Christopher, this photographer’s BFF

I’m currently on maternity leave from photography, but I’ve been thinking recently about how thankful I’ve been to have Christopher as such a big part of my photography business. Since the beginning of this photography business, Christopher has come to every photo session that he can. Many sessions happen while he’s at work, but if he’s able, he likes to come along. And I love for him to be there. It’s nice to have the sweet encouragement, but even more than that – he is super handy to have around!

the best photography assistant  (7).jpg

First of all, I like to be able to check the lighting before my clients arrive. So having a person to model for me helps a TON! This shot was taken to test lighting just before a client arrived and it has turned into one of my favorites. I just love how cozy Christopher looks with his scarf and coat and beard. 🙂

the best photography assistant  (6).JPG

Kids love him! He is great at keeping kiddos occupied while they wait their turn for photos. In the photo above he was playing with the kids while I took couple photos of their parents. Christopher is quite the child wrangler. 😉

the best photography assistant  (2).JPG

He helps out with lighting! Usually by using reflectors to reflect soft light onto the clients, but in this case we had one giant shaft of sun coming down in the middle of the photo so he’s actually using the reflector to block the sun.

the best photography assistant  (1)

He’s great at getting kids to laugh! You can see here that he has a toy in one hand and a burp cloth, paci, and ball in the other hand. Not only is he great at lugging around purses and diaper bags as we move from spot to spot, he’s also great at getting natural smiles from kiddos while I snap away. He usually stands right behind me while he does this so he has been known (on many occasions) to drop a toy on my head to elicit laughter from kiddos. Works every time. 😉

the best photography assistant  (4).JPG

And best of all… he has become my second shooter for weddings. All along the way, he has been interested in what I’ve learned so I’ve shared it with him as well. He may not have quite as much hands-on practice at photography as I have over the past few years, but he has a natural eye and the practical know-how to take beautiful photos. I absolutely love having him as my second shooter for events! 🙂

I am so thankful for the way he has supported me from the beginning and has helped out all along the way! I love my lenses and lighting equipment and Photoshop, but Christopher is the most invaluable asset to my business of all. He is definitely this photographer’s BFF. 🙂

Do you have a person or thing that helps make your job much easier?

Love Rach


30 responses to “Christopher, this photographer’s BFF

  1. Y’all are so sweet together! He is also good at taking amazing pictures of you! Y’all make a great team!

    • I should’ve mentioned that in this post!! He IS so great at taking pictures of me! I felt SO uncomfortable at the beginning of this pregnancy when he started taking those weekly photos (I’m not used to posing by myself haha), but we’ve gotten in such an easy groove with it and I’m SO glad we have done it because he has really taken some of the sweet pictures of this bump! 🙂

  2. I love this post because Christopher reminds me so much of Will!! He is the same way with my photography–he comes along whenever he can to the photoshoots and is the BEST at getting dogs to look at the camera by holding their toys behind me HAHA!

    We’ve got some great men in our lives, don’t we? 😉

  3. Janessa Hester

    It is so fabulous having a spouse that gets to and wants to be involved in your business! Most of the other photographers we know have to hire assistants to do all the things Christopher is doing, so it’s nice sharing that with your husband! And several photographers we know actually started as assistants and learned so much along the way. Brooklyn is actually planning to do that once she gets a little older (can drive herself lol) since she is interested in photography. Maybe she will teach me a few things too haha!

    • Once or twice I’ve had someone else act as an assistant for me when it’s a session with a bunch of kids and Christopher can’t make it so I definitely appreciate how great it is to have him! Plus it’s fun working together. 🙂 And it helps for him to come to a session when I need him to pretend to be taking photos and he’s really running a video camera to video awesome moments like surprising your daughter with news that she’s going to be a big sister! 😉 Speaking of her – I had no idea that she was interested in photography! That’s awesome! When she’s ready to start working as an assistant, feel free to reach out and we can see if I might be a good fit for her. 🙂

  4. What an awesome partner you have, all around!

  5. How amazing is he?! And he seriously looks so so good in a scarf!

  6. This is so neat to see! I had no idea that he went to so many of your photo shoots! 🙂

    • He does! In fact sometimes if I know I have a session with LOTS of kids, I schedule it for a time when I know that Christopher can come to help out, haha!

  7. Aww, Christopher sounds like a huge help! 🙂 And I’m sure anyone who can make kids laugh easily is sooo key on a family shoot!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. This is awesome! Working with someone you not only trust but LOVE is something not everyone gets to do!

  9. What an awesome BFF!

  10. So awesome that you guys make such a good team in the work you do! Working together at the same school in China was I think one of the funnest times in our marriage–and one of the reasons we want to have a business together in the not-so-distant future, because getting to work together is really, really cool.

    • Working together is such a cool thing! I love that you guys have enjoyed it in the past and I am so excited for your future plans to work together! I think that will be so amazing! 🙂

  11. Aww that is great that Christopher is such a supporter and helper for you. There is a lot that goes into a photoshoot that a lot of us don’t know about so it is nice to have back up Rach! I love the pic with the kids and Christopher, he could be their Dad in that one. What a bff to have! I hope you are doing well Dear, Hugs, Terri xoxo.

  12. Aww, this is truly the sweetest, Rach! I love that Christopher is interested in your passion and is such a huge help! I laughed at what you said about him dropping toys on you to get kids to laugh. He’s going to be a wonderful, fun dad very soon!!

    • He is SO good at getting kids to laugh! When I do sessions without him, I definitely have to work twice as hard to get those natural smiles!

  13. That is awesome that he has been such a huge help. I love that he is so good with the kids. It can be a struggle to get kids to keep a good attitude throughout taking pictures so I am sure that is a huge help, not only to you, but to the parents as well. I love that he has learned along with you, because it definitely shows in the pregnancy shots he has taken of you. They are so beautiful and will be so great to have and look back on!

    • That’s so true! Parents love when I bring him along! Especially when he entertains them while we do couple photos of the parents. 🙂

      And you are so right – he has taken so many great photos of this sweet bump along the way! I love that he is so good with a camera! 🙂

  14. This is such a sweet post! You guys are such an awesome life team – and I know you will be amazing parents! ❤

  15. Amazing Sounds Christopher. Beautiful pictures of you! Y’all make a great team and work.

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