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Winter Jam 2017!

Over the weekend Christopher and I went to Winter Jam here in Memphis!


10 bands for $10 at the door. Always an awesome night of worship! I love it every year!


This year my favorites were David Crowder, Colton Dixon, 10th Avenue North, Newsong, and newcomer Sarah Reeves. I’d never heard of Sarah before, but her voice was gorgeous and her lyrics were so powerful! I loved her songs “Details” and “Faithful”! SO good!


Christopher’s favorite was definitely David Crowder because he loves that style of music. This is our 3rd time hearing him perform and I think it was my favorite of the three. He played a couple of his songs acoustically and the whole crowd sang along. It was beautiful. And powerful.

On a funny note: there were a couple of hip hop/rap songs performed by different artists complete with crazy strobe lights and every teenager around us rapping along… those songs officially made me feel like an old person. We have mentored teenagers for over a decade so I tend to keep up with trends in music, social media, and fashion pretty well (even if I don’t follow along – I still “get it”). But during those songs I had flashbacks to my mom walking into my room when I was a teenager and asking me what on earth my loud rap music was. I told her it was a Christian group called POD and she just kind of looked quizzically at me and said “okay…” I didn’t understand it at the time, but I totally do now. How do these teenagers understand any of the words? It just sounds loud! Yeah, I’m officially an out-of-touch-with-today’s-youth’s-music old person. 😉

Love Rach

Moments of goodness

I keep trying to figure out how to start this blog post and I keep starting over. So forgive me if this isn’t said well or if I’m all over the place. Here’s the truth, it was a rough weekend. For both mine and Christopher’s families. We were with his family helping out with a difficult situation when we got a call from my family with bad news. I know all of this is really vague (which is part of why I keep having trouble figuring out how to word things), but for now this is the best I can share. It was a hard weekend for both our families. And there is more pain and more news and more transition to come. So please say a prayer for both of our families. We would so appreciate it.

The weekend wasn’t all bad, though. There were moments of goodness.


On Thursday (which wasn’t really the weekend, but close enough that I’m counting it, ha!)  we went to a Casting Crowns concert. We both like this group, but really it was the opener who I was SUPER excited to see. Matt Maher opened for Casting Crowns and he is one of my favorites. He has so many incredible songs that just really touch my heart. Lord I Need You, Christ is Risen, Your Grace is Enough, and Because He Lives are four of my favorites which you’ll find on repeat around our house. I can’t tell you how much we needed to go into this weekend with these anthems speaking truth over us. And as an added bonus, the very first opener was a girl named Hannah Kerr who I had never heard of, but it turns out I love her! I came home and bought her whole album the next day! So definitely a good night. 🙂 That picture up there is of all the artists on stage together singing a finale!

tony and toph.jpg

This shot is of Christopher and his dad from yesterday afternoon. For newer readers who may not know – Christopher’s dad has dementia. If you have ever known someone in the later stages of dementia then you know how heartbreaking it can be. I’m thankful for the little moments like this one.


My mother-in-law is part of a group of ladies who write cards (happy birthday, get well soon, condolences, etc) to people who attend their church. Seeing these four ladies work together was hilarious. Did I mention that one of those ladies is my grandmother? She’s the spunky red-head (she’ll tell you that it’s still red even if you can’t tell these days) on the left in the picture. Christopher and I grew up far away from each other, but my grandparents and his parents live in the same town now and go to the same church and have become good friends. So funny how that works sometimes! Anyway, I got to stick on the return labels and pick little sticker closures for the back of the envelopes. Important work, my friends. 😉

I have to note here… I love the example my mother-in-law sets. Being a care taker for someone who has dementia is so taxing (emotionally, physically, mentally, etc). And yet, despite the fact that she has so much going on already, she still thinks of others and actively works to bless others in their community. Love that about her.

This weekend was such a difficult one, but it made it easy to highlight the blessings in our life. We live in a broken world, but there is goodness here as well. And so very much to be thankful for.

Love Rach

Ps. I know I’m all over the place. Thank you for having grace for me today.

