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I haven’t done a restaurant review on here in a long time because I’ve shared pretty much all of my favorite Memphis eats at some point or another already. However, Casablanca is a place we’ve discovered this year and really enjoy.


Hummus with pita is a favorite of ours. Casablanca’s is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than the hummus at other places we’ve eaten here in Memphis.


Christopher loves their Super Sandwich which is a pita stuffed with lamb, beef, and chicken not to mention all the other goodness you see above.


And chicken kabobs will always be my favorite. They are seasoned so well here! The “veggies” it comes with on the side are really more just a couple of starchy potato and sweet potato chunks, but the delicious kabob makes up for it.


In general Christopher and I agree on all our favorite places to eat here in Memphis, but we are definitely split when it comes to our favorite Middle Eastern / Mediterranean place. I still prefer Zam Zamz. I love a good chicken kabob and the one at Zam Zamz is so great. And less expensive than Casablanca’s. And we love the hummus at both places equally. However, Christopher prefers the rich flavors of the other dishes at Casablanca. Plus we can both agree that the decor at Casablanca’s is more fun.

If you are looking for a quick and affordable lunch, Zam Zamz is your place. If you want a slightly nicer place where you will sit down and be there for a bit (and pay a bit more), then check out Casablanca. Or better yet, try them both and let me know which you prefer! 🙂

Love Rach


The Best Mexican Food in Memphis {Las Delicias}

When people ask about the best steak or burger or BBQ in Memphis, I usually mention 2 or 3 favorites. But when it comes to the best Mexican food in Memphis, there is no question. Hands down it is Las Delicias.

las delicias

I mentioned this last week when I blogged about going to eat there with Christina and Robby. And I was kind of amazed that I’ve never blogged about this place before. Up until August I ate here every single week for two years with my teen girls. I have a lot of good memories from Wednesday nights at Las Delicias with my girls. 🙂 Well, now my girls are all graduated and in college so these days I eat here for lunch dates with Christopher or a friend.

las delicias chips

One thing you should know about Las Delicias… they have incredible chips. They are crispy and light without being greasy. And they are durable enough to handle queso, salsa, and guacamole without breaking (these are important things, you know. 😉 ).

las delicias salsa

The salsa is my favorite ever. Seriously. I don’t know what their secret is, but it’s magic.

las delicias guacamole

And their guacamole… well, it’s just like a little taste of heaven here on Earth. No mushy stuff here thankyouverymuch. Big chunks of avocado and lots of goodness and BOOM. Deliciousness. I know you think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not. It’s incredible.

las delicias chicken burrito

With starters like those, the rest of the food could be sub par and I’d still say it was my favorite Mexican spot. But the rest of the food does not disappoint. My favorite thing to order is the chicken burrito (I usually get it without cheese which is why there’s no melted cheesy goodness in the photo above). It’s still SO good without the cheese and my tummy thanks me. 😉

las delicias steak quesadilla

Christopher rotates between the steak quesadilla which is stuffed FULL and grilled perfectly (above) and the tacos. Their tacos come bursting with flavor and topped with fresh cilantro. So many flavors. So much goodness! Probably the most popular thing that my teen girls would always get would be the “cheesy chicken rice” which is literally a bed of rice topped with seasoned chicken and drenched in queso.

And if all of this weren’t enough… this place is cheap. My massive burrito that I get… it’s $4.50. I mean, really… that’s just ridiculous. In an awesome way.

Las Delicias Mexican Bar and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Park Location

Las Delicias Mexican Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Quince Location

Las Delicas has three locations in the city and I’ve been to two of them frequently and the food is excellent at both locations. The Quince location is newer, a little more updated, and tends to have better service. But the Park location has lots of character and is more central in the city. If I had to choose a location I’d pick the Quince location simply because it’s bigger and there’s almost never a wait for a table. Not to mention that the Quince location has a great little patio space and live music on a lot of evenings. 🙂

Do you have a favorite Mexican or Tex-Mex spot where you live?

