Happy Adoption Day to our Mutt!

Seven years ago today we adopted this pup. He has been our only child for such a long time and sometime in the next couple of weeks his whole world is going to be rocked. But until then, we’re going to give him as much extra attention and love as we can. 🙂

with oreo2

with oreo3.jpg

with oreo4

with oreo.jpg

Oh sweet mutt, you have been such a big part of our lives these past seven years. Happy birthday/adoption day, Oreo!

Love Rach


28 responses to “Happy Adoption Day to our Mutt!

  1. Happy adoption day! And Congratulations and Good Luck!!!! These photos remind me of when I was pregnant! Tomorrow we are going to adopt a cat for my 11 month old daughter! Xx

  2. Happy Happy Day Oreo! Bet you’ll be a great big brother!!

  3. Happy Adoption Day, Oreo!!

  4. Awwwwwww Happy Adoption Day, Oreo!!!! Love all the sweet doggie bump photos.

  5. Rebekah Johnson

    I love this!!!

    So glad you got Oreo. He is a cute dog. I had no idea he was 7! I hope he integrates well with your little one. I bet he will given some time. Static did better with babies over time. I also told Dave we have to get our new puppy trained before we have kids. I can’t do dog training and baby at the same time.

    • He’s probably closer to 9 actually. His age was guesstimated to be about 2 when he came into the shelter in January of 2010. He has definitely starting getting more gray around his eyes in the past couple of years. And he has slowed waaay down from his younger years. He sure is a sweetheart, though. And thanks! We are hoping he’ll have an easy transition to us bringing Baby V home!

  6. Erica | Whimsical September blog

    Oh that last picture is just BEAUTIFUL!! So sweet!

  7. I love love love these photos. Pups are so precious!

  8. Awww, Oreo! I love this, lady! He’s going to be amazing with the baby, I know it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Love these pictures!

  10. So sweet that you included Oreo in your maternity photos! He is one lucky pup! ❤

  11. Oh these photos are so so precious! And I love that he is an adopted dog!

  12. These are the sweetest pictures! You can really feel the love. I can’t wait to have a dog again someday. We have decided to hold off while we have really little children/ babies. Someday when the kids are a little older I hope to adopt another one though!

  13. Awww, these are such sweet photos! Love them so much! Oreo is one special little (well, I guess big haha) guy!

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