Why we love High Valley

Four years ago Christopher and I went to a Lonestar concert and fell in love with the band who opened for them. Lonestar was great too, but we knew that going into it. What we didn’t expect was to love the opener so much. They were a little known group called High Valley. You can read all about that first concert experience here. Over the years, we have continued to follow their music and just loved it more and more. And now, finally, they have a song in the top 40 which has put them into the spot light a little more.

This past Monday, High Valley was in Memphis so naturally Christopher and I went to see them. It.Was.Awesome. I don’t think either of us stopped smiling the entire time. Their music is just so great! And going to a concert where you know all the songs is awesome too! Not only do they have great music, but they are hilarious. The guys are brothers and they kind of pick on each other and have a lot of laughs throughout the performance. It’s just awesome. 🙂

high valley!.jpg

Their lyrics are wholesome which honestly is probably a part of why they aren’t more famous. I love country music, but there are a lot of songs that spend a lot of time objectifying women and/or talking about poor choices with alcohol. Regardless of how catchy the song may be, I don’t want that stuff stuck in my head. And High Valley delivers great music with awesome lyrics.

In their song, County Line, there is a lyric that says “Got my honey on my arm, Jesus in my heart…” and Christopher loves to reference that part of the song as he and I walk around hand-in-hand. He just really relates to them. To their country upbringing, to their deep religious convictions, and to how respectful they are to women in their lyrics.

It’s impossible for me to pick just one favorite song to share with you guys so I’ve decided to just share the one that has reached the top 40 since it’s obviously popular. But my gracious, you guys, all their songs are amazing.

us with high valley

Oh, and as awesome as listening to their music live again was, the best part of the evening was getting to meet the guys. It was a smaller venue so we were able to chat with them for a few minutes. When Christopher told them how much he loved their song On the Combine because it reminded him of his childhood, they asked where he was from. I know that seems like a small thing, but it was awesome to have these guys whose music we’ve been listening to for 4 years, ask about us. They so related to Christopher’s small town up bringing and it was just really sweet. We left the venue with huge smiles and happy hearts. It was an awesome night, my friends. 🙂

Have you met an artist you really love?
Love Rach

Weekend Happenings

Good morning, friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Ours was filled with 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine. A year ago this weekend we had lots of snow and two years ago on this same weekend we had the ice apocalypse hit while we were driving home from Dallas so I’m especially grateful for all the warmth. 🙂

harry potter party.jpg{source}

Our weekend kicked off with a Harry Potter themed birthday for a 7-year-old which was all kinds of fun. I snapped some photos on my phone, but I don’t know several of the kids or their parents so I’m going to not post those here. Just imagine a group of kids running around playing quidditch and having potions class. It was adorable.

christopher picking out wood.jpg

Saturday was filled with continuing the kitchen project. We are now on phase two since the cabinets/countertops are in. I want to say that we are close to finishing, but I’ve thought that before and well… here we are 4 months later, ha! But it’s definitely starting to look great! 🙂


Saturday evening we joined 19,000 other Memphians (and people from the tri-State area) to hit max capacity at the FedEx Forum for Winterjam. 10 bands for $10 at the door and it is awesome every time. Every artist who performed was so talented, but my favorites this time included For King & Country (they sang Shoulders which, as you guys know, was like my theme song this time last year), Matthew West, Lauren Daigle, David Crowder Band, Newsong, and Sidewalk Prophets. Such an incredible night!

christopher and ada.jpg

Sunday evening after life group ended, someone handed Christopher a baby. This is actually not terribly uncommon in our group of friends. There are a lot of babies and toddlers and kids who all need attention. And if there is an adult with free hands, babies get passed over pretty quickly. Christopher is great with toddlers and kids, but babies kind of scare him so his face when he was handed the baby was pretty great (not to mention that this was actually the second time in less than a week that someone has handed him a baby to hold). He has yet to drop one, but he is convinced it could happen. However, despite how uncomfortable he is, he is always willing to help out and it makes my heart smile seeing him with the tiny ones. 🙂

Are you comfortable holding babies? What about your significant other? I was definitely not a natural when I first started holding babies as a teenager, but lots of practice has  made me quite as ease with it.

What is the best themed birthday party you’ve been to? This Harry Potter one was pretty awesome!

