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Finding Family Treasures

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that Christopher’s parents moved down south while we were in college? Well, they intended to move back to Illinois so they kept a storage unit full of stuff up there. However, after 8 years living in the south, they’ve fallen in love with it and don’t want to move. So our purpose for going to Illinois was actually to clear out that storage unit!

storage unitOpening it up for the first time in years!

storage unit sortingIt was like American Pickers out there! Sorting everything into three piles: Keep, donate, and trash. Christopher’s aunt & uncle and grandmother came out to help us! And a couple of strangers came by and went through our “donate” pile to take stuff for a yard sale (less for us to load in a truck to donate!).

tan linesFunny story… last week at the beach, I wore swimsuits with different straps (or strapless) every day and applied sunscreen religiously to keep from having weird tan lines. One day in the breezy, pleasant 80 degree Illinois sun and I had serious racerback tan lines. It’s not hot and humid there like it is in TN (or on the beach) so I had no idea how much sun I was getting. Yikes! Now I’ll have to work on evening out these tan lines, haha!

familyAfter two days of hard work – we conquered it all! And just so you know who’s who… Christopher’s grandmother, Mommo is in the front with her two daughters (my mother-in-law in green)! Then there’s Christopher and me and his brother and his dad. Christopher’s uncle helped a lot on Friday, but had to work Saturday so he missed this fabulous photo op of us all being sweaty and gross together, haha! But he’s in the earlier “sorting” picture!

We donated the majority of it, but I did come home with some cute little things. Want to see?! I knew you would! 😀

christopher's baby stuffChristopher’s baby book, baby blanket, first ornament, baby shoes, and a Christmas bib from the hospital where he was born (December 16, 1985!). Oh, and that costume is one he wore for Halloween and now Mallory (the little girl I nanny) is modeling it for you. She had a great time playing in it yesterday!

toys and booksWe had fun picking out toys and books that we think our kids will enjoy playing with someday. Legos, trucks, Beanie Babies, vintage Barbies, Tinker Toys, and books! Some of these things we actually picked out specifically to leave at Christopher’s parents’ house once we have kids so they can have toys to play with there. For now, the toys are already being played with by the kiddos I nanny!

4H winningsWe found a whole scrapbook PLUS a box of Christopher’s 4H ribbons. Last night I actually finished the scrapbook off with the rest of the ribbons in this tote. It was fun seeing all the projects he worked on. His beef jerky won 1st place everywhere he took it. He even won State and got best of class! I was so proud of young Christopher. 🙂

christopher and michaelSpeaking of “young Christopher”… I found this gem as well. Look how adorable Christopher (blue) and his brother, Michael (green), were way back when! And naturally a few stuffed animals to boot. 😉

post cardsOne of Christopher’s favorite finds were these postcards addressed to him from his dad. His dad traveled a lot when Christopher was younger, but he always sent postcards whenever he was gone. For those who don’t know, Christopher’s dad has dementia so any little piece of his history is precious to us. It’s good to see the words “I miss you” and “I love you” in his dad’s hand writing. 🙂

cutest outfit everAaaand I’m going to end with the cutest outfit EVER! You guys, Christopher wore this when he was a toddler and I just LOVE it! It’s a nautical seersucker john john with anchors on it!! I nearly died from all the cuteness of this outfit! I’m so excited for our little ones to wear this outfit someday!

Do you have any old toys, books, or clothes from when you were growing up set aside for your future kids some day? 

If you have or had a loved one who traveled, did they ever send back post cards?

Have you ever worked hard to avoid tan lines only to get them by accident later (or am I the only one, ha!)?

