We’ve traveled a lot since we started dating in 2004 so in an effort to keep this page from getting too cluttered, I’m only going to share trips that I’ve blogged about here. Enjoy! 🙂

Chenoa, IL – May 2005 was the first time I visited Christopher’s childhood home! We’ve been several times since then, but my favorite blog posts about it are here:
Chenoa, IL – September 2012
Chenoa, IL – July 2014

cumberland county state parkCrossville, TN – Fall 2010
{The World’s Largest Tree House, That time I was a Broadway Star, The Childhood Years}

Holly Springs, MS – February 2011

Tuscaloosa, AL – A Day 2011

Florence, AL – May 2011

Fort Smith, AR – Memorial Weekend 2011

Heber Springs, AR – July 2011

Cozumel, Mexico – August 2011

Progreso, Yukatan, Mexico – August 2011

nolaNew Orleans, LA – August 2011

Chicago, IL – December 2011

usDallas, TX – May 2012
Dallas, TX – March 2014

DestinDestin, FL  – May 2012 {A Few Days in the Sunshine State, Destin Take Two}
Destin, FL – August 2014 {Dear Beach, I love you, So.Much.Good.Food., The Romantic Anniversary Post}
Destin, FL – May 2015

DSC_0948Fort Morgan, FL – Thanksgiving 2012

palmtree productionsTupelo, MS – March 2013

FlorenceFlorence, Italy (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5) – August 2013

naples scenes (10)Naples, Italy (day 1 and day 2) – August 2013

pompeii (23)Pompeii, Italy – August 2013

  colosseum (12)Rome, Italy (day 1, day 2, vow renewal, day 3, day 4) – August 2013

vatican cityVatican City (day 1, day 2) – August 2013

VeniceVenice, Italy (day 1, day 2) – August 2013

MilanMilan, Italy – August 2013

riomaggiore (10)Riomaggiore, Italy (day 1, day 2, day 3) – August 2013

2 Manarola (4)Manarola, Italy – August 2013

3 corneglia (11)Corniglia, Italy – August 2013

4 vernazza (11)Vernazza, Italy – August 2013

cruisin' (2)Monterosso, Italy – August 2013

PisaPisa, Italy – August 2013

LuccaLucca, Italy – August 2013

6 scandicci (2)Scandicci, Italy – August 2013

us at the beachGulf Shores, AL – January 2014
Gulf Shores, AL – June 2014

rach christopher dauphin island
Dauphin Island, AL – May 2014

christopher and rachStillwater, OK – May 2014

duck dynastyMonroe, LA – May 2014

silver dollar cityBranson, MO – {Playing in BransonMel’s Hard Luck DinerBranson Eats,  Silver Dollar City} – June 2014

gold strike outsideTunica, MS – July 2014

rach and christopher parthenonNashville, TN – August 2014

bahamas0001 copyPrincess Keys, The Bahamas – September 2014

us with the kidsColumbus, OH – November 2014

fabulous las vegasLas Vegas, NV {Top 8 Favorite Things We Saw in Vegas, In the Lap of Luxury, Taste of Italy in Vegas, Thoughts on Vegas} – March 2015

us at grand canyon6Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona – March 2015

petit jean (3)Petit Jean Mountain State Park, AR – May 2015

bamahenge Bamahenge in Elberta, AL – May 2015

usDominican Republic – August 2015

us skylineNYC – September 2015

Hogsmeade (3)Harry Potter World!! Universal Studios, Florida – December 2015

us in freeportFreeport, The Bahamas – December 2015

us in nassauNassau, The Bahamas – December 2015

This page is a bit on the long side, so from now on, you can read about all of our travels by clicking on this link!


75 responses to “Travel

  1. Adorable! Love all the jumping photos!

  2. How sweet to renew your vows every year! We plan to do that every 10 years!

    • Aww, that will be so great! I really love the renewal for many reasons, but just hearing the words of our covenant spoken again is so wonderful after spending the year living it out every day. Love it! 🙂

  3. OHHHHH my gosh I am in love with this blog already!!! Ahhh you are so beautiful!!! and i love how upbeat and positive you are!!! Sooo sweet. You and your hubby are adorable and the love radiates off of these pics!

  4. LOVE the pics – my husband and I just celebrated 14 years this past September and I am loving the yearly renewal of vows that you do – awesome!

  5. You guys are the cutest ever! You just look like the bestest of friends!
    SMALL world aye? My sister goes to Harding University in Arkansas and I am going there in a year and a half!!!!

    • Oh my goodness, YES SMALL WORLD!

      So I actually wrote a big long post about all of this and then realized that I probably didn’t want that many details floating around in the blogosphere, haha. So I’m gonna email you instead! 😀

  6. You all are hilarious! Love all your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. You’ve been a lot of places together! But now I feel like we have even more in common! We have also been to Ormond Beach (May 2008) and loved it there! Also – you guys started officially dating on my 18th birthday!! This is a great idea….would you hate me if I borrowed the idea from you for my blog? If yes, I will just do it on a personal level! BTW – I love jumping photos!!

    • YAY for having things in common! I love it!