Love Rach

Recent Happenings

ada grace

We met our friends’ brand new baby girl this weekend. She’s just 2 days old in the photo above. Her name is Ada Grace and she is way adorable!

rock and worship roadshow

I went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow last week and loved every minute of it. When Michael Tait, lead singer of the Newsboys who used to be part of DC Talk, sang Jesus Freak, I confess that I may have freaked out a little. Read: A LOT. It’s amazing to me that after so many years I still know every single lyric to that song. The rest of the concert was amazing too. From Phil Wickam leading us in worship to Mandisa preaching her heart out to Jeremy Camp, Danny Gokey, Newsboys, and Audio Adrenaline rocking the stage… it was just awesome. Such an incredible night! 🙂

Christopher was gone for a work trip last week. We really hate having to be apart or travel separately and unfortunately this month is full of that on top of it being busy season for him. Happy Valentine’s month, eh? Ha! It’s okay, though, March is coming! And we make the most of the time we do have right now! 🙂 We took some time on Valentine’s afternoon to just be home, stop everything else, and just be. After so little quality time together this month, it was exactly what we needed. 🙂

writing on the mirror.jpg
Because we are so aware of how little time we are spending together (at least compared to normal for us), we try and go the extra mile in showing each other that we love and support the other. This is what’s currently written on our mirror courtesy of my husband. 🙂 I kind of love him. 🙂

Did you go out for Valentine’s or stay in or not celebrate at all?

Been to any good concerts or held any cute babies lately?
Love Rach

A bit of a hodge podge post

As you guys know, I’m in “busy season” with my photography business so that is keeping me really busy during the days when I don’t have the kiddos I nanny. But you may not know that Christopher is also in busy season with work. It’s a quarter close for him so October is always busy (as well as January, February, April, and July). So naturally since we’re both so busy with work right now, this is the perfect time for Christopher and I to decide to move forward with our kitchen renovation. 😉 Okay, maybe not the best time, but we didn’t want to put it off past the holidays because we have other projects to work on! 🙂 So we have been spending the time we’re at home working away on that (which, by the way, I am so excited to share with you as we get more of it put together!).

Since we’ve been busy with work stuff and home stuff, I haven’t taken as much time to write here all the fun other stuff! So I want to do a quick recap of some of the highlights from the past week.

Last Wednesday we went to Fall on Beale to hear Chase Rice and LoCash. Kelsi came with us and let me tell you – we made some memories! Christopher and I are huge Chase Rice fans ever since we first saw him in concertThis time around it was a little more low key (just an acoustic set), but still really good!

We attended a couple of classes this past week that the Alzheimer’s Association hosted. One on legal & financial information and the other on communication strategies. Both were really good and helpful. As Christopher’s dad’s condition progresses, we want to be as much help as we can be to both him and Christopher’s mom (who cares for his dad).

compassion experience

We spent Saturday volunteering with Compassion International. They are one of the organizations that partners with people like us to sponsor children around the world. We sponsor four kiddos with them and honestly those kids deserve a blog post of their own so that one will be coming! We volunteered with CI on Saturday, by helping them out with something called the Compassion Experience. Watch the video below to learn what the Compassion Experience is all about.

Our job was to get people set up with the ipods and headsets which meant that we got to talk to so many people who care about the children who are living in poverty around the world. By the end of the night my voice was nearly gone and we were so tired, but it was the good kind of exhausted. I asked Christopher how he felt as we were driving away and he responded with, “I’m tired, but I don’t think I’ve ever walked away from volunteering and not been really glad I did it.” And I think he’s spot on. 🙂

Oh, and finally – I went to a baby shower yesterday and someone had found the CUTEST little boy clothes from Target! I always love showers for little girls better than for boys because they just generally have cuter stuff for girls. But apparently Target is currently on point with the baby boy clothes because my gracious – they were adorable! So if you have a little boy or are expecting one, here’s my PSA for you: go to Target. 😉

Alrighty, I know this post was all over the place, but this is what happens when I don’t take as much time to blog. It just all comes out at once, haha! Thanks for sticking with me friends! 🙂