Love Rach


Prepare yourself for the cuteness

Like I mentioned yesterday, while we were in Oklahoma we also got to see Christopher’s cousin and her family! The last time we saw them was three years ago because they have been living in North Dakota for awhile now. But! They have now moved to OK so visiting them is MUCH easier (and not near as cold, haha!). 🙂

us with ryan and elishaUs with Elisha (Christopher’s cousin) and Ryan 🙂

Elisha actually met me for the first time when I was in high school (still living in China!) and was visiting the States. Before I’d ever met Christopher! I had gone to church with my sister, Holly which also happened to be the same church Elisha went to. Holly and Elisha were good friends back then so she logged it away that she’d met Holly’s younger sister. I actually don’t remember meeting her specifically, but I met a lot of people during those summer trips to the States, haha! Anyway, imagine Elisha’s surprise when she met her cousin’s girlfriend for the first time and realized that she already knew her! Ha! Small world. 🙂 So strangely enough, Elisha has known me even longer than Christopher has! 😉

christopher and ryanAnd then there is Christopher and Ryan’s relationship… nothing says closeness like lovingly guiding your wife’s cousin to carve a turkey (2008). Or you know, the prom pose of 2014. 😉 {ps. check out how shaggy Christopher’s hair was in 2008!}

chloe 2008And then there are the kids… this is me holding Chloe for the very first time in 2008. I got to see the early years of her growing up, but like I mentioned earlier after they moved to ND, we didn’t see them for three years (until now!). Ready to see sweet Chloe now?!

chloe copyLook how gorgeous she is! A sweet little miss already. The time is just flying right by!

familyAnd then there’s Eli who I’ve only met once before (3 years ago when he had just turned 1!). He’s on the far left with his parents and Chloe and I’m on the far right with Christopher. This photo was at Brittany’s (pink shirt, also Christopher’s cousin) college graduation in 2011.

eli copyEli and I may have only met once before, but we became fast friends. He snuggled with me during church and that was pretty much the highlight of my morning. 😀

rach and titusAnd last, but not least… Titus! This weekend was the first time I got to meet him and he was all sweet smiles and happy baby. 🙂

titusOh, and did I mention that Titus has fantastic hair? Because he does! 🙂

So yeah, I hope you were properly prepared for all the cuteness in this post. Those kiddos are just super adorable. And I mean, naturally the adults are too. 😛 Anyway, we had a wonderful visit with them. We are so very thankful for our friendship with this sweet family!

Love Rach

Bringing you a smile

After yesterday’s post I wanted to share something to make you guys smile. But first I want to ask for prayers for my niece, Makenzie. She is currently in the hospital due to blood loss, severe abdominal pain, dehydration, and nausea. We aren’t sure what is causing it yet. Tests are being run and hopefully we will know more soon. Thanks in advance. So now, to bring you guys a smile or two…

jacksonYesterday my newest nephew was born. Meet Jackson. 🙂 All 8.5 pounds and 21 inches of him. Momma and baby are fine. My brother, Matt, is the proud daddy!

And 100% completely unrelated to any child related to me, but totally related to trying to make you guys smile… check out this photo shoot I did recently with sweet little Landry.





Do you see his adorable outfit?! That kid is better dressed than me, ha! Landry is a sweet, happy little boy and I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph him. 🙂 Speaking of photography… I know I haven’t been sharing many of the sessions here, but I have been busier than ever with it the last month. Some of the photos I haven’t been able to share yet because they are pregnancy announcement photos or mother’s day gifts, but for the most part I’ve been sharing them on my photography Facebook page. Eventually I’ll get around to putting them up here as well! 🙂

Love Rach

Casey & Alan Family Photo Shoot

I am short on time this morning so I am just going to share a couple of the photos I took of Alan, Casey, and Landry during a mini little photo shoot over the weekend. 🙂

casey and alanCould they be more gorgeous? I mean, really. There was no doubt that they’d have a beautiful baby. Proof below:

landry2Beautiful Landry

casey and alan3Ah, love that classic b&w 🙂

landryHappy girl!