      You can be pleased to know that on your birthday every year, we go out and celebrate! Granted, it’s to celebrate our dating anniversary, but still! What a great day that was and still is! 🙂

      Please feel free to take the idea! I’d love to see all the fun places you guys have been! 🙂

  8. you two are simply adorable! i’ve wanted to travel for awhile now! all of your adventures together make me super jealous! 🙂


  9. Love this documentation of your travels. I clicked over today from Loved Like the Church’s Saturday Stumbles post. You two are super cute! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog more, but I’ve already found a few things we have in common–we both went to Florida for our honeymoons, we both love to cook, and we both have husbands who decided to grow beards this winter!

  10. THIS IS SUCH A GREAAAAT IDEA! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my Blog girlie, looking forward to reading more about you and your life 🙂

  11. Love all of your pictures!! You two are adorable, and look so happy together. Looks like you’ve spent some time in AR– that’s where my boyfriend is from (Russellville)! Also, I’m curious about your vow renewals… do y’all do them every year?!

    • We have spent some time in AR – that’s where we met (at college when I was a wee freshman and he was a might sophomore, haha). 🙂

      And yuppers, we renew our vows every year. It’s never a big thing – just the two of us, a pretty back drop and our vows. We’ll probably do a big vow renewal for one of the big anniversaries down the road (10 or 25 years or something). We wrote our own vows so they are specific to us and it’s just so cool to remind ourselves of our covenant after having spent the year living it out. 🙂

  12. omg, all those jumping pictures are adorable 😀

  13. WOW! You have been to Normal, IL??? That is where I live. I was shocked when I saw that you have been to Bloomington Normal. Can I ask what you were doing here??

  14. So now I seem like a complete stalker, but I just looked through all of these and you seem like an incredibly fun couple!

  15. Too cute, love the jumping pictures! And I think that’s great that you renew your vows every year. I think at our 10 year, my husband and I want to do that. Except we’ll have a big party too. 🙂

  16. Thanks for stopping by! You are such a sweetheart. I live in Mobile, so you’ve been all around my stomping ground!

    • My sister’s family lives in Mobile and my parents live in Spanish Fort so we’re in that area pretty frequently. Not to mention, we LOVE the beach and it’s the closest beach to us. Love that area! 🙂

  17. You two are ADORABLE. I found you through a favorite blog of mine (Twisted365). Hope you don’t mind as I tag along for the ride.

  18. I want to see you jumping outside of the U.S! Come over to Europe, loads to see and do. You could visit your husband’s Italian roots 🙂

  19. Me too. It never seems to end!

  20. How funny, I was looking at your blog and had no idea you were in Arkansas until I saw these pictures. My wife, who’s Italian by marriage thanks to me, and I live in Sherwood.

  21. Wow. You guys have travelled a lot. Awesome…

  22. i love this, you two are the cutest. my favourite thing is your love for jumping all over the place… honestly, cant wait to see the cute little babies you two will make 🙂 xxx

  23. nice site, do you put the camera on self-timer or get passers by to take the jumping pictures?
    Like the house. Very pleasant.

    • A little of both. Normally we try to find a spot to set up the camera and use the self timer, but frequently passersby ask if they can take the photo for us (usually when the camera is balanced precariously on a ledge, haha!) so we always let them. 🙂

  24. I just found your page and love it! I’m actually from Jackson, TN, but go to Rhodes in Memphis! My brother also goes to Harding Pharmacy. And I’m dating an Italian! We have so much in common, crazy!

  25. Ah these are awesome! I kind of want to steal your idea and make a “where we’ve been” page… can i have your permission? I’m with the rest of these folks – absolutely LOVE the jumping pictures and the fact that you renew your vows every year!! My husband and I currently live in the Quad Cities Area (illinois) so you’re not too far during your bloomington/normal stops!! Keep posting pictures!!

  26. Wow Rach, you two have been so many places!
    And you two look so connected and happy in the pictures – it is so obvious that you belong together:)

  27. I’m just not sure if two people could possibly be cuter! Love your blog, Rachel and love all the fun pictures. Just subscribed so I won’t miss new posts. 🙂

    And your house looks AMAZING! Love red front doors!

  28. I’m so glad I found your blog! You’re delightful! 🙂

  29. Bon Voyage, u lovely couple!

  30. There sure are a lot of MS places on that list!! Meet up in the future FOR SURE!!

  31. Hey Rach, I hope u don’t mind, I kinda “copied” this page idea to my Blog cause it’s just great, and I love your two pictures.. I love your personality.. haha I think I’m kinda obsessed in you already, in your positive energy and beauty all the way… Would be honored to know you as a person! Maybe one day, God knows 🙂

  32. Aw!! You’ve had such a beautiful relationship!! Can’t wait to see more adventures!! Where’s next??

  33. You are all over the East Coast! Looks like so much fun!!! I am dying to travel down the east coast asap!

  34. we go to orange beach/perdido every year! in fact, that’s where i just got back from. wouldn’t that be weird if we had run into each other in the past and just didn’t know!
    looks like you guys have a lot of fun on your travels!

  35. I totally laughed at this because I live in Syracuse, NY and your Spring Break picture pretty much sums it up 🙂

    • That was in MARCH! We knew there was a chance there would be snow, but we ended up with a blizzard while we were there, ha! It was great and I definitely fell in love with Syracuse! How cool that you’re from there! 🙂

  36. Met my wife at Harding University. I graduated from Harding in 1990. Grew up in Memphis.

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