Love Rach

That one time we accidentally ended up backstage at a concert

Last night we went to a TobyMac concert. We went because Colton Dixon (from American Idol) was one of his openers and I love Colton Dixon’s music. My favorites are “Through All Of It” and “You Are” but really I love most of his stuff. And I love TobyMac’s “Steal My Show” (not to mention the fact that I still heart DC Talk all these years later). And I heard Britt Nicole was going to be there and I knew I liked her sound too. So this concert was a winner!

colton dixon

And it was. Hearing a few of my favorite songs sung live was awesome! Colton rocked it. I love, love, love his lyrics. Read this:

And this is Who You are.
More constant than the stars up in the sky!
All these years of my life I look back and I see You.
And right now I still do
And I’m always going to…

I could write a whole blog post about how this song has really touched my heart this year. I just love the reminder of God’s faithfulness. 🙂

And Britt Nicole… she rocks. She never stopped moving the whole time – she danced and ran out into the crowd and was just overall really a cool performer to watch. If you listen to mainstream radio, you’ve probably heard her song “Gold” and if you are more of a Christian station kinda person then you’ve probably heard “All This Time.”


Then it was TobyMac. Unfortunately around this time I started to not feel very well. But I wanted to hear “Steal My Show” since we were so close to it! So we stayed through the first half of his performance until he performed that song (which was AWESOME!) and then we headed out. Sorry, Toby! No hard feelings. It’s not you, it’s me. Really. You are a great performer. We hated to leave early.

And here’s where things got interesting…

You guys, I have the best sense of direction. Well, maybe not the best of anyone ever. But a really, really good one. I rarely get turned around. And I always know how to get back to the place I came from. Christopher, on the other hand, has a notoriously bad sense of direction. So he always just follows me because we both know that I don’t get lost.

Except apparently when I’m not feeling well. The concert venue was huge and we managed to come out the wrong door. Which meant we started walking around the building (THE WRONG WAY, I might add… we were so close to our car and didn’t even realize it). So we start walking around the building which would have been a really pleasant experience because the weather was gorgeous and we like to walk together except that I felt like I might throw up at any minute. So I gritted my teeth together and we forged on. Then we realized that we were walking admist a bunch of tour buses. We faltered for a minute, but then decided that we must be close to our car by this point (we weren’t – we were now on the complete opposite side of the building) so we kept walking.

It was the most awkward thing. As we walk up we notice that there are groups of people wearing all black (probably sound guys, back up dancers, band members, etc) standing around chatting and as we approach they all stop talking and stare at us. At this point we realize that we are somewhere we’re not supposed to be, but figure if we just keep walking, we’ll get where we need to be.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, a group of people walks up and Britt Nicole is right in the middle of them. She smiles kindly when in reality I’m pretty sure she was thinking “Oh my goodness, did these two people really sneak back here just to get an autograph? Oh well, be nice to the fans…” ha! She was really nice and said an energetic “Hi!” to us as we passed by to which we both automatically responded “hi!” So you know, now we’re naturally BFFs with Britt Nicole. 😉

At this point we realize that we are definitely in a place we shouldn’t be so we see open doors to the building and try to go back inside since we figure we might be able to cut back through. No joke, every time we walked close to any group of people everyone just stopped talking and stared at us. We really should’ve just asked someone for directions but instead we kept thinking that we’d figure it out. Christopher at this point says, “Hey look at that door over there… I bet it leads where we need to go…” Thankfully we only made it a few steps before we saw a sign announcing that it was a stage door. Like, we would have walked right out there as TobyMac was performing. Um… yeah… so back outside we went. And again all the people stared at us as we walked by pretending like we knew where we were going.

We kept walking around the building and as soon as we were far enough away that they couldn’t hear us, I burst into giggles. And Christopher goes “That was Britt Nicole!” And I’m like “Yes! And we almost ended up on stage!” Which I mean, we wouldn’t have. Because surely at some point someone would’ve stopped us. Or who knows, maybe we would’ve been perfect back up dancers for TobyMac. 😉

We finally made it to the car (20 minutes after we left our seats attempting to leave the venue) and I was so relieved to be heading home. But my, oh my, what a night.

Have you ever gotten turned around and ended up somewhere you weren’t supposed to be?

Love Rach