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Ohio Trip

We spent this past weekend in Ohio visiting my oldest sister’s family. For those who don’t know, they live in Prague (check out this post for our recent trip to visit them there!). However, thanks to a business trip, they are hanging out in Ohio for a bit so we went up to visit them!


This is us with our niece, Katka and nephew, Marek. They are so fun to spend time with! Melissa (their mom/my sister) and I have talked a lot about parenting over the years and this weekend I started asking her oldest (Katka) what she thought of her parents parenting. It was fun hearing her perspective (turns out she thinks her parents are doing a pretty good job). 🙂

melissa kids rach.jpg

Katka is very excited to meet her cousin the next time we see them! She loved feeling my baby bump and offering name suggestions. 🙂


My sister’s family! As always, we had a wonderful visit with them! Even though they live in Europe, I’m so thankful we’ve made an effort to see each other as frequently as we can!


We did plenty in Columbus, Ohio over this weekend (including visiting the zoo, walking around the Ohio State campus, walking around downtown, eating lots of delicious food, and playing at parks), but this is the only other photo I have, haha! We ate at Skyline Chili and it was delicious! Though, I’ll be honest, half that cheese came off before I ate it, haha! 😉


I’ll leave you with this shot from yesterday at the airport. Baby Girl has POPPED! I can’t figure out if this is because I really have grown this much or if this is the first Baby Bump photo we’ve taken near the end of the day versus in the morning. I definitely ate a lot of dairy this weekend which tends to bloat me. So I’m not sure how much of that is Baby V and how much of that is the cheese I had for lunch. 😉 But either way, Baby Girl is growing and making sure everyone knows she’s here! This is the 4th State she’s visited while in utero, but her first flight! I’m excited for all the adventures we’ll have with her on the outside too! 🙂

Do you have far-away family that you still get to see on a regular basis?

Have you had Skyline Chili? If so, did you actually eat all that cheese?! 

Love Rach

A day in the country

Life is moving at breakneck speed right now (seriously, I am going to wake up tomorrow and it will be 2017, ha!). So this weekend was the perfect time to get away to the country for a bit.

rach and diamond1.jpg



If you can’t tell, we’re on a 4 wheeler in that last shot. And I’m sure some of you saw the blurry, shaky InstaStory of us riding horses as well. 🙂 I only have a couple of photos because I held a friend’s baby while she rode a horse and he fell asleep on me. So I snuggled that sleeping baby for the rest of the evening so his mom’s hands could be free. We also cooked hotdogs over a bonfire and spent the evening chatting with friends. It was a wonderful sort of day out in the country. I’m so thankful for the family who lives here who invites us all out twice a year. What a blessing this place is for the soul! 🙂

Have you been out to the country lately?

When was the last time you rode a horse or 4 wheeler?
Love Rach

Europe, here we come!!


The time has come! We are at the airport about to fly out. I’ll be posting on Instagram throughout the trip so feel free to follow along there. Happy Thursday, friends!

Love Rach

All the things in one day

Saturday was the day that all the things happened. We started our morning at the zoo with family and went from there to a photo shoot and from there to meet up with an old college buddy who was in town visiting and from there to play outdoor laser tag with friends and from there to a birthday celebration dinner with the same group. It was quite the day. Exhausting, but fun.

Each of these things would be a blog post on their own normally, but I’m sure you guys have noticed that I’m writing less frequently these days. It’s busy season with my photography business again which means less time spent sharing stories and favorites here on the blog. But even if I don’t have time to share all the stories today, I can at least share some favorite photos from the weekend. 🙂

 Morning at the Memphis Zoo!

laser tag{photo snagged from Fawn’s Instagram}

If you’ve ever wondered about the church I go to… here’s a good look at some of our leadership. 😉 Our preacher & his wife, our youth minister, and our children’s minister are all pictured here. Almost everyone else here is a volunteer or a ministry team leader. We’re a pretty cool group if I do say so myself. 😉

us at laser tag

Both Christopher and I wiped out hard while playing laser tag (he slid in mud just after capturing their flag and I tripped over a root while running full speed as a distraction). He had an egg-sized lump on his shin (no joke! It was scary looking!) and I banged up my knee pretty badly, but we still had such a great time! We’re a little sore this week, but we’re proud of playing hard. 🙂

Now we need a weekend to recover from our weekend. 😉

Have you ever played laser tag outdoors? This was a first for us!
Love Rach

Things I’ll remember from 2015

For my last post of 2015 I wanted to look back at some of the things that I know I’ll remember about this year.

princess party

A huge one for 2015 was that this was the year “my girls” graduated from high school. I’ve been mentoring them since they were in 7th grade so it’s hard to believe they are all off in college now. A favorite memory with them this year was our final princess party. It was precious. 🙂


We’ve had a lot of health stuff/surgeries/sicknesses/etc going on this year. Among them was Christopher’s ACL surgery in January and me getting food poisoning in the Dominican Republic. As hard as some of this has been and as much as I might like to forget those parts of 2015, I’m thankful for the way we so tenderly care for and support each other. And we have both been overwhelmed by the kindness and support of friends and family this year.

