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Happy birthday, my love!

Today my precious husband turns 31 and we plan to celebrate all day long! I’ll probably be sharing on Instagram throughout the day, but first I want to share something that I’ve been thinking about this week.

us fall 2016.jpg

A few weeks ago someone asked Christopher and me what the most challenging year of our marriage had been. Christopher responded, “This will sound crazy, but marriage hasn’t been challenging for us. Maybe it’s just our personalities or that we are so easily compatible, but marriage has honestly been easy for us. In fact, marriage has made dealing with the challenging things in life easier. It gives you a person to face the hard things with. Someone who loves you, supports you, and gets what you are going through because they are going through it with you.”

us fall 2016 (2).jpg

And he’s really right. I know that the things that come with marriage (living together, making decisions together, sharing finances, etc) aren’t always easy for everyone so I try not to take that part for granted. But what he said about how life is hard, but marriage makes it better is my favorite part. You guys, we have walked through fire over the past few years with the things life has thrown at us. And yet, having each other to lean on for support has been such an awesome blessing.

us fall 2016 (3).jpg

I am so grateful that I get to live life with this man. Happy 31st birthday, my love.

Love Rach

Oh my heart

us in the kitchen2.jpg

This guy. Oh my heart is so full. I wish I had the words to explain what a blessing he is to me. I am so grateful to get to live life with him.

Next week we celebrate 8 years of marriage and I can just barely believe that it has been eight years since we vowed our lives to each other. We were just kids. But we made a great choice in choosing each other.

I met him 12 years ago this month. He claims we met at a party before school started, but I don’t remember meeting him until a couple of weeks later after a movie on campus. Either way, we were fast friends after that movie.

And that friendship has grown into the most beautiful thing.

I keep writing and deleting. Mostly because I have SO much to say. More than you want to read and much of it too personal to share for a public blog. But the snippets I try to write to sum up this wonderful man aren’t near rich enough to explain my heart. So I’ll just leave it at this: I love him and I am so thankful for every day of life with him by my side.

us in the kitchen

Same photo as the one above, but this one isn’t cropped. I love how Oreo is being a creeper in the background. Definitely changes the tone of this photo, ha! But that’s so him. And this is so us. And I love this life we lead. 🙂

Love Rach

Turns out not all dogs know how to swim (and other weekend happenings)

Thursday night we discovered that our upstairs A/C was leaking through our ceiling. We immediately shut off the unit and first thing Friday morning called our home warranty people. The earliest they could send someone out would be Tuesday. You guys, the heat index in Memphis has been 100+ all week (one day it was 118!). This is not the time for us to lose air conditioning for (a minimum of) five days. So my very handy husband got busy Googling. Between that and texting a friend who knows more about this stuff than we do, he felt pretty good about fixing this himself. And sure enough… he did!

ac leak.jpg{in that middle photo, Oreo is barking at the ceiling because he hated hearing the leaking sound}

The leak is fixed, the A/C unit is back on and running again, and currently we’re letting the ceiling finish drying out (we have a high powered blower that’s been blowing on it for 2 days) before we go about fixing the damage. I’m so glad he was able to fix this over the weekend so we have the A/C back! Definitely a huge blessing. It’s times like these that I’m reminded how grateful I am that he’s so handy with house stuff!

poolside sushi.jpg

Since it has been so hot lately, this weekend was the perfect pool weekend! We even got carry out sushi from our favorite spot and ate by the pool. We swam and played and soaked up the sun (while reading up on the Greece portion of our Europe trip – so exciting!). Considering all the hard work we were doing at home (to fix the A/C issues) this was an awesome way to spend the hottest parts of both Saturday and Sunday!

oreo at the pool.jpg

Oreo came with us to the pool on Sunday afternoon and it was the best thing ever! Our dog haaaaates water. I can’t even tell you how much he despises being wet. He fell in a lake once and I think that really scared him so he has hated water ever since. Bath time is just horrible for him. Anyway, after a LOT of coaxing (using a toy he REALLY wanted) we convinced him to get in the pool. Before yesterday I thought that all dogs instinctively knew how to swim, but it turns out that our pup needed a little help. He started thrashing around and SINKING when he first got in. So Christopher put his hand under Oreo’s belly to support him in the water so his legs could kick smoothly (like you do with little kids when teaching them to swim) and then walked around the pool with him so Oreo could learn the motions of swimming. It was the most precious thing. And hilarious as well. Once Oreo got the hang of it and could swim on his own, he actually seemed to enjoy chasing the ball around the pool (or maybe he really hated that game, but was just SUPER determined to get the ball, ha!).  Anyway, it was pretty much the best Father’s Day ever (I told Christopher he was getting lots of quality time with his “son” because we are so those pet owners who refer to ourselves as “mom & dad” to our dog).

So despite the initial scare of potentially terrible A/C problems, it turned into a pretty awesome weekend. Christopher feels super accomplished (as he should!). He fixed our A/C, started fixing the ceiling (as much as he can so far), and he taught our dog to swim! 🙂

Have you ever had an A/C leak like that? (if so, any advice on repairing the ceiling? we will be researching that this week)

If you have a pet does he or she like water?

Love Rach

When People Ask Us About Kids

us laughing

We’ve been married seven and a half years. And in those years we have been asked often about kids. I know this bothers some people, but we tend to assume that people are well intentioned and just genuinely interested in our lives when they ask so it doesn’t bother either of us. However, just because it doesn’t bother us doesn’t mean that we’re going to share personal things with every person who asks.

