The Ultimate Guide of Where to Eat in Memphis

When we found out we were pregnant, we decided to do all the things that people say you aren’t able to do (at least as easily) once you have kids. One of those things is to eat out. So we picked our favorite places and made sure to eat at them all. Which made me realize that I should share all these amazing places with you guys! So if you are in Memphis and looking for some awesome food, here’s a little guide! Each one is linked to a blog post with more pictures and information.

corky's ribs

BBQ Ribs: Corky’s

Showboat BBQ
BBQ Sandwich: Showboat BBQ

BBQ Nachos: Rendezvous (but don’t bother going to the restaurant – the line is always long because it’s a touristy spot. Instead, get these at any event you attend at the Fed Ex Forum or at the Red Birds Stadium).

las delicias guacamole

Mexican: Las Delicias (all their food is awesome, but the guac is a MUST here!)

rock 'n dough pizza

Pizza: Rock ‘n DoughΒ (the Ridgeway location is closed now, but we really like their Germantown location!)

ciao bella

Italian: Ciao Bella


Sushi: Tokyo Grill (their sushi is awesome both in restaurant and to-go!)

tycoon (4)

Pho & Chinese Food: Tycoon


Burgers: Kooky Canuck’s (the 7 pound burger is what they are famous for and it’s definitely fun to order, but their other burgers are super awesome too!)

celtic crossing fish 'n chips

Fish ‘n Chips: Celtic Crossing


Middle Eastern: Casablanca


Mediterranean/Greek: Zam Zamz

majestic ribeye steak

Steak: The Majestic Grille

the mempho

Best Sandwich: Patrick’s (get the Mempho! It’s awesome!)

brother juniper's

Breakfast: Brother Juniper’s

stax pancakes.jpg

Pancakes: Staks

Putting this post together has made me so hungry, haha! Memphis is full of incredible food, my friends!

Love Rach

31 responses to “The Ultimate Guide of Where to Eat in Memphis

  1. This has made me hungry too! πŸ˜€

  2. Yuummmm! I will definitely have to check some of these places out the next time I go to Memphis! The last time I went I spent a ridiculous amount of time at Gibson’s Donuts. lol.

  3. Our time in Memphis was too short! We had some great barbeque while we were there, but we need to go BAAACCCKKK!

  4. Looks yummy. Awesome list!

  5. OHHH my. I am suddenly hungry.

  6. Oh gosh… now I’m HUNGRY! Ha, ha. That burger, in particular, looks sooooo good!!

  7. Katherine Salter

    A few of these are my favorites! I was just talking about las delicias today. Though I talk about it a lot because we have yet to find great Mexican food in Canada. I jokingly said that we could go there everyday next time we were in Memphis and I would be happy.
    Going out to eat with baby is tricky but we have managed ir a few times and he slept the whole time!

    Now I’m hungry!

    • Oh girl, Las D is a favorite of ours! Well, obviously since it’s on this list, haha! But really, we eat there all the time. Before my last group of teens all graduated high school we used to eat there every Wednesday night. It’s super close to our house so we’re there a lot! We’re eating there with friends this week in fact. πŸ™‚

  8. Wow, everything looks so good!

  9. My hometown! You hit some good ones!

    • Did I know this was your hometown?? I’m trying to remember. I didn’t grow up here, but I’ve been here 9 years now so it definitely feels like home now! πŸ™‚ So much good food here!

  10. Thank goodness it is lunch time, because this has made me HUNGRY!

  11. Okay, when I visit Memphis we’re going to Tokyo Grill and Casablanca okay?! πŸ˜‰

  12. YUM to all of the things! I’ve had those nachos! (I think you actually recommended them, haha.)
    PS I feel like maybe I’ve already told you this but just wanted to tell you again, congrats on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl and family, friend!

    • Yes! I totally recommended those nachos! Love that you know just how delicious they are! πŸ™‚

      And thank you so much! We are loving life with our little girl! πŸ™‚

  13. lauren alford design

    and now, I’m starving!!!

  14. This is the ultimate foodie list!!!! I had no idea that memphis had literally EVERYTHING. Thanks for sharing, Rach! XO

  15. All of these eats look amazing… I need a trip to Memphis!

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