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Family Photos {Photography Favorites}

Another post of favorite photos from 2016. For those of you who are loving these posts, there are still two more coming! For those of you who aren’t that into photography… there are only two more coming. 😉 And for both groups, thanks for all of your kind words and support on these posts whether photography is your thing or not!

Family (3).jpg

Family (5).jpg

Family (7).JPG


Family (4).JPG

Family (1).jpg


Family (6).jpg

Love Rach

All the Kiddos {Photography Favorites}

Last week I shared some of my favorites photos of babies and toddlers from last year. And I had a couple of you ask if one of the toddlers was the little girl I nanny. It wasn’t, but it made me realize how long it has been since I shared a photo of her! You guys are not going to believe how big she is! So today I’m going to share my favorite “Kid” photos from last year and the very first one is of Mallory. She was four last summer so she’s even bigger now! Ah, how time flies!


Kids (9).jpg

Kids (1).jpg

Kids (7).JPG

Kids (12).JPG

Kids (4).jpg

Kids (10).jpg

Kids (11).JPG

Kids (5).jpg

These kids are all just so precious. I love getting those sweet, genuine smiles and laughs from them. Does that sometimes require me to make animal noises, sing Disney songs, and tell corny jokes? Why yes, yes it does. But it’s absolutely worth it. 😉

Love Rach

Babies & Toddlers {Photography Favorites}

For your daily dose of adorable, today I give you my favorite baby & toddler photos from 2016! 🙂









Ah! I just love those precious little faces! Babies are adorable and toddlers are so much fun to work with! Always bursting with energy and big smiles. Love it! As always, you can see more of my work at Rach Vendetti Photography on Facebook. 🙂

Love Rach

Photography Favorites: Maternity & Newborn

In light of our recent announcement, sharing my favorite maternity and newborn photos felt right for today’s “favorites photos of 2016” post. 🙂

To be 100% honest with you, I photograph very few newborns. I’m asked to frequently, but I always refer to another photographer here in town who does beautiful work with newborns. It’s not that I don’t like babies (newborn snuggles are so precious!), it’s just that photographing newborns isn’t my specialty. The few newborn sessions that I do accept each year are ones where it is more of a “lifestyle” session. No unnatural poses or diaper-less babies for this photographer. Okay, true story, I caved once and photographed a diaper-less baby. After that explosive experience, I have promised myself I won’t again. 😉 But on to adorable photos!


As always, you can see more of my work at Rach Vendetti Photography. Happy Friday, friends!
Love Rach

Photography Favorites: Couples

Last year I shared my favorite photos from 2015 and it was so well received that I decided to do so again this year! To keep from being overwhelming, I’m breaking the photos up into categories so today I’m sharing my favorite couple photos from 2016!

Couples Photography (1).jpg

Couples Photography (2).jpg

Couples Photography (3).jpg

Couples Photography (4).jpg

Couples Photography (5).JPG





couples-photography-10Ah, such a sweet tenderness to photographing couples. I just love it! You can see my favorite couple photos from 2015 here and of course you can find lots more of my work on my Rach Vendetti Photography facebook page.

Love Rach


Life is still flying by at break-neck speed. Mostly because we got back from Europe just in time for photography busy season. I have to say, though, I have done a pretty stellar job  with self care this holiday season compared to last year. I have been much better about not overbooking myself (even if it meant that I had to refer clients to other photographers) and much better about not letting go of the things that I know are good for me. I still start every morning with quiet time, yoga, and then an hour at the gym. Last year I skipped the gym a lot during this time of year and it definitely left me feeling sluggish. So I told myself this year that I’d do a better job. And I have!


Christopher snapped this shot of me over Thanksgiving week taking photos of my sister & brother-in-law. Their daughter is helping encourage them to smile. I’m pretty sure I need to hire her full time. 😉

decorating the tree.jpg

We actually put up all of our Christmas decorations in early November, but I waited to share this picture until now out of respect for my friends who prefer not to be inundated with all things Christmas before Thanksgiving. 😉 For the record, we love Thanksgiving even though we decorate for Christmas so early. We really just love the whole holiday season – the day after Halloween until January 1st. We love gathering with friends and family, attending parties, listening to festive music, eating delicious food, sharing what we’re thankful for, gift shopping, and exchanging gifts. We do all of those things (including giving gifts) at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years every year. So this whole season is just wonderful and magical to both of us. We just happen to not like Thanksgiving decor near as much as we love Christmas decor. So we celebrate Thanksgiving with our Christmas tree twinkling brightly. 🙂


In general we eat at either our dining room table or the bar in our kitchen. But if we’re home on a Friday night then we are eating homemade pizza while sitting on the couch. It’s one of our favorite traditions. Most pizza nights, Oreo sits on the floor and looks at us with big puppy eyes or occasionally he just lays in his bed and sighs a lot. Anything to let us know that he’s desperately starving. This past Friday, though, he took things to new heights. He jumped up on the couch and literally laid on Christopher. I’m pretty sure he was thinking, “maybe they can’t see me on the floor. Surely he’ll feed me now!” That dog is a mess!


To celebrate Brodie’s birthday we did our first escape room this past week! We just barely escaped with 2 minutes and 38 seconds left, but we had fun!


And on Saturday night we attended an International Night of Worship. We found out about it through World Relief which is a refugee resettlement organization that we volunteer with. It was incredible! There were people from all parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. There were even a handful of people from Italy, Canada, and Australia. As well as people born & raised in the States. Songs were sung in different languages, scriptures were read in different languages, and prayers were said in different languages. It was truly incredible to come together with people from all corners of the Earth and worship God together.

Lots more to look forward to in the weeks ahead! I just love this time of year! 🙂
Love Rach

A Beach Wedding

Now that things are settling down with my photography business, I’m catching up on posts that I meant to share long ago. For example… remember when we went to Panama City Beach, Florida in April to photograph a wedding? That was magic. And I’m finally sharing some of my favorites from the wedding today. 🙂

bride lace veil

bride and groom first look.jpgI just love this shot from their First Look. Bryce couldn’t stop smiling and Nikki had the happy tears going on. So sweet! 🙂

flowers bride and groom

wedding bands

bride and bridesmaids.jpg

groomsmen prayerBlessing the groom with prayer

bridesmaids prayerPrayer of blessing for the bride

flower girl.jpg

wedding2His face says it all. Love, love, love this. 🙂

bride and groom beach wedding

We were so honored to be chosen to photograph this wedding. The weather was perfect, everyone was so sweet, and love was in the air. 🙂 If you’d like to see more photos from this wedding, feel free to check out Nikki & Bryce’s wedding album on Facebook.

Love Rach