keep breathing
When the negative is all you hear
Got to keep believing
Cause in the dark there is a light
Your truth it keeps on burning bright
Brave enough to fight the fight
And shout the battle cry!
You’ll never stop me I’m a warrior!

Both of these songs have been such a blessing to me throughout this pregnancy. Wonderful reminders that God walks every step of this journey with us.

Since we found out about Baby Vendetti in November we have had 24 appointments and 17 ultrasounds. Currently on the calendar we have another 10 appointments with an ultrasound at each one until July 25th. Meaning that if she doesn’t need to come early, we’ll land at a total of  34 appointments and 27 ultrasounds. So when I say that we have an incredible team of doctors who want to see this baby and momma be safe, I’m not kidding.

However, we are still facing a lot of risk and as amazing as our medical care is, tragedy is possible. So say a prayer for us when you think of it. Prayers for a healthy delivery and prayers that we continue to be at peace throughout this time. Thank you to each of you who have prayed for us all along this journey. I know I say it all the time, but those prayers really do mean the world to us.

Love Rach


28 responses to “Claiming Peace

  1. Gosh, that’s a lot of appointments! Praying for you and that sweet baby, Rach!

  2. Continuing to pray for all of you! Grow baby grow.

    And thanks for sharing those songs – I’ll have a listen because I think it’s a timely introduction for me too.

    • Definitely good timing. I’m glad I shared them when I did. Thank you for your prayers for us! And know that you guys are covered in prayer this week as well!

  3. Erica | Whimsical September blog

    Whew, this took my breath away. I’m praying for you, Rach. I cannot imagine your tired you are, mentally and physically. Your trust in the Lord is so palpable though and I know He’s giving you and your husband so much strength. Thank you for keeping your readers updated! ❤ ❤

    • Thank you so much for those prayers, Erica! They really are so precious to us! It has been amazing to watch prayer after prayer be answered with every ultrasound showing good news. Thank you for being part of that!

  4. In The hands of God and your medical team, there is such a peace knowing Baby V is surrounded with nothing but positivity! What beautiful lyrics and what a beautiful message especially for other ladies who have had difficult pregnancies! You’re a sweet inspiration!

  5. Janessa Hester

    Yall have definitely been in my prayers! And those lyrics are beautiful. Wow at all the doctor visits! That’s good that you have such a great team of doctors. Praying each and every visit continues to show great progress and leads to a smooth delivery and healthy baby! 🙂

  6. chelseajacobs

    thinking and praying for you and your sweet babe!

  7. Praying for you, Christopher, and your sweet baby girl. ❤ That number of appointments is amazing! I'm so glad your medical team is working hard to stay on top of everything.

    • It’s definitely a lot, but I don’t mind. Knowing that we are doing everything we can to get her here safely is so encouraging to me! Thank you so much for your prayers, Olya!!

  8. We serve an incredible, powerful God who steps in and moves when the circumstance seems impossible. My hubby is walking proof of that! And praise God for skilled doctors who help to take care of us and our babies.
    You know that I have been praying with you throughout this process. And I will continue to do so until you finally get to hold her in your arms! Being pregnant is scary enough without having actual risks like you are facing. I can’t imagine. But I am SO thankful that God is there to help you find peace during this scary – and precious – time!

    • Amen, amen, amen! Your family’s testimony is just completely amazing to me! I love seeing how many miracles God performed one right after the other for you guys. Thank you for your prayers, Nicole! Your encouragement and support has meant so much to me!

  9. Pregnancy is so exciting and also makes me so anxious. I love that you’ve found a song or two to claim during this time and that can encourage you. I’ll definitely be praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery! I’m sure you can’t wait to meet her 🙂

    • Thank you, Amanda! And you are so right – we are so excited to meet her! Seeing your photos of Baby Bum on Instagram had me grinning ear to ear this past week! And definitely thinking about how I’ll be holding my own baby so soon. 29 days or less!! It’s crazy and amazing at the same time!

  10. I’m sending all the good vibes and positive thoughts your way- it’s got to be so much better to actively bring calmness/peace than spending your entire pregnancy with anxiety!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Still praying for your sweet family, always & forever ❤ You guys are on my mind DAILY. I'm thankful that the Lord has been comforting you through music! Now I've gotta look up Hannah Kerr 🙂

    • You are such a blessing to me, sweet friend! Thank you for your constant support and prayers through all of this! And yes! Look up Hannah Kerr! I just love her! 🙂

  12. Every time you post a picture of that sweet bump I am so thankful that you had another week to cook that baby girl a little more so she can be a little stronger than last week. I will continue to be thinking about you over the next several weeks. Each appointment another blessing!

  13. I am so glad you introduced me to Hannah Kerr’s music because I don’t think there’s a single song I don’t LOVE! Praying for you always, my sweet friend!

  14. Praying right now! ❤

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