I know this post is short, but I’m in a time crunch today. Tomorrow I will share more about our fun weekend together. For today you get to enjoy these gorgeous faces! 🙂

Love Rach

Meeting Leigha

On Tuesday, January 7th we got a text from our neighbor that their little girl had been born. We told them that we’d come visit that evening after we got off work. That afternoon I started to not feel great so we decided to hold off on visiting just in case I was contagious… it’s a good thing we did because that was the beginning of my plague. Yikes! Anyway, I’ve been fever free since Sunday so I’m officially safe to be around again. We decided to give it a couple of days to make sure Christopher didn’t get sick or that I didn’t relapse. So last night we finally got to go meet little Leigha!

leighaIsn’t she just perfect?

leigha2Her little cheeks are like velvet.

leigha3She came 2 weeks early and is six and a half pounds of awesome. 🙂

meeting little leighaI love her already! I’m so glad that she lives in my little cove. That means I get to see her all the time! 🙂

Love Rach


Busy Saturday!

Saturday was a full day! A 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a Memphis Tiger’s football game, and dinner at Rendezvous downtown all crammed into one day meant that we were literally home for 45 minutes the entire day until we came home around 10:30pm to crash. It was very go-go-go, but also a fun day!

bball collageOur morning started with a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Christopher’s team was just there to have fun, not necessarily to win so they were pleasantly surprised to take home a third place trophy! Since they continued to win, we were there a lot longer than we originally anticipated so we ran home after the game so Christopher could shower and we could let the dogs out before our friends came by our house to pick us up for the football game (we were home 30 minutes then).

james and christopher at memphis tigers stadiumChristopher and James outside the Memphis Tiger’s football stadium!

heather and meMe and Heather with Joshua at the Tiger’s game!

memphis tigers footballThe Memphis Tigers! We won 31 to 7! Of course I say “we” as if I paid just a lot of attention… which I didn’t. 😉 Heather and I were far too busy chatting and playing with Joshua. She and I both are more fans of basketball than of football.

joshuaI mean really… how could we focus on the game when this little guy was busy cracking us up? 😉 Josh is such a cutie!

We headed home to let the dogs out real quickly then headed out to dinner with Lyndal and Brodie. We walked around downtown Memphis for a little while then settled on Rendezvous for dinner!

RendezvousRendezvous was pretty good. Our first experience there a couple of years ago wasn’t great, but this one was better. I REALLY like their BBQ nachos. Like, love them. They are the ones we get at the Redbird’s baseball games and they are SO good! Their ribs and brisket (both of which Christopher got) were okay. Not bad, but also not near as great as Corky’s. But the best thing about this dinner was the conversation with Lyndal and Brodie. Time flew and before we knew it, we had been sitting there three hours and it was 10pm.
Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous on Urbanspoon

It was a busy day, but such a great one. Good times with great friends and delicious food. All winners! 🙂 And of course winning a trophy doesn’t hurt either. 😉
Love Rach

Meeting Madeleine Clare

Remember that baby shower I hosted last month?  Well, the little one it was for came into the world today. 🙂 I got a text from Whitney letting me know that it was nearly time so I headed to the hospital to wait!

DSC_0674Courtney and Hadley were there waiting too! It’s hard to believe that 15 months ago, we were in this very same hospital to visit Hadley when she was born!

hadleyThose eyes! Just love her. 🙂 {by the way, if it looks like I way over-edited her eyes… I didn’t. I actually didn’t edit them at all. She just has really pretty eyes with a lot of depth of color!}

gparentsBoth sets of Whitney & Jonathan’s parents were there waiting as well. They were keeping an eye on Cadence {Whitney & Jonathan’s firstborn}.

DSC_0683 Jonathan came out to let us know that all went well! Cadence was excited to see her daddy and ready to go see her mommy!

DSC_0679Both of the moms seeing photos of Madeleine for the first time while waiting to be able to go back to see her!

MadeleineMadeleine Clare. Born 9.19.2013. 7lbs 9oz. 20 inches long. Momma and baby both in good health. 🙂

us with madeleineAnd this evening after Christopher got off work we drove back to the hospital so he could meet Madeleine too! She is just so precious! Welcome to the world, Madeleine Clare. 🙂

Love Rach