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Celtic Crossing

When we first moved to Memphis nearly five years ago, we lived in an apartment on my grad school campus and immediately fell into a great group of friends from our complex.

grad school friends

Since then, jobs and PhD programs took our grad school friends far away, but we had a solid 2 years of great times together. And many of those great times took place at a pub called Celtic Crossing. 🙂

celtic crossingThis is actually us at Celtic Crossing. 🙂

So why do we love Celtic Crossing so much? Well for one thing, they have 2 for 1 fish ‘n chips on Tuesday nights. And they just so happen to be the BEST fish ‘n chips we’ve ever had!

celtic crossing fish 'n chipsI haven’t been to the United Kingdom so I can’t say that these are the best in the world, but of all the places we’ve tried in Memphis, this is definitely our favorite! Plus, 2 for 1 on Tuesdays! TWO FOR ONE! It’s fabulous. 😀

appetizersAlso, if you show up before 6pm you get HALF PRICE appetizers! So we would always arrive at 5:30pm on Tuesday so we got our half price appetizers with our 2 for 1 dinner. What can I say? We were poor grad students. 😉 We’ve tried several of the appetizers. The bruschetta is unbelievably delicious (pictured at the top)! Also pictured here are the Delicious Dublin Duo (shrimp wrapped in bacon), Potato Skins (also SO good), and Fried Potato Balls (they don’t have these on the current menu, though).

As a heads up, this is a pub which means you have be 21 to enter even if you don’t plan to drink. And if you, like me, look 16 then will definitely ID you so don’t forget that ID! And since this is a pub the inside is pretty smokey, but they have great live music in the evenings that helps make up for it. They also have patio seating which is our favorite when the weather is nice. We don’t smoke or drink so we prefer to be outside where the “pub smells” aren’t quite as overwhelming.

So the moral of this story: Go to Celtic Crossing at 5:30pm on Tuesday for 2 for 1 Fish ‘n Chips and 1/2 price appetizers. Bring friends and your ID! Sit on the patio if it’s nice weather and enjoy the live music! 🙂

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Love Rach


Memphis Pizza Cafe

The Memphis Pizza Cafe is a staple of  favorite pizza joints in Memphis. It is at the top of several of my friends’ favorite-pizza-places list! The fact that they have multiple locations around the Memphis area doesn’t hurt either.

Memphis Pizza CafeThis was the third time I’d been to the Memphis Pizza Cafe and just like each time before… I was there with a big group. How this has always happened, I’m not sure, haha! This past time there were 10 of us which resulted in nearly an hour wait on a Thursday evening. Which resulted in some very famished ladies by the time we were seated. 😉

memphis pizza cafeIt’s small and very family oriented. Loud and fun. Not really the ideal place for a quiet first date (or a large group, ha!).

memphis pizza cafeMy picks! A slice of cheese and a slice of the veggie! They were both delicious! I enjoy Memphis Pizza Cafe’s pizza and if you like a thin crust with lots of toppings  – you will too!

I’m not sure about the other locations, but this one in particular just isn’t meant for big groups (unless you are willing to wait for a while to be seated). However, overall Memphis Pizza Cafe is great. Once you are seated, the service is quick and helpful. And the food is scrumptious. 🙂

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Jack Pirtle’s Chicken

While “chicken” is in the name and they originally had ties to Colonel Saunders (of KFC fame)… Jack Pirtle’s Chicken is probably most famous for their steak sandwich. Intrigued by this, we decided to check it out over lunch one day.

DSC_0428Driving along Mt Moriah, you see car dealership after car dealership then suddenly this BRIGHT yellow building… that, my friends, is Pirtle’s.

DSC_0429The menu is simple and more or less tells you what is most popular: the steak sandwich, gizzards and livers, biscuits with gravy, and their sweet tea.

DSC_0431Christopher loves sweet tea and any restaurant that claims to have “famous” or “the best” is always put to the test. So far, Lenny’s has his favorite, but he did say that Pirtle’s is nearly a tie for favorite. So that means it must be pretty good!

DSC_0435Okay, please don’t shudder in horror at the fried greasy mess this is. Believe me, it was delicious. Even if it is all the same color, ha! This was my plate and to be honest, I’m quite the eater… even I couldn’t finish all of this. It was just so heavy! Their portions are huge!

I’ll start with the disappointment… we decided that since it’s a “chicken” place, we needed to try their fried chicken as well. Thankfully we only got one piece each because it was nothing impressive. As Christopher said,” it was fine, but nothing to write home about.”