us on the beach3

A new thing for 2015 was the Our 30 Days thing we did. A break we took from “real life” to just be together. It.was.awesome. Since then we’ve learned to be much better about carving out time for us which I have loved!

photographer rach3

My photography business has continued to grow and I have continued to be amazed by the growth. I’ll remember 2015 as the year that I let myself get way overbooked (especially Oct-Dec). I came out of busy season with my head still attached so that’s good news, but I want to have a better plan in place for next year. I’m working on that. 😉 But all in all, this business has been awesome and I am unbelievably grateful for my clients, mentors, and encouragers. 🙂

us at grand canyon6

Of course, like most years, 2015 was full of traveling for us. My favorite trips were to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Destin (even though we had a terrifying experience with a rip current this year, we still love Destin!), and NYC. And of course the Bahamas, but that is part of the next one…

us in nassau

Celebrating Christopher’s 30th birthday with a trip to Harry Potter World (that post is still coming!) and taking a cruise to the Bahamas! Awesome-sauce! Definitely a solid way to end 2015! 🙂

I’m not sure what all 2016 will bring our way, but I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome! 🙂

Love Rach

The Big City!

Oh, my friends, New York City was fabulous. I had no idea how wonderful this trip would be. I mean, I knew we’d have fun because we enjoyed the one day we spent there when we were in college, but oh my gracious, it was even better than we imagined!

us in nyc 2006Us in Times Square way back in 2006

We spent our 2006 spring break with some of our college friends in Liverpool & Syracuse, NY. We spent one day exploring NYC, but honestly Christopher and I just kind of followed our friends around. So we saw all the major sites, but didn’t do much exploring on our own. This time around, we were looking forward to really getting to know the city a little better.

us skylineAaand this was us in NYC last Saturday. 🙂

And see the city, we did! We walked 10-12 miles a day (yes, miles) which meant we were worn out at the end of every day, but it was a good kind of worn out. The kind of worn out where every minute was worth it. We did take the subway a lot, but we enjoyed walking when we could because we liked seeing the city. 🙂


One thing that I was surprised by was just how much I loved being in the city again. I spent the first 12 years of my life in small towns. But just after I turned 13 my family moved to a city of 8 million people where I lived until I went to college. So in my growing up years I experienced both country life and city life. Currently, I live in Memphis which is a city, but it’s on the small side as cities go. It wasn’t until we were walking the streets of NYC that I realized just how much I had missed the big city feel of life.

rach in the cityMe outside the Imperial Theater before Les Miserables (which will be a whole post on its own!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live. I really enjoy visiting big cities and being reminded of how much I loved living in one as a teenager, but it’s not the life for me anymore. I have really gotten used to the pace of life where I live. In a city big enough that I’m close to Target and Starbucks (these are the specific things I point out to our friends who try to get us to move further out into the country, ha!) not to mention that we have a pretty happening “city” scene (complete with incredible food, good shopping, great concerts & plays, and even our own NBA team). But also in a city small enough that I have space for a house with a backyard (important for us with the dog) while still being inside city limits. And where traffic, though a pain sometimes, is limited mostly to rush hour and is pretty tolerable.

rach in little italyMe in Little Italy

So while I was giddy for the first full day just about being back in a big city, Christopher was not quite able to take a full breath until we were inside Central Park and away from all the buildings, noise, and people. He enjoyed visiting NYC, but even the idea of living in a huge city really stresses him out. Memphis felt like a huge metropolis to him when we first moved here. He grew up in a house surrounded by cornfields five miles away from the closest town (which was still only 1,800 people). So other than driving into the closest city a couple of times a week, the laid back, country life was all he knew until he moved to college. Which means that while he enjoys visiting big cities, he never quite feels like he can take a full breath while he’s there.

christopher in central parkChristopher at the Belvedere Castle in Central Park

So it’s good that we settled in Memphis. It’s a good middle ground for us. Enough space for him to breathe and enough city for me to enjoy. It probably seems weird for me to write so much about Memphis when this post is really about NYC, but mostly I just wanted to have a written reminder of just how great a fit our city is for us. And to remember just how much I loved visiting a big city again. 🙂

Lots more coming on our NYC trip. From things we did to places we ate to thoughts we had. I’ll be sharing it all! 😀

Did you grow up in a big city or the country or something in between? And what type of place do you live now? Do you prefer one over the other?

Love Rach

Hello from NYC!

Hello dear friends! I am writing to you from New York City!


We knew we would love it because we had fun here together when we came during college, but it has been even better than we expected! We are still here a few more days so I’ll update you guys when we get home with all the awesome details! If you want to keep up with our trip until then, I’m posting to Instagram here and there. 🙂


Ps. Sorry if the formatting is weird. I’m typing this from my phone. 🙂

Love Rach