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Pizza Night {finally sharing our pizza recipe!}

Every Friday night that we are in town is pizza & a movie night. It’s one of my favorite traditions that I grew up with and I’m glad that Christopher has whole heartedly embraced it into our own little family as well. 🙂 I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to share our pizza recipe with you guys since we make it nearly every week. I guess it’s mostly because I thought that I might eventually do a fun how-to video to go along with making the pizza, but that definitely hasn’t happened yet and it won’t anytime soon, haha! So I’ve finally decided to just share it with you as it is and then if I ever do get around to making a video then I’ll share that too! 🙂

There are so very many options for pizza crust. Our two favorites are to use artisan bread or focaccia bread. I’ve blogged about using focaccia bread as pizza crust here, but apparently I haven’t mentioned how we like to use artisan bread as crust sometimes too. So here’s a picture from the last time we did:

artisan bread pizzaAh, there it is in all its glory. Using artisan bread as pizza crust is Christopher’s favorite. He likes how it gives the sauce a chance to really shine. I really like this one too (it’s chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside like pizza crust should be), but I grew up eating focaccia bread as my pizza crust so it’s still my favorite.

focaccia bread pizzaPlus look how good it looks when you use focaccia bread as your crust. Oh me oh my. I love this. So many herbs in the dough itself PLUS the amazing sauce… it’s just fabulous!

basil, oregano, rosemarySo when making the sauce, you start with some fresh herbs! These are all straight from my little garden so they were uber fresh and fragrant. I don’t grow herbs through the winter, though, so I normally just used the dried kind. Still very tasty! I just like the flavors of the fresh when I have it on hand. 🙂

makin' pizza
pizza sauce

After the sauce has time to blend its flavors together, top your prebaked dough with all the sauce you want. {to prebake: 8-10 minutes at 425 for artisan bread or 450 for focaccia bread.} I like a nice thick layer of sauce because it’s my favorite (as seen in the photo above the recipe), but Christopher likes a thinner layer. That’s the great thing about this recipe – it makes two medium pizzas which means we each get to personalize ours however we want and eat the leftovers the next day. 🙂

pizza with fresh mozzoI top my pizza with slices of fresh mozzarella and pepperoni from the deli then let it finish baking until the cheese has melted (about 5-7 minutes). We have only recently discovered the joy that is actual deli-sliced pepperoni. It’s like the difference between prepackaged sandwich meat and what you get behind the deli counter. I’m not sure how no one has ever mentioned this to me before! I highly recommend it.

two pizzasChristopher uses regular mozzo cheese on his pizza and tops it with as much pepperoni as he can. As a side note: we put the pepperoni on top of the cheese so it crisps up more. I like the taste of crispy pepperoni. It does even better if you microwave it for 10 seconds, blot it with a paper towel, toss it on top of the pizza, let it bake until the cheese melts and viola! Super crispy pepperoni!

I hope this isn’t terribly confusing. I know I kind of bounced all over the place with different options, but that’s part of what makes pizza so great. And I didn’t even touch on all the different toppings we like to use or the fact that sometimes Christopher uses the artisan bread to make a giant calzone instead of pizza. Just so many options and they are all delicious. 🙂 Happy pizza making! 🙂
Love Rach