However, the gizzards and livers… there was a surprise, haha! They really weren’t bad! In fact, I know this may sound gross, but I’m glad they were so highly recommended because they were really pretty good. Yup, there I said it. I have admitted to the world that I like chicken liver. That just sounds gross. Please still be my friend. 😉

So next up… the biscuits and gravy. Um, amazing. Seriously so delicious! I told Christopher that it was like eating a cookie. He laughed and said that was because I don’t eat dessert so I don’t know what cookies even taste like anymore. Then he took a bite of his biscuit. He looked at me. Laughed. And said, “it does taste like a cookie!” I know that sounds weird… a biscuit that tastes like a cookie, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It literally just melted in my mouth. So delicious!

And finally… the infamous steak sandwich was… actually really delicious! I can see why people recommend it so highly! It looks icky, but believe me when I say that the flavors meld together so perfectly. Pirtle’s is no high class establishment, but it is clean, quick, and delicious! If you go, be sure to try the steak sandwich and the biscuits with gravy! 🙂

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Love Rach

A little authentic Mexican dinner

Remember that one time I was a wedding coordinator? The bride, Mandy, is my go-to person for reliable information when it comes to authentic Mexican food. She has spent lots of time in South America (Dominican Republic and Panama to be exact) and knows the food and language well (she’s a Spanish teacher at a local high school). So when I heard that there was an authentic style Mexican restaurant called Taqueria La Guadalupana off Summer, I knew she needed to come with Christopher and I! And since we like her husband, he got to go come too. 😉 And of course, two of our other close girlfriends who also love Mexican food!

la guadalupanaThe first thing we noticed when we walked in was that everything was ORANGE! But in a festive happy sort of way. 🙂

la guadalupanaThe chips and salsa were ah-mazing! They never refilled them for us, though. So I’m not sure if a refill costs extra or if they just didn’t get around to it.

mattMatt (Mandy’s husband) waiting anxiously for our food!

la guadalupanaI ordered the chicken fajitas and they were yummy. You can find the full menu here.

la guadalupanaChristopher got the steak burrito which he RAVED about. I think he managed to eat half of it before he had to call it quits. It made a great lunch the next day (as did my leftover fajitas). 🙂

la guadalupanaI had heard that the goat taco was a must-try here so we ordered one and passed it around the table for everyone to try. It was interesting. I think the flavor I could most closely associate with it was deer meat. It had kind of that gamey wild flavor. Anyway, not my favorite, but definitely interesting to try!

Taqueria la guadalupana As we got ready to check out, we saw all the bottles of Jarritos!

DSC_1013We all went home with leftovers and happy bellies!

So how did this place do on authenticity? Mandy called it a win. She had a torta (Mexican sandwich) and said it was definitely on par for food she has eaten in the Dominican Republic. 🙂
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Love Rach

Garibaldi’s Pizza

As most of you know, I love pizza. And Garibaldi’s Pizza offers quite the delicious selection! But not only pizza, they have pasta dishes too! Which is good news because I really love spaghetti. But I’ll get to the food in a  minute. According to their website, Garibaldi’s has been a locally-owned Memphis tradition serving quality Italian cuisine at affordable prices since 1975.

Garibaldi's We visited on a Saturday around 6pm and were delighted by the friendliness of the staff and the quick service.

garibaldi's decorSome of the decor inside. The whole place had a very casual diner feel. Arcade games in the corner and plastic plates. I really liked seeing all the families eating there because it was casual enough for children to run around. Really a fun atmosphere!

Garibaldi's toasted ravioliWe ordered the toasted ravioli as an appetizer. We most definitely did not need it because we had more than enough, haha! But it was definitely still delicious. The only thing surprising about it, was that there was no cheese inside the ravioli (just ground meat). It was my first time to have cheese-less toasted ravioli so it seemed a bit off to me at first, but once I got used to it – it was actually really good! Christopher loved it from first bite, but then he loves all things meat, so no surprise there. 😉

Garibaldi's spaghettiMy spaghetti! Oh my gracious,  it was delicious! The sauce was sweet and tangy and perfectly delicious. 🙂

Garibaldi's pizzaChristopher’s “meat lovers” pizza. I tried some of it too and it was really good! The crust is soft and chewy with just a little sauce and plenty of cheese. And while meat-toppings aren’t necessarily my favorite, they obviously aren’t skimpy with the toppings!

Price-wise Garibaldi’s isn’t expensive by any means, but it also isn’t the cheapest pizza I’ve had. But in some ways, you get what you pay for. It is definitely delicious! The 10″ pizza (like Christopher’s) is more than enough for two people to split and costs between $8-$11 and the pastas are around $8 for an enormous plateful. You can see the entire menu and price list online here. A little pricey for a casual diner, but worth the money in my opinion. 🙂

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