Love Rach

Eat Well

You guys know we love sushi. So when I heard that there was an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet called “Eat Well“, I knew we had to try it. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat well? Sign us up!

eat well

I wondered what made it “contemporary” until I walked in.

eat well

This, my friends, is what makes it “contemporary”. Stainless steel everything and meticulously clean. The chefs cooking behind the bar so you can easily see where your food is coming from and how it’s being prepared.

eat well

And the assortment of sushi! Oh my! Soooo many options! My favorites still stand with spicy tuna rolls & shrimp tempura rolls. And I love a good California roll to cleanse the palate every now and then. But I love being able to try all the new and different rolls that I’d always been afraid to order off the menu at other restaurants (because who wants to get 8 pieces of something that they might not like?).

eat well

I wish I had taken more and better photos of the rest of the food. The do have a sushi bar, but they have a regular Asian food bar as well. Their panko shrimp, dumplings, and noodles are my favorites! Oh so yummy! We’ve been here a couple of times since last October and I love it every single time! 🙂

eat well

If you like sushi or even just good Asian food and you like buffets… Eat Well is your place. We’ve had other favorites in the past, but this one blows them out of the water!

Eat Well Sushi & Grill on Urbanspoon

If you eat sushi, do you try new rolls from time to time or stick with what you know you like? I always order the same things which is why I love the idea of a sushi bar where I can sample without ruining a whole meal. 🙂

Love Rach

My weekend according to my phone…

I was scrolling through pics on my phone today to decide what to blog about so I finally just decided to share some of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. 🙂


You guys know that I’m a nanny for two kiddos. But that’s only part time. The rest of my “8-5” time is filled with whatever I want to fill it with. So that’s usually volunteer work, my photography business, house stuff, the gym, blogging, etc. This past Friday that free time included taking care of two sweet little boys who belong to some of our best friends. We had a great day together. 🙂 I mean, just look at that adorable face!

rach and duchess copy

Friday night we went over to Stephen & Julia’s house (some of our friends here in Memphis) and their sweet dog, Duchess, decided I was the weak link when it came to who would give her table scraps. She was right too. 😉 {for the record, I only gave her table food after her owners said it was okay}. She ended up in my lap more than once. Oreo was not pleased when I came home smelling like another dog, ha!

night stand collage

We spent Saturday doing house projects and maintenance. I did a lot of touch up painting around the house while Christopher cleaned out the garage. And I finally got around to painting our new night stand. This is the one we found for $2.19 at a thrift store! It had been spray painted silver previously, but it was streaky and didn’t go with our colors. So I sanded it and then painted it “dove white” and it is perfect in our bedroom! I loooove it!

mac and cheese

Saturday night we went to Mac’s Burgers with Brodie and Lyndal. Since we travel so much in the summer and Lyndal is a youth minister who is crazy busy in the summer, we haven’t been able to hang out with them as much as normal. So it was great to be able to reconnect for an evening. 🙂 Mac’s has burgers and salads and all kinds of tasty looking food, but I was crazy excited about the idea of their macaroni bar. I got the “mac trio” so I could pick three different types. I got the loaded mac (my fav!), the Memphis mac (bbq), and cheese steak mac (philly cheese steak toppings). They were all tasty. Not the best macaroni and cheese I’ve had, but I understand why it has to be pretty basic since it has to go well with so many different toppings. It’s definitely a fun spot for something a little different.

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If you went to a mac & cheese bar, what toppings would you choose?

What did you do this weekend?

Love Rach

A visit to the Noodle Shop

During the summer Christopher’s company gives their employees “summer hours” which means on Fridays he gets off at noon. This is super excellent. These days I only nanny part time and fill the rest of my time with the photography business and volunteer work. But now that Christopher gets half days on Fridays, I keep my Fridays open too. And we start our weekends early! Last Friday Christopher and I started our weekend with a lunch date at Tycoon Noodle Shop.

tycoon (7)

It’s definitely a dive sort of spot, but the food is excellent.

tycoon (8)

And any spot that has an old van out front promising the best Asian food in the city is definitely worth checking out!

tycoon (2)

We started with the spring rolls as appetizers. They come with a peanut sauce on the side. They are really yummy! Light and fresh and delicious!

tycoon (3)

We then got an order of dumplings to split as a second appetizer. Because we were hungry. And I was craving them. They were excellent.

tycoon (9)

I got the beef pho and it was SO good. Oh my goodness, it was great! And they give you SO much! It’s such a giant bowl. I ended up bringing home half of it home with me and eating the rest for lunch the next day. Yummy x 2!