I actually learned this in our second year of marriage. An acquaintance walked up to me and asked if I was pregnant. I stammered a response, “Um… no… why? Do I look pregnant? Did someone say I was?” Later that day I reflected back on the moment and realized what a weird situation it was. What if I had been pregnant, but not ready to tell people? That would put me in a situation where I would either have to lie to the person asking or be honest and tell this person before I even told my own family and friends. I’m not comfortable lying so I came up with a vague, non committal comment that I could make every time someone asks me about kids. I always say, “Oh, you never know…” in a sing-song voice. Because truly, unless we fill you in, you don’t know. 😉 Plus it sends the message of “this is kind of a personal question that I’m not going to answer” without having to say that outright.

My husband, while typically a very honest sort of person, has no problem making up random answers in response to questions about future kids. His responses are all over the place and tend to be pretty hilarious so I enjoy hearing what he comes up with each time someone new asks. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Christopher’s responses to the question “Are you guys going to have kids?”

“Definitely. At least six. All boys.”

“No way. Have you met our spoiled dog? Clearly we aren’t good parents.”

“Only if we can have twins. Can you request that? Is that a thing?”

“Sure! I’m hoping for an even dozen.”

“Oh man, I don’t know… we practice all the time, though…”

“Whenever we figure out how. Do you know how it works? Can you explain it to me?”

Oh that husband of mine, he makes me laugh.

So tell me, do you get asked this question? If so, what is your normal response?
Love Rach


Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day, friends! To celebrate, I give you this Q & A with Christopher all about this special day! These questions are coming to you courtesy of According to Laura Jean & Heavens to Betsy who host the Guys Behind the Blog monthly link up.

(1) This year is Leap Year – what are you going to do to celebrate?

We were planning to eat at a swanky restaurant downtown, but just found out last night that they won’t be open. So I’m not quite sure what we’ll do. Hopefully we’ll come up with something awesome!

(2) If you could create an obscure holiday, what would it be and why?

It would be a grill out day. Everyone would grill out and have friends and family over. We would play corn hole and bocce ball.

(3) Have you seen the movie Leap Year? If not, tell us about another romantic comedy you have seen.

Yeah, but I don’t really remember it. I have seen Meet the Parents and it awesome. I really liked all the awkward conversations. I secretly hope to be like the dad someday and do that to my future sons-in-law.

(4) Tradition has it that women are supposed to propose to their men on Leap Day. Would you have said yes if your girl popped the question?

Even though I’m probably a little bit of a traditionalist when it comes to proposals, I still would’ve said yes if she had asked because I loved her and knew I wanted to marry her long before I proposed anyway.

(5) If you had to have a special event take place on leap day, what would it be (ex: wedding, birthday, birth of your child, etc)?

Definitely my birthday. I would age four times slower.

engagementpic2(us not long after we got engaged)

Your turn, reader! What obscure holiday would you create? I’m thinking something where everyone goes to the beach and enjoys the sunshine!

Tell me friends, would you propose to your guy (or if you’re already married, would you have)? We got engaged when I was a senior in college and at that time, I don’t think I would have proposed to him. Mostly because the (private college in the South) culture we were in at the time put a lot of importance on the guy proposing and I never wanted him to feel that he had missed out. However, we had talked all about marriage and a future together long before we got engaged and I initiated nearly as many of those conversations as he did. So really, we both brought up the marriage thing and talked about the future before we got officially engaged. So the actual proposal was just icing on the we-already-knew-we-wanted-to-get-married cake. 😉

Love Rach

Rejoice with us, friends!


Rejoice with us, friends! My husband, Christopher, has been in SEC Financial Reporting for several years. He’s awesome at what he does, but the hours can be long. A month ago Christopher got a well deserved promotion to a position with many perks, but best of all – better hours and less over time. Oh friends, how we have hoped for this!

However, even though he had the new position, his old team needed him to finish out the last big thing they were working on. So for this past month he has been juggling two jobs. There have been a lot of 12-16 hour work days this month. He has been under so much pressure and stress at work and yet has still been a champ husband. I know we’ll look back on this month later and wonder how he kept his head above water. But the good news is that as of yesterday afternoon, he completed his last major task for his old position. Hallelujah, Amen!

And so we celebrate.

He has one last work trip to complete and he will need to train his replacement, but the light is shining bright at the end of this tunnel.

So rejoice with us, friends. Because of the promotion he so deserved. Because this month is almost over. Because as of this coming Saturday life will return not only to normal, but to even better than normal.

And that is worth celebrating. 🙂

Love Rach

Recent Happenings

ada grace

We met our friends’ brand new baby girl this weekend. She’s just 2 days old in the photo above. Her name is Ada Grace and she is way adorable!

rock and worship roadshow

I went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow last week and loved every minute of it. When Michael Tait, lead singer of the Newsboys who used to be part of DC Talk, sang Jesus Freak, I confess that I may have freaked out a little. Read: A LOT. It’s amazing to me that after so many years I still know every single lyric to that song. The rest of the concert was amazing too. From Phil Wickam leading us in worship to Mandisa preaching her heart out to Jeremy Camp, Danny Gokey, Newsboys, and Audio Adrenaline rocking the stage… it was just awesome. Such an incredible night! 🙂

Christopher was gone for a work trip last week. We really hate having to be apart or travel separately and unfortunately this month is full of that on top of it being busy season for him. Happy Valentine’s month, eh? Ha! It’s okay, though, March is coming! And we make the most of the time we do have right now! 🙂 We took some time on Valentine’s afternoon to just be home, stop everything else, and just be. After so little quality time together this month, it was exactly what we needed. 🙂

writing on the mirror.jpg
Because we are so aware of how little time we are spending together (at least compared to normal for us), we try and go the extra mile in showing each other that we love and support the other. This is what’s currently written on our mirror courtesy of my husband. 🙂 I kind of love him. 🙂

Did you go out for Valentine’s or stay in or not celebrate at all?

Been to any good concerts or held any cute babies lately?
Love Rach