tycoon (4)

A close up of my beef pho. YUM!

tycoon (6)

Look at those NOODLES! I love pasta. So much. And this stuff was delicious!

tycoon (5)

And Christopher’s Tom Yum Soup. He loves this stuff! He’s been to Tycoon a couple of times over lunch with friends from work and he always gets this because he enjoys it so much. He only ate half his soup too and brought the other half home for lunch the next day as well. It’s a LOT of food! I didn’t try it because Christopher said it was spicy and if he says it’s hot, then it is hot. I can’t tell you how often he tells me to try something because “it’s really not spicy” and I take a bite and my mouth is suddenly on fire, ha! We just have different ideas of what “spicy” is. 😉

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Do you like spicy food? I used to love it when I was growing up. Then we moved to China where “spicy” took on a whole new level. So I quit eating anything that was spicy at all. And now I’m a total wimp and have no tolerance for it at all, ha!

Love Rach

Off The Hoof

There is this rustic old building in Arlington, TN (which is just outside Memphis) not too far from the pretty little downtown square. Every time we pass by it’s super busy. So finally one day we stopped in. It was so great that we’ve been back again since then! Both experiences were amazing so I think it’s high time I finally blogged about it. 😉

It’s required that you wear cowboy  boots in order to walk in the door. Okay, actually that’s not true at all, but it looks like the place where everyone there should be wearing cowboy boots. Or cowgirl boots. I’m not gender stereotyping here. Anyway, this entire discussion about boots is really pointless because in total honesty… we weren’t wearing boots at all when we went. 😉

off the hoofBut seriously, don’t you feel a little like you would want to wear boots walking into a place like this? Okay okay… enough with the boots. 😉 Obviously there was a very western, old-timey feel to the decor of this place. 🙂

fried picklesAlso, they had fried pickles. I’m not sure that fried pickles were a thing back in ye-olden-days of the wild west, but they should have been. I mean, yum. And these were excellent!

DSC_0178I am pretty sure, however, that the wild west had cheesy bacon fries. I mean, it just seems like something you’d order at a saloon. I bet Dorothy Day was  chowing down on these at some point during Calamity Jane (100 you-are-amazing points if you’ve seen this movie!). These particular ones, were pretty fabulous.

DSC_0177I imagine burgers were pretty plain in the wild west if they existed at all. But the ones from Off the Hoof were ah-mazing! You get to build your own burger and Christopher and I both loved them. Definitely ranks in our top 3 favorite Memphis (area) burgers! I got grilled onions, bacon, swiss cheese, and BBQ sauce and it was delightful!

If you are anywhere near Off The Hoof, you need to get there pronto. Order a burger. You won’t be sorry. Just don’t forget your boots (just kidding). 😉

Off The Hoof Burgers on Urbanspoon

Love Rach

A Craigslist Rescue and Chings Hot Wings

We have a house to-do list. And it’s long. And every time we mark something off of it, we add another two things. It’s just the way of it. 😉 One of the things that has been on our list for awhile is to find a nightstand for our bedroom. We have a little mini bookshelf that we’ve been using since we got married and it works just fine. So we haven’t been in a rush. But when I saw this $10 dilapidated nightstand on Craigslist this past weekend, I knew we had to rescue it.

nightstand collageIt just needs a little TLC (and paint) and this will be perfect for our room! I mean, ten dollars! Such a steal! I’ll keep you updated as we finish it. 🙂


Just down the street from where we picked the nightstand up is a hole-in-the-wall place called Chings. Probably the most popular place in Memphis to get wings. Normally we just get them to-go, but since we weren’t headed home we decided to eat at Chings. It may be a hole in the wall, but it’s clean inside and there are TVs everywhere playing sports (basketball right now!).


Ching’s wings are delicious, but our favorite are their chicken tenders because they are just so amazing. The best sauce (in our opinion) is the honey gold. You must try it. Really, you must. Just as a heads up, though, there’s a 20-30 minute wait for your food. Sometimes longer. Call ahead and get them to go!

Ching's Hot Wings on Urbanspoon

Now just to get started on restoring this nightstand! 🙂

Have you ever rescued an inexpensive piece of furniture and restored it?

Do you  have a favorite wings spot?
Love Rach